Linda Ronstadt [2021 Update] Age, Jim Carrey, Husband, Net Worth

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Linda Ronstadt, the singer and one of the greatest artists alive, is undoubtedly someone who captivates a lot of people.

While her diverse music has always stood out as a distinctive factor, it’s her personal life that gets people intrigued.

Did Ronstadt ever get married? Here’s the answer for you.

Linda Ronstadt Quick Facts

Birthday: July 15, 1946

Birthplace: Tucson, Arizona 

Age: 75 years old

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Relationship status: Single

Husband: Never Married

Former Partners: Jerry Brown (Mid-70s to 80s), & Jim Carrey (1983)

Former Fiance: George Lucas

Children: Mary Clementine Ronstadt and Carlos Ronstadt

Weight: Not Disclosed             

Net worth: $130 Million

Linda Ronstadt Married, Husband

As it turns out, Linda has not married; ever.

Some celebrities rest after their marital affair breaks off. But that’s not the case with Ronstadt here.

The 75 years old singer has never married in her life, and according to her, that’s not a big deal as well.

In an interview, Linda mentioned that she never felt the need to get married.

She acknowledged that others might need to get a spouse for themselves, but she certainly did not feel that urge.

However, the main reason why Ronstadt never married seems to resonate with her choices of living her own life.

She said,

“I didn’t need to get married. I’m not sure that anybody needs to get married. If they do, I’m on their side. But I never needed to get married. I had my own life.”

Remarking that, Ronstadt makes it super clear that she did not have second thoughts about not having a husband back then, and she certainly does not regret it now.

Linda Ronstadt and Jerry Brown’s Romance

Despite never getting married, Linda has her fair share of romantic affairs from back in the days.

As a late 70s diva, Linda attracted a lot of attention from many people. One of those people was Jerry Brown, the former Governor of California.

Ronstadt and Jerry met each other at an event and became quite close to each other.

However, because of complications, their relationship did not surface among the public immediately.

After meeting for the first time in the mid-70s, it was only later when their relationship came to light.

In the late-70s, everyone already knew about the affair.

Linda Ronstadt and Jerry Brown.
Linda Ronstadt and Jerry Brown. (

Both loved each other. However, Ronstadt and Brown broke off their dating affair in the early 80s.

Jerry later married his girlfriend of over a decade, Anne Gust, in 2005. At the moment, the couple lives together.

Linda Ronstadt and Jim Carrey Romance

After breaking things off with Jerry Brown, Linda dated someone closer to her field.

Very early in 1983, Linda began dating legendary comedian and actor Jim Carrey.

However, the relationship lasted less than a year.

By late 1983, both Linda and Jim were in their separate ways.

Engaged to George Lucas

 Very soon after things ended with Jim Carrey, Linda began dating another man. His name is George Walton Lucas Jr.

George Lucas is a very famous American director, producer, and also an entrepreneur as well.

Linda Ronstadt and George Lucas
Linda Ronstadt and George Lucas. (

After dating for just a couple of months, she and Lucas got engaged.

It all happened very fast for the couple, but that did not matter.

However, Linda and George did not get married. Because of unrevealed reasons, Ronstadt and Lucas called off their engagement.

After things ended with Lucas, Linda began a new life for herself.

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Linda Ronstadt Children

Although Ronstadt never felt the urge or any need to get married, she did want to have a family.

Therefore, Linda went with adopting children.s

In 1990, Linda adopted a baby girl named Mary Clementine and began raising her.

It was the first time that Linda became a parent, although in an unorthodox manner.

Four years later, Linda wanted to give her daughter a sibling.

Ronstadt then adopted another child, a baby boy whom she named Carlos Ronstadt.

At the moment, Carlos lives with Linda in her San Francisco home while her daughter is away, already married with a husband.

Ronstadt’s Age, Bio, Career

Linda Ronstadt was born as Linda Maria Ronstadt on July 15, 1946, in Tucson, Arizona. Ronstadt is 75 years old at the moment.

She was born to father Gilbert Ronstadt and mother Ruth Mary. Ronstadt has three siblings, two older ones, and one younger.

Ronstadt has a mixed ethnic background because her father has roots in German, English, and mostly Mexican ancestry.

Growing as a Mexican-American background, Ronstadt became influenced by Mexican music from a very young age.

Because her childhood was filled with music, it was only evident that she took it all as inspiration.

When 14, Ronstadt began singing with her siblings at coffee houses, fraternity houses, and other venues.

She later continued this and formed another trio called The Stone Poneys.

This went on until 1969 when Linda went solo with her career and released her solo debut album called Hand Sown Home Grown.

During the height of her career, she became the highest-paid woman in rock and roll. Unfortunately, her career came to an unexpected end.

In 2000, Linda began experiencing trouble singing. But suppressed it anyway until things were dire.

By 2009, Linda couldn’t sing, which forced her to retire.

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Linda Ronstadt Diagnosed

In 2013, doctors diagnosed Linda with Parkinson’s disease, which caused her to lose control over her muscles, thus rendering her unable to control her vocal muscles.

It went to the point that she couldn’t even sing in the shower.

While earlier diagnosis stated that Ronstadt had Parkinson’s disease, it later revealed she did not.

In fact, it turned out that Linda has a condition called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, a condition often diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease.

As per Linda, it’s a form of Parkinsonism but not the one that uses traditional Parkinson’s medication.

Linda also mentioned that there’s no specific medication for her condition, which forces her to remain at home most of the time.

It troubles her to move around a lot, sit up from a chair and all. That’s also another reason why she has her meet-ups with her friends at her home.

Linda Ronstadt Net Worth

One of the highest-paid rock and roll singers of the 70s and 80s, Linda has a very massive fortune for herself.

At the moment, Linda has a net worth of $130 million.

Her career helped her gather such a massive amount.

Ronstadt has won 11 Grammy Awards, one Emmy Award, and two Academy of Country Music Awards as well.

Who are Linda Ronstadt's daughter and son

Linda Ronstadt’s daughter’s name is Mary Clementine, age 31. Her son’s name is Carlos Ronstadt who is 27 years old

Is Linda Ronstadt Still Alive?

American singer Linda Ronstadt is alive and her age is 75 years old at the moment. However, she suffers from a condition called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy which has rendered her disabled. She lives in her San Francisco home these days.

What is Linda Ronstadt's ethnicity?

Born in the U.S., Linda is originally from Tucson, Arizona. She is American by nationality. However, she has mixed ethnicity and has had massive Mexican influence since childhood.

What is Linda Ronstadt's Net Worth?

Linda Ronstadt’s net worth if $130 million which she earned from her extremely successful career as a singer.

Linda Ronstadt Boyfriends

Linda Ronstadt dated Jim Brown from mid-70s to the early 80s. After breakup with Jim, Linda went on to date Jim Carrey in 1983 which only lasted a couple of months.


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