Paulette Miltimore [Steven Bauer’s Ex-Wife] Details After Divorce

Paulette Miltimore is best known as the former wife of Cuban American actor Steven Bauer.

Many were curious to know more about her as he barely publicly shares her life details.

Paulette Miltimore Quick Facts

Full Name: Paulette Miltimore

Date of Birth: 1971

Age: 53

Zodiac Sign: Not Disclosed

Current Residence: United States of America

Birth Place: United States of America

Nationality: American

Religion: Christianity

Ethnicity: African-American

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 60 Kg

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Single

Ex-Husband: Steven Bauer


Profession: Not Disclosed

Famous as: Steven Bauer’s Ex-Wife



Net Worth: Unknown  

Paulette Miltimore Wiki, Age, Bio

Paulette Miltimore was born in the year 1971, making her 53 years old at present.

As of today, Paulette hasn’t disclosed her precise date of birth or her birthplace.

Likewise, she has maintained silence about her parents, siblings, and their whereabouts to date.

Paulette has always remained secretive about her personal life for all these years she’s been in the limelight.

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Who Is Paulette Miltimore Married To?

Paulette Miltimore was previously married to actor Steven Bauer.

The information on how they met and when they met remains undisclosed.

After a while of dating, the pair married on December 28th, 2003.

However, she wasn’t the actor’s first wife. Paulette was Steven’s fourth wife after a series of failed relationships with his former wives.

When the two got married, their relationship looked promising, and many thought Steven had finally found the one.

Their marriage went great for a couple of years but slowly turned sour.

No amount of effort could save it. Eventually, in 2012, the pair announced their split.

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Paulette Miltimore and Steven Bauer Divorce Reason

For the most part, Paulette and Steven kept information about their marriage a secret.

Just like the couple kept info about how they met a secret, Paulette and Steven kept other aspects of their marriage a secret.

The couple did not openly reveal how they spent quality time with each other about their vacations.

Similarly, despite being public figures, Steven and Paulette never publicly hinted that their relationship was suffering.

Even after the divorce was finalized, the couple never revealed what actually caused the split.

In fact, the who thing went down in total silence.

The two were never seen together post the divorce, and we assume they didn’t agree to being on friendly terms as well.

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How many Children Does The Couple Share?

The pair relished their nuptial bond for almost a decade before parting ways.

Sadly, they didn’t welcome any children from their decade-long union.

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Steven’s Relationships Before Marrying Paulette

As mentioned earlier, the actor was previously married to three different women. His first marriage was to Melanie Griffith in 1981.

The actor welcomed a son named Alexander Griffith Bauer with his first wife.

After the divorce from Melanie, he found love in another woman, Ingrid Anderson. With her, he welcomed another son, Dylan Bauer.

As it is said, the third time’s a charm; he got married for the third time to Christina Boney in 1992.

But the saying didn’t stand true in Bauer’s case.

After spending nine years together, the pair went their separate ways in 2002.

He already had two children from his past marriages, and maybe because of that, the actor didn’t desire any children with Paulette or from any of his relationships afterward.

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Who is Steven Bauer?

Born on December 2, 1956, he is a Cuban-American actor.

He made his debut in the industry in 1977, portraying the role of joe in the crime drama Surface.

Throughout these years, the actor has worked in series, shows, and films on both big and small screens.

Some of his major works are ‘Body Count,’ ‘From Mexico with Love,’ and many more.

Furthermore, besides his career, what interested the public more was Steven’s series of failed relationships and marriages.

Nevertheless, the actor has remained consistent in his work and continues doing his work with full dedication.

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Did Paulette Remarry After Steven Bauer Divorce?

After her divorce from the actor, it was as if she had also cut off ties with her fame.

She was known as the wife of the actor for the longest time, but after the end of their relationship, she decided to ditch the media and the prominence that the marriage gave her.

Paulette stepped out of the celebrity spotlight and went full-on incognito.

She remains lowkey and enjoys life away from the limelight, which means we aren’t aware of her current relationship.

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Paulette Miltimore Career, Net worth

As mentioned earlier, for most of her life, people knew her as the celeb wife of actor Steven Bauer, and her identity was limited to just that.

All those years,  fans and followers got to know very little about her life.

Paulette refrained from sharing any of her details and went ahead to be known as the celeb wife for almost a decade.

Likewise, there aren’t any details about her net worth as of 2024.

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Paulette Miltimore Today

Paulette had no intention of using the fame she got as the celebrity wife of the actor.

After the divorce, she completely disappeared, leaving behind no traces of her whereabouts at present.

Paulette Miltimore is 53 years old today. She was born in 1971, in United States of America.

Paulette Miltimore became famous after marrying famous Cuban actor Steven Bauer. The couple married on December 28, 2003. Unfortunately, the couple split and divorced in 2012.

Paulette Miltimore and her ex-husband Steven Bauer never had any children. It remains unclear if Paulette remarried and started a family after divorce from Steven Bauer.

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