Soleil Asha Gupta [Sanjay Gupta Daughter] Age, Sisters, Now

Soleil Asha Gupta is best recognized as the celebrity daughter of Neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta and family attorney Rebecca Olson Gupta.

Despite being a celeb kid, very little is known about the young girl as her parents prefer keeping things low-key.

Soleil Asha Gupta Quick Facts

Birthday: 2011

Birthplace: United States of America

Age: 11 years old

Zodiac Sign: Not Disclosed

Height: 4 feet 10 inches

Relationship Status: Single

Boyfriend: N/A

Parents: Sanjay Gupta and Rebecca Olson Gupta

Siblings: Sage Ayla Gupta and Sky Anjali Gupta 

Weight: 37 kg  

Net Worth: N/A

Soleil Asha Gupta Background

Soleil Asha Gupta was born in 2011 in the United States of America.

As of today, Soleil is 11 years old.

She is the youngest daughter of parents Sanjay Gupta and Rebecca Olson Gupta.

Soleil belongs to Indian-American descent.

For the most part, Soleil keeps a low profile. Hence, lack of information about her.

Likewise, she grew up with two elder siblings named Sage Ayla Gupta and Sky Anjali Gupta.

Rebecca Olson Gupta's husband Sanjay Gupta and daughters
Sanjay Gupta and daughters. (People)

All three sisters share an amazing bond.

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Soleil’s Father

Soleil is a celebrity child who has gained recognition at such age, and her parents’ sole reason.

Sanjay Gupta’s father is a renowned American neurosurgeon, medical reporter, and writer.

Sanjay currently works as a general neurosurgeon at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Sanjay’s parents moved to the states before their marriage and met each other here itself.

Similarly, Sanjay works as a chief medical correspondent at CNN news.

Additionally, he has worked with other news channels like CBS Sunday morning news, CNN, and many more, covering some major medical aspects across the globe.

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Soleil’s Mother

Rebecca Gupta is a family law attorney.

Olson went to the University of Michigan and graduated in 1994.

Similarly, she joined the University of South Carolina, from where she received her JD degree.

While Rebecca worked as a family law attorney in Michigan, she later moved her practice to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2001.

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Sanjay and Rebecca

The pair first met at Rick’s café, Indiana, USA.

After a year of dating, the two took vows in 2004 in a typical wedding ceremony.

Rebecca Olson Gupta and Sanjay Gupta married
Rebecca Olson Gupta and Sanjay Gupta married. (People)

While both Sanjay and Rebecca were born and brought up here, they respected the roots of Sanjay’s cultures back home.

On May 15, 2004, Sanjay and Rebecca married each other in a typical Hindu-style wedding.

From their marriage, Rebecca and Sanjay welcomed three daughters.

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Soleil’s Siblings

Soleil has two older siblings. They are Sage Ayla Gupta and Sky Anjahi Gupta.

Soleil Asha Gupta with her sisters Sage and Sky
Soleil Asha Gupta with her sisters Sage and Sky. (Sage/VSCO)

Her oldest sister, Sage Ayla Gupta, was born in 2005. As of today, Sage is 17 years old as of 2022.

Similarly, Sky Anjahi Gupta was born in 2007. She is 15 years old as of 2022.

All the three sisters are fond of traveling.

When together, the three Gupta sisters like to spend their time by the beach or on a boat in the middle of the sea.

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Soleil Asha Gupta Dating

Aforementioned, Soleil is 11 years old at present, which makes her too young to be dating anyone right now.

She is engaged in her academics and spending quality time with her family.

At this age, Soleil mainly focuses on her education, bonding, travels and makes the most out of her childhood to reminiscence later in life.

However, it’s no question that Soleil will attract boys, for she has inherited her parents’ good looks.

But for now, she is too young to properly grasp the vast concept of a relationship, let alone being in one.

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Soleil Asha Gupta In 2022

Soleil is one lucky girl born with a silver spoon with a fulfilled childhood and a secured future.

She owns everything she ever wanted as both her parents are well-settled individuals who go beyond everything for the sake of their daughters.

But that does not mean that Soleil and her sisters are spoiled rich kids.

All three Gupta girls are ambitious and have virtuous beliefs as well. All thanks to their parents.

As mentioned, she is just 11, which means she is very young to be doing anything else apart from enjoying her childhood.

Soleil is presumably in primary school, but no information about her academics is made public.

Nevertheless, the young girl must be having the time of her life enjoying every bit of her childhood along with her three sisters.

The family of five resides in Atlanta at present.

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Net Worth

While Soleil is still very young to have a professional career, let alone a net worth, her parents have taken care of that part for the time being.

Rebecca Olson Gupta currently has a net worth of over a million.

This comes from the fact that family law attorneys charge somewhere around $44 an hour in the United States.

On the other hand, Sanjay Gupta is the big fish here.

As a neurosurgeon and medical reporter, Sanjay reportedly has an annual of $4 million.

As of 2022, Sanjay Gupta has a net worth of $12 million.

Soleil Asha Gupta Age

Soleil Asha Gupta is 11 years old. She was born in 2011, in United States of America.

Soleil Asha Gupta Parents

Soleil Asha Gupta was born to American Neurosurgeon and reporter Sanjay Gupta and Family Law Attorney Rebecca Olson Gupta.

Soleil Asha Gupta Sisters

Soleil Asha Gupta has two older sister. Sage Ayla Gupta, 17, and Sky Anjali Gupta, 15.


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