Magnus Nolan [Christopher Nolan Son] Age, Siblings, Now In 2021

Magnus Nolan is the youngest son of film producer Emma Thomas and director and producer Christopher Nolan.

However, Magnum has already made his debut on the big screen at a very young age.

To know more about him, continue reading the article about Magnum Nolan.

Magnus Nolan Quick Facts

Birthday: May 19, 2008

Birthplace: United States

Age: 13 years old

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: Not Disclosed

Relationship Status: Single

Girlfriend: N/A

Children: N/A               

Weight: 35 kg

Net Worth: Unknown

Magnus Nolan Age, Background

Magnus Nolan was born on May 19, 2008, which makes him 13 years old at present.

He is the eldest son of parents Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan.

Magnus was fortunate enough to have three elder siblings to grow up with. They are Olivia, Flora, and Rory.

For the time being, Christopher and Emma have kept most information regarding Magnus’ school private.

That’s obviously for privacy and security reasons.

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Dad Christopher Nolan

Both Magnum’s parents are involved in the entertainment industry. 

Christopher Nolan is a British American film director, producer, and screenwriter.

His films have done exceptionally well worldwide, gaining him huge recognition along with hefty fortunes.

Some of his best hits include ‘Inception,’ ‘Batman Begins,’ ‘The Dark Knight’ including many others.

Furthermore, his creations have garnered 11 academy awards along with 35 nominations.

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Mom Emma Thomas

Moving ahead, Emma Thomas is also a film producer who was solely inspired by her husband’s passion for filmmaking.

It wasn’t her first choice; besides, she happened to follow her husband around, and that was how she gained interest in filmmaking.

She has credits as the producer for movies like ‘Inception’ and ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy.’

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Their Relationship

The couple met each other while attending London University during the early ’90s and fell in love pretty quickly.

The high school lovers turned life partners got hitched in 1997 in their entire friends and family.

Since then, the pair have been collaborating for some of the finest movies, and together they have founded the production company named ‘Syncopy Inc.’

Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Nolan
Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Nolan. (Glamcelebs)

The couple isn’t present on social media platforms, so we have limited access to their other personal life information.

It’s been more than two decades since Christopher and Emma married.

And, the duo is going strong and enjoying their blissful marriage as well as their parenthood.

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Magnus Nolan Siblings

Magnus, along with his siblings, has followed their parent’s footsteps already. Not everyone but most of them.

Although they aren’t into productions and direction, they have successfully paved their way into the industry.

Let’s get to know who is famous for what.

His elder brother Rory is known for the movie: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes.’

Similarly, his other sister Flora gained prominence for her appearance in the movie, Interstellar.

Furthermore, Magnus himself has played a role in one of his parent’s movies.

He portrayed the role of the 20-month-old version of James Cobb in the movie ‘Inception.’

Magnus Nolan as James Cobb in Inception
Magnus Nolan as James Cobb in Inception. (Tumblr)

Additionally, his elder sister Olivia is the least popular among the Nolan siblings as she doesn’t appear to be in the industry and prefers a rather low-key life. 

All his siblings, along with his parents, reside in Los Angeles with a sumptuous lifestyle.

Magnus Nolan Age

Magnus Nolan is 13 years old today. He was born on May 19, 2008, in United States.

Magnus Nolan Parents

Magnus Nolan is the son of famous filmmaker couple Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas. Both his parents are famous movie makers in Hollywood.

Magnus Nolan Siblings

Magnus Nolan has three siblings. One brother named Rory Nolan and two sisters named Flora Nolan and Olivia Nolan.

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