How Tall Is Hannah Stocking? Age, Ondreaz Lopez, Net Worth

Hannah Stocking is an American internet personality who initially started her journey through vines.

Now she is known as a YouTuber, Actress, and model.

You surely knew these common details about her, but did you know other personal life information about her.

If not, dive right into the article.

Hannah Stocking Quick Facts

Birthday: February 4, 1992

Birthplace: Ashland, Oregon, USA 

Age: 30 years old

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Relationship Status: Single

Boyfriend: Unknown

Children: None                               

Weight: 65 kg                       

Net Worth: $1 – $5 Million

Hannah Stocking Age, Background

Hannah Stocking was born on February 4, 1992, which makes her 30 years old at present.

She is the younger daughter of parents Holly and Jon Stocking.

Hannah grew up alongside her elder sister, Ruby Stocking.

Hannah hails from a mixed background. She comes of Greek, Hungarian, and Armenian descent.

Additionally, she attended Ashland High School.

Hannah enrolled at the Dominican University of California for her higher studies, graduating with double majors in chemistry and Biology.

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Hannah Stocking Height

One of the most visible features of Hannah is her stunning height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Her height is what adds more charm to her personality.

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Who is Hannah Stocking Dating?

The influencer has had a couple of major relationships in the past. However, none of them has lasted.

Back in 2014, she dated NBA player Kyrie Irving.

After him, she went out with another NBA player Klay Thompson for a year.

Similarly, in 2016 rumors about an alleged affair of social media personality Twan Kuyper and Hannah surfaced the social media.

It turns out that the rumor was true as Stocking and Twan made it official sometime later.

Fans and followers liked the couple, and the two often did skits and produced joint content on one another’s socials.

This connection of hers also faded away, and the two parted ways.

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Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez

The relationship rumors of Hannah and Ondreaz surfaced back in September of 2020.

Hannah Stocking with her ex-boyfriend Ondreaz Lopez
Hannah Stocking with her ex-boyfriend Ondreaz Lopez. (Instagram)

However, neither of the two confirmed it, yet they teased their fans with videos and TikTok together, making it more doubtful.

Finally, in October of 2020, the duo official confirmed dating with a matching tattoo.

The very same year Hannah and her beau got engaged.

Now, if you are a regular Tiktok watcher, you might not need an introduction of Ondreaz as he might have appeared in your FYP at least once.

But to those who are clueless, he is a Tik-Toker and a Hype house member famous for the fun videos he shares which feature his younger brother Tony Lopez.

The duo has garnered a huge fan following through their TikToks.

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Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez, What Happened?

The duo gained a huge fan base and appreciation for their relationship.

After the news of their engagement broke out, everyone was looking forward to the grand wedding of the two very soon.

Unfortunately, destiny had some other things planned for them.

In January 2021, an alleged rumor of her fiancé, Ondreaz, having a sexual relationship with a minor made headlines.

By the way, these rumors still remain unverified.

As per rumors, the pair tried making it work amidst the drama, but it didn’t work out.

Moreover, these two did not give any official confirmation of the split as well.

Fans figured that the two had unfollowed one another, deleted the pictures, and even all their TikTok videos together.

Ondreaz, on the other hand, blatantly denied the rumors.

But hold on! It wasn’t just Ondreaz who was blamed. His brother Tony faced charges for sexual battery and sending sexually explicit photos to a minor.

This was enough to pull their career graph down.

All their fellow TikTokers started distancing themselves as the drama turned out to be more and more twisted.

Furthermore, to this date, Hannah refuses to talk about what went down between the two yet wishes the best for her former fiancé.

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Hanna Stocking Net Worth

The influencer and YouTuber and content creator have seen immense success in these past years.

Sadly, her net worth and incomes are yet to be revealed.

However, Hannah has an estimated net worth that ranges somewhere around $1 million to $5 million as of 2022.

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Hannah Stocking In 2022

Hannah initially to rose to fame through vines.

She later opted for content creating and YouTube, which was again a straight ladder of success for her.

Hannah even hosted a talk show on YouTube called Mindie.

Hannah does skits and creates content on her social media with other famous personalities like Lele Pons.

Furthermore, she inspires a lot of her viewers with content that talks about science, fashion, and beauty.

It doesn’t stop here. The YouTuber tried her hands in acting as well. One of her recent movies is ‘Vanquish.’

Hannah Stocking Age

Hannah Stocking is 30 years old today. She was born on February 4, 1992, in Ashland, Oregon, United States of America.

Hannah Stocking Parents

Hannah Stocking was born to Holly Stocking and Jon Stocking. She also has a sister named Ruby Stocking.

Hannah Stocking Boyfriend

Hannah Stocking previously dated famous people like Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, and Twan Kuyper. She most recently dated and got engaged to Ondreaz Lopez. However, they split in 2021.

Hannah Stocking Net Worth

As of 2022, Hannah Stocking has a net worth that ranges between $1 million to $5 million.

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