Robert Clotworthy Today: Age, Wife, Kids, Net Worth

Robert Clotworthy is a famous voice actor who has given voices to various narration, be it in games or TV shows, and starred in many movies.

Here’s everything we know about Robert Clotworthy. From his relationship and career to his net worth.

Robert Clotworthy Quick Facts

Birthday: October 24, 1955

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States of America 

Age: 67 years old.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 6 feet

Parents: unknown

Siblings: unknown

Relationship Status: Single

Who Is Robert Clotworthy? Background

Robert is a famous voice actor and an actor. He is well known for his voice narration in the game series called StarCraft.

In the game, he has given the voice of Jim Raynor.

His full name is Robert Bruce Clotworthy.

If you watch History Channel more frequently, then you might know him very well.

Clotworthy remains well known for his narration in the History Channel for the shows called ‘Ancient Aliens’ and ‘The Curse of Oak Island.’

From a very young age, he loved to experiment with his voice. 

He loved to make different kinds of sounds from his voice, and his parents were surprised by his talent.

During his childhood, he met various voice actors and was immensely inspired by them.

Clotworthy realized his dream to become a voice actor from his childhood days and followed it and became a renowned voice actor.

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Robert Clotworthy’s Married, Relationship Details

Robert has been keeping his personal as well as professional life away from the eye of the media. 

He has not been open about his relationship, be it in the past or present. 

Some say he has been already married and has not disclosed any information about his wife.

But there is no solid information regarding his marital status, whether he is married or not.

There was a buzz when he shared a photo of him with a woman in his Instagram account.

Robert Clotworthy with a female acquaintance
Robert Clotworthy with a female acquaintance. (Robert/Instagram)

Many started to speculate that she might be his wife or his girlfriend. And to this day, it only remains as a speculation.

Robert has not bothered to address these rumors.

His relationship status seems to be confused, but we will update you if we find anything about it.

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Robert Clotworthy’s Age & Birthday?

On October 24, 1955, Robert was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. 

He is 67 years old and he celebrates his birthday in October every year.

Robert stands tall at the height of 6 feet, and his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

People with Scorpio sign is said to have traits like being ambitious, honest, and determined.

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Clotworthy’s Parents

Robert has not mentioned any information about his parent and his siblings to the media.

But it is known that his father was a commercial radio producer. He used to go to the radio station with his father.

While going to the radio station, he was able to meet voice actors like Jerry Stiller, June Foray, and Anne Mears.

Meeting voice actors in radio stations highly influenced him to be a voice actor.

He had a great passion for voice acting, due to which he was able to be a voice actor at the age of 15 for the StarCraft series.

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Robert Clotworthy’s Net Worth

Robert went to Taft High School.

He was highly influenced to be a voice actor after meeting voice actors in the radio station where his father used to work.

Robert got the opportunity to become a voice actor at the young age of fifteen for the StarCraft series.

His work was so good that he got to work for the StarCraft series for another season too.

Many people appraised robert’s work, and it gained him a place in the film industry.

He has worked in different animation projects, TV shows, Games, and movies too.

Similarly, he had his guest appearance in the shows like ‘Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Young Sheldon,’ ‘Homeland,’ ‘Two and a Half Men,’ and many more.

He is a master in the Chinese Martial Art of Kung Fu San Soo, so we can see his dedication and hard work for his work.

He is earning great from his career, and he says that the satisfaction he gains from his work always oversteps the paycheck.

His net worth is somewhere around $19 million.

He is active in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Robert has 781 followers in his Instagram account, while he has 5.6 k followers on Facebook.

While he has 6k followers in his Twitter account.

Robert Clotworthy Age

Robert Clotworthy is 67 years old. He was born on October 24, 1955, in Los Angeles, California.

Robert Clotworthy Wife

Robert Clotworthy has not revealed his wife as of now. As per general public. Robert is single today in 2023.

Robert Clotworthy Net Worth

Robert Clotworthy has a net worth of $19 million as of 2023.

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