Tran Jeong [Ken Jeong Wife] A Cancer Survivor’s Life

Tran Jeong is an American-Vietnamese licensed family physician who is best known as the celebrity wife of actor, producer, and physician Ken Jeong.

The two pursued the same career for a brief period before Ken chased his passion, and it landed him where he is now.

Tran Jeong Quick Facts

Birthday: February 24, 1972

Birthplace:  United States of America

Age: 51 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 60 kg

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: Ken Jeong

Children: Zooey Jeong and Alexa Jeong

Net Worth: $14 Million (Joint)

Tran Jeong Wiki, Age, Bio

Tran Jeong was born on February 24, 1972, which makes her 51 years old as of 2022.

Her real name is Tran Ho, she was born and raised in the united states of America itself, but the exact state where she was born hasn’t been revealed yet.

Tran was born to Vietnamese parents who have managed to dodge the limelight up until now.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information regarding her parents or her siblings.

Similarly, Tran belongs of Vietnamese-American descent.

After completing high school, she attended UCLA’s David Geffen school and medicine and graduated with an MD.

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Who Is Tran Jeong Married To?

Tran is married to a famous actor and comedian, Ken Jeong.

Kendrick Kang Jeong, aka Ken Jeong, was born on July 13, 1969, and hails from Detroit, Michigan.

Ken is a licensed physician turned actor, producer, and TV personality.

Before stepping into the entertainment industry, Ken was a licensed physician, but he knew his true passion was elsewhere deep down.

He decided to chase his dreams and let go of his stable career as a physician to enter the industry.

Ken performed at small comedy clubs regularly, and with that, he started getting small TV roles.

Who knew the man would make it big someday? But thanks to his undying hard work and dedication, he made his way up here.

He is best known for his portrayal of Ben Chang in the sitcom Community and Gangster Leslie chow in the hangover film series.

This was the beginning of his flourishing career. Some of his other works include The Duff, My sky, and many more.

Furthermore, the actor is also a panelist of Fox’s masked singers and acts as a host of I can see your voice.

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Their Relationship History, Wedding

Tran Jeong is married to her devoted and affectionate husband, Ken Jeong.

The two met way back in 2002 when both were working at Kaiser Permanente in West California as physicians.

That’s where their love story started and the pair dated for two years before tying the knot.

In 2004, they took vows and decided on a forever journey together.

Now, neither of the two has opened up many details about their relationship or married life to date.

Tran Jeong with husband Ken Jeong and twin daughters
Tran Jeong with husband Ken Jeong and twin daughters. (Instagram)

However, we know for sure that Ken and Tran’s marriage became merrier after they welcomed their twin daughter, Zooey, and Alexa Jeong, in 2007.

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Ken & Tran’s Children

They are 14 years old as of now, and one of the girls has already set her foot in the entertainment industry so young.

Zooey is the younger daughter of the couple who has already created an identity as a child actress credited for her roles in the movies: ‘Laura Marano,’ ‘Dr. Ken,’ and many others.

Their elder daughter Alexa isn’t into acting as of now, but who knows what’s coming in the future.

Unfortunately, only a year after the pair welcomed their bundle of joy as their twins, devastating news hit their lives.

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Tran Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

She was suffering from stage three negative breast cancer and was given a 23% survival rate.

Tran discovered a lump while breastfeeding one of her twins. After getting it checked at a hospital, doctors served the couple with that devastating news.

Suddenly, Tran became worried about what would happen to her kids if she died. This news significantly altered the couple’s lives.

Being a new mom and having to deal with that stress was a huge task for both of them, but most importantly, neither of the two gave up on the situation.

16 chemotherapy, one mastectomy, and radiation therapy later. In 2010 Tran was announced cancer-free, which was one of the happiest moments for the Jeong family.

The two found solace in one another’s presence and unquestionable support throughout these two years.

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Ken’s Support During Cancer

Receiving such devastating news affected the victim and her husband, Ken.

However, the aspiring actor at that time thought brooding would just make things worst.

It was also that time when Ken received an offer to appear as Leslie Chow in the famous Hollywood movie series ‘The Hangover.’

Although very skeptical of accepting the offer, Ken eventually signed the movie because his wife suffered from breast cancer.

Ken made some changes to his dialogues for his character Leslie Chow in the movie, making inside jokes that Trans would understand.

Funnily enough, the directors of the movie did not have any knowledge of changes in dialogues.

Ken’s experience with his wife’s battle motivated him to donate significantly to cancer-related causes.

He vehemently supports the Stand Up to Cancer campaign and frequently writes on social media regarding awareness.

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What Does Tran Jeong Do For a Living? Now in 2022

Like her husband, Tran is also a licensed physician. She currently works as a family physician in the United States itself.

Furthermore, there aren’t any updates or information on her professional life.

Tran has been pursuing this career for over two decades now and continues doing the same to date.

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Net Worth

The cancer survivor and her comedian/actor husband are both doctors by profession. Tran is a physician who specializes in family medicine.

Her partner, a medical practitioner, has a net worth of roughly $14 million. Ken, has acted in a number of films and television shows like ‘The Hangover,’ ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ and ‘Community.’

Similarly, while Tran still practices, Ken chose full-time acting as his profession.

The couple previously lived in a $2.5 million Calabasas home which they sold in 2018.

Tran Jeong is 51 years old today. She was born on February 24, 1972, in United States.

Tran Jeong comes from Vietnamese-American background.

Tran Jeong is married to Ken Jeong, a former doctor who later turned into a comedian and actor. The couple dated since early 2000s, and are married for over a decade.

Tran Jeong and her husband Ken Jeong have twin daughters. Their names are Zooey Jeong and Alexa Jeong

Tran Jeong works as a family physician. Currently, Tran practices in California State.

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