Eja Lange [Shania Twain Son] Age, Girlfriend, Today in 2022

Eja Lange, best known as the celebrity kid of singer, songwriter mother Shania Twain and producer, songwriter father Robert John Lange, was born on August 12, 2001.

Eja Lange is also passionate about music like his mother; however, he refuses to be her shadow, but he somehow will always get linked to her in the case of music.

Eja Lange Quick Facts

Birthday: August 12, 2001

Birthplace: Ontario, Canada

Age: 20 years old

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5 feet 10 inches 

Relationship Status: Unknown

Girlfriend: Unknown

Children: None                 

Weight: 64 kg                  

Eja Lange Age, Background

Eja Lange was born on August 12, 2002, in Ontario, Canada.

As of 2022, Eja is 20 years old and stepped onto his adulthood days as he’s no longer a teenager.

He was born to Shania Twain and her ex-husband Robert John Lange.

Young Eja and mother Shania Twain
Young Eja and mother Shania Twain. (Shania/Instagram)

Growing up, both his parents influenced Eja a lot and paved his way into a better life.

Eja does not have any siblings as he’s the only child of his parents.

Shania and Robert kept most of Lange’s childhood details hidden because of privacy reasons.

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Who Is Mother Shania Twain?

Eja with his mother Shania Twain
Eja with his mother Shania Twain. (Countrymusiclane)

Shania is a native of Canada. She is best known as a singer and songwriter.

She sold over 100 million records during her career, which made her the best-selling female artist during the mid-1990s.

Similarly, the singer is called a Queen of country pop. 

Having faced a lot of traumas and difficulties, the queen of country-pop single-handedly made her way onto the top, right where she is at present.

Her all-time famous and hits songs are ‘You’re Still The One,’ ‘Any Man of Mine,’ ‘Woman In Me,’ including many others.

Her contribution to the music industry with her exceptionally beautiful voice has earned her reputed awards.

Over the years, she’s received Grammy, CMA’s international achievement awards, and back-to-back hits on Billboard’s magazine’s country singles chart. 

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Who is Father Robert John Lange?

Both of Eja’s parents are from the same industry but have different backgrounds.

While Shania became successful as a singer-songwriter, Robert became famous as a record producer.

Robert Lange was born on November 11, 1948, in South Africa.

Lange began his career very early in his life and eventually found success after much hard work.

Unlike Shania, Robert likes to keep away from the spotlight. He doesn’t do interviews and mostly lives a private life in Switzerland.

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His Parents’ Relationship

Robert and Shania first crossed each other’s paths back in the early 90s.

Coming from the same field and having produced one of Shania’s albums, the duo got romantically involved with each other.

Sometimes after dating, on December 28, 1993, the couple tied the knot and married.

Shania Twain with ex-husband Robert Lange
Shania Twain with ex-husband Robert Lange.

We can imagine that was a lot to deal with.

In 2001, Shania and Robert welcomed their first and only child together, Eja.

Apparently, people always seem to pronounce this young man’s name incorrectly.

According to his parents, Shania and Robert, the correct way of pronouncing Eja’s name is by imitating the word “Asia.”

While the couple welcomed their first child together and everything seemed to work fine, things took a bad turn.

She filed for divorce in 2008.

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Shania & Robert’s Divorce

On May 15, 2008, reports came out stating that Shania and Robert were separating from one another.

According to claims, Shania divorced Robert because of infidelity issues in their marriage as Robert pursued an extra-marital affair.

Making matters worse, the woman Robert cheated Shania over was Marie-Anne Thiébaud, Shania’s best friend.

In 2010, two years after separating, Shania and Robert officially divorced.

However, there was another broken heart in the story. It was Annie’s now ex-husband and Swiss Nestle executive Frederic Thiébaud.

Shania Twain with husband Frederic Thiébaud
Shania Twain with husband Frederic Thiébaud.

Being emotionally available for one another made them fall in love.

In 2011 she married her now-husband, Frederic, and the couple has enjoyed a blissful married life ever since.

She mentioned,

“It was a very difficult time emotionally for both of us. I would say that he was probably stronger through it than I was. He was tremendous support; we were a support to each other and found something beautiful in the end and unexpected.”

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Robert Lange’s Relationship Drama

Before marrying Shania and reportedly cheating on her with another woman, Robert had a similar relationship swirl.

In the early 1970s, Robert married his school friend Stevie Vann. Both attended the same school twice, once in Northern Rhodesia and another in South Africa.

However, their relationship ended because Robert reportedly cheated on his wife with one of his staffs.

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Who Is Eja Lange Dating?

At present, Eja Lange is presumably single. There isn’t such instance that claims about his relationship with any women.

Moreover, he hasn’t even been linked with anyone as well. Being a celebrity kid, the media takes an interest in their lives.

However, not everyone is like an open book. Especially someone introverted as Eja

Nevertheless, we will know someday if he happens to have a significant other.

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Where Is Eja Lange Now In 2022?

Eja has followed his mother Shania’s footsteps and is planning to enter the music industry.

Likewise, with all his dedication to creating his own music, he refuses to be his mother’s shadow.

Additionally, the 20-year-old lad doesn’t want to be a performer; he is more inclined towards creating music only.

His mother mentioned, “I think it will suit him well to be the creator.” 

Right now, Eja remains entirely focused on experimenting with music, listening to all sorts of songs, and creating the best out of it.

Shania mentioned during one of her interviews,

“He’s very devoted and a real hard worker. He’s got a crazy passion for making music, and it’s really fun to watch.”

Lastly, the young music enthusiast is waiting for a perfect opportunity to kick start his career in the industry.

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Eja’s Lange Net Worth, Buys House Worth $1.8m

When Eja bought a house, it came as a surprise to everyone.

The young man bought his first house at the age of 19, and that was something.

However, when people got to know the house’s price tag, it created an uproar of surprise.

In January 2021, Eja bought a mid-sized house that came with a price tag of $1.8 million.

The 3-story house located in the California Hills has a 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom setup and covers a 4,719 square foot lot.

Now, as mentioned earlier, Lange hasn’t made a huge success in the industry.

Many suspects that mommy Twain took a small piece out of her $400 million net worth and bought it for her son.

However, every report states that Eja himself bought the home.

What’s the truth? Well, we’re going to have to wait to find out.

Eja Lange Age

Eja Lange is 20 years old. He was born on August 12, 2002, in Ontario, Canada.

Eja Lange Parents

Eja Lange was born to famous singer Shania Twain and Robert John Lange. Shania and Robert married on December 28, 1993. However, they separated in 2008 and finalized divorce in 2010.

Eja Lange Girlfriend

Eja Lange is presumably single as of 2022. He does not have a girlfriend; at least not publicly.

Eja Lange Net Worth

While Eja’s exact net worth remains uncertain at the moment, he surely has millions in his bank account. In January 2021, he bought a $1.8 million California home.




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