Glena Goranson [Pete Carroll’s Wife] Age, Bio, Job, Net Worth

Glena Goranson is the celebrity wife of famous football coach Pete Carroll.

She came into the limelight after her marriage to Pete.

The two were high school sweethearts and are enjoying their marital bliss since 1976.

Here’s what they’re like in 2021.

Glena Goranson Quick Facts

Birthday: 1955

Birthplace: United States

Age: 66 years old

Zodiac Sign: Unknown 

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Relationship status: Married

Husband: Pete Carroll

Children: Nate Carroll, Brennan Carroll, Jaime Carroll

Weight: 57 kg 

Net worth: $30 million

Glena Goranson Age, Family

Glena was born in the year 1955, which makes her around 66 years as of 2021.

Both of her parents were native of United States; therefore, she was born and brought up in the USA.

Talking about her academic qualification, Goranson completed her bachelor’s from Pacific University in Oregon.

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Glena Goranson Husband, Married Life

Glena Goranson is the celebrity wife of very famous football coach Pete Carroll.

The duo met during the early days of their university life. Yes! Both Pete and Glena were enrolled at Pacific University.

Glena was in her late teen while she met her now-husband, and they dated for a long while.

The duo decided to make it a forever thing. On May 21, 1976, Pete and Glena got married after years of dating.

Glena was 21 years old when she got married.

We usually hear that marriage is a big responsibility.

Furthermore, the magnitude of those relationships become larger when u get married at such a young age.

But the case was different here.

Glena and Pete have been married for over four decades now. So far, there’s no trouble in their little paradise.

She is very supportive of her husband and has a big hand in Pete’s success.

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Who Is Husband Pete Carroll?

Pete Carroll is a well-renowned American football coach. He was born on September 15, 1951, to Jane Edward and Rita Carroll.

Carroll is currently a head coach for and executive vice president of the Seattle Seahawks of NFL.

He started his career with the NFL as the defensive back coach of the team buffalo bills in 1984, then he moved onto Minnesota Vikings and remained for five whole seasons.

Furthermore, he was hired as a defensive coordinator for NY jet for its four seasons.

With his year’s experience and commendable skills, he got to sign a contract with Seahawk as a head coach for five years.

In 2016 again, he signed another contract of 3 years and remained with Seahawk’s, and the rest is history.

He has made many records and conquered milestones throughout his career.

Moreover, Glena is Pete’s second wife. Previously Pete was married to a woman named Wendy Pearl for two years(1973-1975.)

Sadly only after two years of marriage, Pete and Wendy parted ways.

Pete and Wendy divorced because they both were young and that somehow became a barrier to their marriage.

They both were too young to realize it before they got married and started a life together.

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Glena Goranson and Pete Carroll Kids

The couple is blessed with three children who are completely grown-ups now.

Brennan Carroll is their oldest son; he was born on March 20, 1979.

Brennan worked as a graduate assistant for his father with the USC football team.

He then worked as a coach and a coordinator at the University of Miami.

Currently, he works as an offensive coordinator for the Arizona wild casts.

Additionally, he is married to a woman named amber, and the duo shares a son named Dillon Brennan Carroll.

Nate Carroll, Pete’s other son, Is also a Sea-hawk’s staff. This young man worked as a personnel assistant. He was then hired as an offensive assistant by Jacksonville.

He now works for Seattle Seahawks as a wide receiver coach.

Nate is also a married man and shares one child with his wife, Anna.

Lastly, Jaime Carroll is the only daughter of Pete and Glena. She was born on March 24, 1976.

Glena Goaranson, husband Pete Carroll, and daughter Jaime Carroll
Glena Goaranson, husband Pete Carroll, and daughter Jaime Carroll. (Getty)

Carroll works as the president for the company called compete to create, founded by her father, Pete.

Jaime is married to her long-time boyfriend mike since July 6, 2012, and they share two kids.

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Glena Goranson Career & Net Worth

Glena is exceptionally passionate about modeling.

To sum up, Glena is a celebrity wife of a football coach who is also the second-highest-paid coach in the NFL.

Pete has an estimated net worth of $30 MILLION with an annual income of $8 million from the Seahawks.

Given the fact that Glena and Pete are an extremely happy married couple, it’s likely they both share a massive net worth.

This means even if Glena doesn’t earn, the duo can still live a lavish and comfortable life.

Glena Goranson Age

Glena Goranson is 66 years old. She was born in 1955, in United States.

Glena Goranson Husband

Glena Goranson is married to Pete Carroll. They married on May 21, 1976.

Glena Goranson Kids

Glen Goranson has three kids with Pete Carroll. Two sons Brennan Carroll, Nate Carroll, and one daughter Jaime Carroll.

Glena Goranson Net Worth

Glena Goranson and husband Pete Carroll have a net worth of $30 million in 2021.

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