Nonie Creme [2022] Age, Fiance Reese Record, Net Worth

50-year-old Nonie Creme is a self-made millionaire and a prominent name in the beauty industry.

Her struggles and dedication made her the person she is today.

Learn more about her below. 

Nonie Creme Quick Facts

Birthday: December 25, 1971

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Age: 50 years old

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Relationship Status: Divorced

Husband: Lalo Crème (former)

Children: Paloma Creme

Weight: Unknown 

Net Worth: $20 million

Nonie Creme Age, Background

Nonie Crème was born on December 25, 1971, and she is 50 years old today.

She is a native of Houston, Texas.

She is the younger daughter of her parents. Her father worked as a child physiatrist, whereas we know very little about her mother.

Nonie grew up with her elder sister, Williston Northampton. 

Additionally, the 50-year-old belongs to Mexican-American descent.

Furthermore, she graduated from Scripps College where she majored in bachelor’s of fine arts.

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Is Nonie Creme Married?

Nonie fell in love with a guy named Lalo Creme at the age of 21.

However, she wasn’t financially stable at that point in time, yet she decided to follow the destiny that led her to London, following the man of her dreams.

But life has a funny way of putting all sorts of detours in your path when it’s least expected.

This big decision of hers upset her parents, which left her all alone as they cut off all forms of contact with Nonie.

Even after this, her love for Lalo remained intact, and the two got married.

Lalo Crème is a real estate broker at present.

After being married for over two decades, the pair decided to call it quits.

The reason behind the split remains unknown to this date as neither of the two has addressed it.

Despite their marriage coming to an end, Crème maintains a strong friendship with her former partner.

We can’t be friends with our exes! Nonie just proved it wrong.

Similarly, the pair shares a 12-year-old daughter together named Paloma.

Nonie Creme with her partner Reese Record and daughter Paloma Creme
Nonie Creme with her partner Reese Record and daughter Paloma Creme. (Nonie/Instagram)

Moreover, Nonie, along with her ex-husband Lalo happily co-parented their daughter.

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Nonie Creme Partner In 2022

After her failed marriage with Lalo, she found love yet again in another man named Resse Record.

Nonie met him through popular dating app called ‘Tinder’ and started dating shortly in 2019.

Crème kept her relationship with Reese absolutely low key; almost making everyone believe that she was single.

Nonie Creme with her partner Reese Record
Nonie Creme with her partner Reese Record. (Reese/Instagram)

Later, the couple started in a reality show named, ‘Marrying Millions’ showcasing their relationship along with all their high and low ends.

Similarly, the viewers also learned about Record’s past; a time when he lives as a homeless man.

He lived under extreme conditions to survive with just an old van as his asset.

Little did he know, progressive days were right ahead of him. At present, he works as an arborist and a handyman,

Moving on with the show, Nonie made the first move to propose to her boyfriend, but the latter rejected.

After reconsidering his feelings, he made a proposal which Nonie accepted with teary eyes.

Similarly, the couple has not married yet. However, they continue to live together, building a strong bond each passing day.

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Nonie Crème Business

Nonie was a rebellious child who landed her in great trouble during her teens.

She continued doing acts that her parents found shameful, which led them to emotionally and financially cut her off.

With just $200 to spare, she made a wise decision to sign up for night classes to become a manicurist.

After some struggles, desk manicures, she got hold of an agent that made a life-changing deal with her.

Fast forward to now, she is one of the most prominent names in the beauty industry who has built her own empire single-handedly.

She owns a cosmetics line named ‘Nonie Crème Color Prevails.’

Furthermore, she is the founding creative director of ‘Butter London’s Luxury Nail Polish’ brand.

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Nonie Creme Net Worth

Nonie is one hell of a confident lady who chased her passions.

Her hard work paid off big time and made her a self-made millionaire.

As of 2022, Creme has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Nonie Creme Age

Nonie Creme is 50 years old today. She was born on December 25, 1971, in Houston, Texas, United States of America.

Nonie Creme Husband

Nonie Creme was previously married to Lalo Creme. However the couple divorced after over a decade of marriage. She is currently engaged to Reese Record.

Nonie Creme Children

Nonie Creme has a daughter named Paloma Creme with her ex-husband Lalo Creme. Paloma is 12-years-old.

Nonie Creme Net Worth

Nonie Creme currently has a net worth of $20 million as of 2022. She is the founder of ‘Nonie Crème Color Prevails.’

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