Rapper Matt Ox Bio: Age, Mother, Father, Net Worth

Matt Ox is a rapper who stepped into the world of rap at a quite young age.

Here’s everything we know about Matt Ox. From his relationship and career to his worth.

Matt Ox Quick Facts

Birthday: December 13, 2004 

Birthplace: Lawn crest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America 

Age: 19 Years Old

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Parents: Laurel Grau (Mother)

Brothers: unknown

Relationship Status: Single

Who is Matt Ox? Background

Matt Ox is a rapper who started his career at a young age and gained fame instantly.

Matt Ox’s real name is Matthew Grau, while he is widely known by his stage name Matt Ox.

His song “Overwhelming,” which he released on YouTube, made him a known rapper and helped him launch his hip-hop career.

During his childhood, he was more drawn into rap and started to listen to rap songs.

His inclination to rap began at the early age of four when he listened to the song of rapper Kendrick Lamar called ‘Young and Black.’

He also enjoyed listening to Eminem songs and became greatly influenced by them.

Matt started to pursue his dreams to become a rapper at the age of twelve.

He is a famous rapper at the age of 19 and has many golden opportunities waiting for him ahead in his rap journey.

We can see that he will make remarkable songs and become more famous than he is now.

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Matt Ox Girlfriend & Dating Affair

Matt Ox is in his teenage days, and many people might think that he might be dating or might have a girlfriend now. 

But this is where a lot of people miss.

As of today, Matt Ox is not dating anyone. Yes, he is single. At least publicly, as the young rapper does not talk about his personal life.

His social media, mainly Instagram, only consist of his concerts and album covers.

Furthermore, Matt seems more career-oriented and is spending his time grooming himself to be a great rapper.

As mentioned earlier, not only his current relationship status, Matt has kept his past dating affairs a secret too.

Ox, as attractive as he is, probably had a lot of girls doting over him.

Unfortunately, he never mentioned anything remotely related to relationships and girlfriends to the public.

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Matt Ox’s Age & Birthday?

Matt was born on December 13, 2004, in Lawncrest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. 

He is 19 years old and celebrates his birthday on every December 13. 

As he was born in December month, so his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

The people born in Sagittarius are believed to have traits like optimism, fair-minded, and honesty.

He has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and has brown hair.

Moreover, the fact that he’s only a teenager means that Matt has plenty to grow.

Matt Ox Mother & Father

Matt Ox with his mother Laurel Grau.
Matt Ox with his mother Laurel Grau. (Laurel/Instagram)

Matt’s mother’s name is Laurel Grau, while his father’s name remains unknown.

His father passed away when he was very young as he was suffering from mental illness.

For the most of his childhood, Matt only had his mother.

Moreover, raising a son as a single mother was hard for Laurel as she was only 15 when she had Matt.

Now, imagine giving birth to a child at the age of 15. On top of that, looking after a husband who suffered from a mental illness.

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Matt’s Father Committed Suicide

Things were very hard for Matt’s mother.

When Matt was only two and a half years old, his father committed suicide.

Moreover, because Matt’s father had an unstable mental state, Laurel stated that has always been her No. 1 concern for Matt.

However, the young man developed an uncanny talent for rap music from a very young age.

Similarly, seeing his mother work very hard to maintain his lifestyle, Matt became determined to take care of her.

Matt said,

“She took care of me when I was young, so I’ve got to take care of her when I’m young.”

Matt reportedly bought a house for his mom, Laurel, who is 33 years old today.

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Matt Ox was influenced to be a rapper when he heard accomplished singers and rappers like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Marilyn Manson. 

Similarly, he was more drawn to write songs and sing them when he got the chance to visit studios with his uncle.

He started his career when he released his song “Overwhelming” on YouTube at 12. This song was a hit as it garnered 25 million views.

He signed a deal with a record label called “Warner Bros Label” in 2017.

He released many songs under the label in the year 2017.

His album was released in 2018 and was called “Ox.” In the year 2018, he also got the chance to collaborate with XXX Tentacion in a song called “$$$.”

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Matt Ox Net Worth

He also has his clothing line, which has aided his new worth.

His career is going well, and his net worth is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million.

Ox also revealed that one of his songs, “Message,” received a $150,000 bid from Drake before it was released.

Matt turned down Drake’s offer.

He seems to be active in social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Matt has nearly 550k followers in his Instagram account, while his Twitter account has about 32k followers.

Meanwhile, in his Facebook account, he has about 14k followers.

Matt Ox Is 19 years old today. He was born on December 13, 2004, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. 

Matt Ox was born to Laurel Grau. Laurel Grau had Matt when she was only 15 years old. Matt’s father suffered from mental Illness and commited suicide between 2006-2007. Matt of only 2 and a half years old when his father died.

Matt Ox has a net worth that ranges between $1 million and $5 million as of 2024. He also reportedly turned down Drake’s $150,000 offer to buy one of his songs.

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