Meet August Anna Brooks, Garth Brooks’ Second Daughter

August Anna Brooks, daughter of Garth Brooks, is a famous singer and a lawyer. She came into the limelight through her father’s fame.

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August Anna Brooks Quick Facts

Full Name: August Anna Brooks

Birthday: May 3, 1994

Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christianity

Age: 28 Years Old

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: Chance Michael Russell

Children: Karalynn and Gwendolyn

Height: 5’ 6”

August Anna Brooks Age, Background

August Anna Brooks was born on May 3, 1994 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America.

She is an American with a White ethnic background and follows Christianity.

The famous lawyer is 28 years old as of 2022.

Her zodiac sign is Taurus. August stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches.

Brooks is married and has a kid.

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August Anna Brooks Childhood and Siblings

August was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Talking about her siblings, she has two sisters. August is the middle child.

Brooks has one older sister and one younger sister.

Her older sister’s name is Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks, who was born on July 8, 1992, and her younger sister’s name is Allie Colleen Brooks, who was born on July 28, 1996.

Her older sister Taylor completed her bachelor’s degree in Arts with a major in history from Oklahoma State University.

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks with her sister, mother and step mother
Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks with her sister, mother and step mother. (Allie/Instagram)

And around that time, August also started her career in the music world.

As for her younger sister Allie, she is also a singer and has already released some famous single albums.

All three sisters seem to have a good relationship with each other.

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August’s Education

August went to a local high school in Oklahoma, where she lived.

She went to Oklahoma University for her undergraduate degree, where she did a law program, and she is a lawyer by profession now.

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August Anna Brooks Parents

August Anna Brooks is the second child/daughter of Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl.

August’s parents are divorced now. They were married for 13 years before getting a divorce.

They filed a divorce on November 6, 2000, and it took about a year to finalize the divorce.

When the couple got divorced, August was just six years old, and it made a great impact on her at such a young age.

August’s parents’ divorce also went down as one of the most expensive in country music history.

Sandy Mahl received $125 million in divorce settlements.

Similarly, the couple opted for joint custody of their children and still remain friends to this day.

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Garth Brooks

The famous American country music singer and songwriter Troyal Garth Brooks was born on February 7, 1962.

He has been married twice. His first wife was Sandy Mahl, with whom he had three daughters.

They were married from 1986 to 2001.

After divorcing Sandy Mahl, Garth married Trisha Yearwood in 2005 and has been happily married to her ever since.

The famous singer has had many albums released and has been on multiple world tours.

He is also a grandfather and has said in an interview that he loves being a grandpa and loves all of his grandchildren very much.

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August’s Marriage

The famous lawyer August Anna Brooks is married to Chance Michael Russell.

August Anna Brooks with husband Chance Michael Russell. (August/Facebook)

They had been in a relationship since high school, and they finally tied the knot around the mid-2010s, after the birth of daughter Karalynn.

Reportedly, when August became pregnant by Chance, then-boyfriend, now husband, Garth was furious.

However, once Karalynn was born, things came back to normal. Eventually, August fulfilled her father’s wish and married Chance Russell.

The couple is happily married, and they support each other in their career as well as personal life.

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August Anna and Chance Michael’s Daughter

August gave birth to her daughter Karalynn when she was just 19 years old.

She was with her boyfriend Chance Michael at that time, and the couple was not married as well.

Reportedly, August and Chance began their relationship as a casual dating affair.

However, their relationship took a solid turn for good after Anna’s pregnancy.

Garth Brooks made a public statement when Karalynn was born, expressing his gratitude towards everyone who wished the family.

He said,

“Our family would first like to thank everyone for their warm wishes and sweet celebration of Baby K’s arrival. Our children’s lives have always been extremely private, and they have been endlessly encouraged to be their own people. We have always wanted them to be individuals and NOT be known as ‘someone’s daughters.”

August and her husband Chance welcomed a second child in 2016, a daughter, and named her Gwendolyn.

As of today, August, her husband Chance, and two beautiful daughters live a private life in the United States of America.

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August Anna’s Career

August Anna is a lawyer by profession, and she seems to love her job.

She practices law in her home town Tulsa and helps a lot of people with her profession.

Since her whole family is into music, August also has a hobby of singing.

Although she isn’t involved in music as a profession, she loves to sing.

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What Is August Doing In 2022?

August is happy with her life right now. She is happily married with a beautiful daughter who she loves.

She has a good job with good support from her family, and she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

August Anna Brooks Age

August Anna Brooks is 28 years old today. She was born on May 3, 1994 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America.

August Anna Brooks Parents

August Anna Brooks was born to Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl. Her parents divorced after 13 years of marriage and the divorce finalized in 2001.

August Anna Brooks Siblings

August Anna Brooks has one older sister named Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks and a younger sister named Allie Colleen Brooks.

August Anna Brooks Husband

August Anna Brooks is married to Chance Michael Russell. The couple married in mid-2010s.

August Anna Brooks Children

August Anna Brooks and her husband Chance Michael Russell have two daughters together. Their first daughter Karalynn was born in 2013. Their second daughter Gwendolyn was born in 2016.

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