Where Is Denise Lombardo Today? Meet Jordan Belfort First Wife

Denise Lombardo’s life took an unexpected turn after her marriage to infamous stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

Today, she has reinvented herself as a Licensed Real Estate Agent, working diligently for the Douglas Elliman Prudential Elliman Company.

Behind the scenes, Denise has overcome various challenges, including financial struggles and the betrayal of infidelity.

Despite not having children from her marriage with Belfort, Denise’s life has taken a new direction, finding happiness with her husband Mlady.

While details about her personal life remain relatively private, Lombardo’s resilience and determination continue to shape her journey beyond her past with Belfort.

Denise Lombardo Quick Facts

Full NameDenise Lombardo
Nick NameDenise
BirthdayNovember 11, 1962
Age61 years old
Birth PlaceOhio, USA
EducationBachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Towson University
Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration General from Catholic University
Father’s NameAnthony Florito
Mother’s NameAnn Lombardo
BrothersPaul Lombardo
SistersDeanna Lombardo
Lisa Lombardo
Height5 feet 7 inches (1.7m)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Shoe Size7
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Physique (Figure)Fit
Relationship StatusMarried
Ex-HusbandJordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) from 1985 to 1991
Famous AsJordan Belfort’s First Wife
Net Worth$3 Million
Social Media

Where Is Denise Lombardo Today?

Today, Denise Lombardo is working as a Licensed Real Estate Agent for the Douglas Elliman Prudential Elliman Company.

She shifted to the real estate business in 2010 and has been working as an agent ever since.

Denise Lombardo Background

Famous as Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife, Denise was born on November 11, 1962, in Ohio. She is 61 years old, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

She is the daughter of Anthony Florito and Ann Lombardo who come from Italian background.

Denise is American by nationality and shares mixed-ethnicity.

Denise has three siblings named Deanna, Lisa, and Paul Lombardo.

Denise Lombardo is Highly Educated!

Lombardo attended Bayside High School for her high school education.

After graduating from high school, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in English literature at Adelphi University.

In addition to her studies in English literature, Lombardo had plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree in multiple subjects.

As a result, she enrolled at Towson University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Science.

Denise further pursued her education and obtained a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration General from Australian Catholic University.

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Denise Lombardo began her career in the sales department of Modern Medical Systems Company, where she worked from 1993 to 2000.

She later transitioned to the Home Depot Company, where she served as a flooring specialist.

Lombardo also briefly worked at Smith and Nephew Company, contributing to fashion projects such as Genny-Byblos, Blu Marine, Stefano Bravo, and Laurevan Shoe.

In 2010, she made a shift to the real estate business and has been working as a licensed real estate agent ever since.

Since 2010, Denise Lombardo works at Prudential Douglas Elliman Company as a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

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Denise Lombardo Net Worth

Denise Lombardo has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Denise who divorced multi-millionaire Jordan Belfort in 1991, never disclosed the financial details and terms of their divorce settlement.

She currently lives in Washington State with her husband Mlady.

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Married Life With Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort and Denise Lombardo when they were young
Jordan Belfort and Denise Lombardo when they were young. (Pinterest)

Denise is famous for once being married to Jordan Belfort, aka The Wolf of Wall Street.

Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort met while attending the American University Preparatory School together.

After high school, Denise began pursuing merchandising while Jordan was a door-to-door salesman.

Eventually, the high school sweethearts decided to get married as their career became somewhat stable.

In 1985, Denise and Jordan married each other in an intimate wedding ceremony.

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Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort Struggled

During the early years of their marriage, Denise and Jordan faced financial struggles as Jordan declared bankruptcy. This was a contrast to their relatively stable financial situation during their dating days.

Despite the challenges, Denise remained supportive of Jordan and encouraged him to pursue opportunities for a better future.

After going through several job interviews, L.F. Rothschild hired him as a trainee stockbroker.

Unfortunately, he lost his job following the stock market crash in 1987.

In response to his job loss, Jordan utilized his knowledge and experience to establish his own stock company, Stratton Oakmont, starting with an initial investment of $250,000.

Everything was going well until Belfort’s lifestyle became overwhelmingly lavish, and toxic for Denise.

Why Denise Lombardo and Jordan Belfort Divorced?

Stratton Oakmont experienced unprecedented success and growth, but Jordan’s personal life began to unravel as he succumbed to a lifestyle of drug use, infidelity, and lavish parties.

Despite the challenges, Denise remained committed to their marriage until she discovered Jordan’s affair with Nadine Caridi.

In interviews, Jordan acknowledged that Denise was accommodating and allowed him to indulge in his behavior without much resistance.

It appears that Denise’s tolerance might have contributed to the deterioration of their relationship.

Ultimately, their marriage could not survive the infidelity, and Denise made the difficult decision to separate from Jordan in 1991.

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Denise Lombardo Kids

Denise and Jordan did not welcome any children while they were married.

Both were only married for about six years until Lombardo discovered Jordan’s affair with Nadine Caridi.

On the other hand, Jordan welcomed two children from his marriage with Nadine. One daughter named Chandler Belfort and one son named Carter Belfort.

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What Denise Lombardo Did after Jordan Belfort Divorce?

Although many sources claim that Denise got married to a man named Nick Amato, it is not true.

Denise Amato Lombardo, who is married to Nick Lombardo, is not the same Denise who was previously married to Jordan Belfort.

It remains uncertain if Denise Lombardo remarried after her divorce from Jordan Belfort.

However, Denise was very young at the time of divorce, just 28 years old. It is likely that she may have married again.

Denise reportedly married a man named Mlady in 1994, three years after her separation from Belfort, it is important to note that this information is based on speculation and has not been confirmed by Denise Lombardo herself.

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Where Is Jordan Belfort After Divorce From Denise

After the divorce from Denise, Jordan Belfort married Nadine Caridi, and the couple had two children.

Belfort expressed that he believed Nadine was a better fit for him compared to Lombardo.

According to Belfort, Nadine had a strong personality and was not afraid to stand her ground, which he found alluring.

In 1996, Belfort’s company was expelled by NASD due to its unethical business practices that had a negative impact on the market and investors.

Subsequently, in 1999, Jordan was arrested by authorities for fraud and stock market manipulation, leading to the collapse of his career and marriage.

Following all the controversy, Nadine Caridi divorced Jordan in 2005.

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Jordan Belfort Now

After his divorce from Nadine, Belfort entered a relationship with Anne Koppe.

Belfort and Koppe met in 2008 and started dating shortly thereafter. In 2012, Belfort proposed to Anne, and she accepted his marriage proposal.

Despite their engagement lasting almost a decade, Belfort and Koppe never tied the knot.

Anne Koppe is a businesswoman who is involved in managing Belfort’s current business ventures.

She holds a prominent position in Belfort’s company, Global Motivation Inc., and the couple resided together in Brisbane, Australia until their eventual breakup.

Jordan Belfort with current girlfriend Cristina Invernizzi
Jordan Belfort with current girlfriend Cristina Invernizzi. (Cristina/Instagram)

After ending his engagement with Anne, Belfort began dating Cristina Invernizzi in 2019.

In February 2021, Jordan and Cristina tied the knot in a small ceremony in Las Vegas, surrounded by their friends and family.

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Denise Lombardo in Wolf Of Wall Street

Terence Writer decided to make a movie based on Jordan’s story of success and scam.

The famous movie, Wolf of Wall Street, was released in December 2013 and went on to earn $400 million.

In the movie, Cristin Milioti portrayed Denise’s character as Teresa Petrillo.

Denise Lombardo is 61 years old today. She was born on November 11, 1962, in Ohio.

Denise Lombardo married Jordan Belfort in 1985 after first meeting him in high school years ago. In 1991, Denise filed for divorce when she found out about Belfort’s affair with Nadine Caridi.

Denise Lombardo did not have any children with Jordan Belfort.

Denise Lombardo has a net worth of $3 million.

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