Grant Napear Age, Wife, Married, Net Worth

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Grant Napear recently lost both of his jobs because of a very short, but racism inflicting Tweet on “Black Lives Matter.”

Napear lost both his position as the voice of Sacramento Kings and host of local sports radio show after that tweet.

Has that also affected his family life with his wife and children? Find out right here.

Grant Napear Wife, Married Life

The famous radio host Grant Napear is a married man. And his wife is Starr Napear.

The couple met each other back in the 2000s and began dating each other.

Since dating each other, Grant and his wife, Starr has always remained very smitten towards each other.

So much so that their little dating affair soon changed and turned into a marital affair.

On May 25, 2011, Grant and then-girlfriend Starr married each other in a very intimate wedding ceremony.

Grant Napear and Wife Starr Napear.
Grant Napear and Wife Starr Napear. (Starr/Twitter)

Both of them have remained together since.

It has since been 10 years to their marriage. Congratulations!

One of the reasons why their marriage seems to work so well is because both have failed marriages in their past.

Yes, both Grant and partner Starr have been married before and ended it in divorce.

They now know what exactly makes a marriage susceptible to failure and avoid it.

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Who Is Grant Napear’s Wife Starr Napear?

Starr Napear, the beautiful wife of Grant Napear, is a very accomplished person in her field.

Starr Napear, full name Starr Belle Gobel Napear, went to the University of San Francisco from where she graduated with a degree in Applied Economics in 2003.

Mrs. Napear later joined The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a certified health coach in 2016 after completing a one-year course.

Starr also completed her Pilates course and established herself as a Pilates Reformer.

On the professional side, Napear began working as a Marketing Coordinator at Junior League in 2003.

Till 2011, Mrs. Napear worked at different commercial organizations like Blue Shields of California, Smith Barney, and Intero Real Estate Services.

Starr also has experience as a Real Estate Agent.

In 2016, Starr worked as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at Vim & Vigor.

Starr currently works as Nutrition Program Coordinator at Lifetime Fitness and also as a Lifestyle Designer at Vim & Vigor Wellness.

Grant Napear Family, Children

Like Starr Napear, Grant also has a failed marriage in his past. From that marriage, Napear has two children; daughters.

Starr, on the other hand, has a son from her past marriage.

The couple also have children together.

In 1997, Grant and Starr welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Trent.

Two years later, in 1999, the Napear couple welcomed their second child together, another son named Chase.

Trent is 23 years old, and his younger brother Chase is 21 years old.

The whole family currently lives in El Dorado Home.

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Fired From Sacramento Kings and Radio Show

In June, amid all the turmoil taking place followed by the tragic death of George Floyd, the “Black Lives Matters” movement began taking place.

DeMarcus Cousins, an American professional basketball player, tweeted towards Grant, asking his view on the “Black Lives Matters” movement.

Napear’s response got him into a lot of trouble.

Napear tweeted, saying that “ALL LIVES MATTER” in caps.

This generated a lot of backlash on social media, and that caught everyone’s attention as well.

Grant Napear served as the voice of Sacramento Kings, and they responded to all the backlash as well.

Sacramento Kings released a statement saying that Napear’s comments did not reflect the organization’s view. Followed by that statement, Kings announced that Napear had resigned from his position.

Moreover, Sports 1140 KHTK, on which Grant ran a radio show called “The Grant Napear Show,” dissolved as well.

The company announced that they fired Grant Napear.

While Napear’s comments have attracted a tirade of comments from social media, his family life remains intact.

There are no talks about Napear experiencing a tough time with their wife and his sons.

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Grant Napear Wiki, Age, Net Worth

The former voice of Sacramento Grant Napear was born on June 18, 1959, in Syosset, New York.

His full name is Grant Harringon Napear, and his age right now is 62 years old.

Napear went to Syosset High School in 1977 and later graduated. After graduation, Napear joined Bowling Green University.

Napear graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism.

Grant began his career in broadcasting in 1988 with Sacramento Kings.

His resignation from Sacramento Kings and firing from a sports radio show ended his tenure of over three decades.

Napear had been an announcer for over 32 years and a sports radio host for 30 years.

From his successful broadcasting career, Napear has also earned a massive fortune for himself. In 2020, Grant has a massive net worth of $5 million.

Who Is Grant Napear Wife?

Grant Napear’s wife is Starr Napear. She is a nutrition coach and fitness expert.

What Is Grant Napear's Net Worth?

Grant Napear, the former radio host for “The Grant Naper Show” has a net worth of $5 million.

What Is Grant Napear Twitter

You can follow Grant Napear under the twitter handle @GrandNapearshow

Grant Napear Show

Since June of 2020, after the racism inflicting tweet by Napear himself, the network decided to fire Grant from his position. Grant Napear will not appear on “The Grant Napear Show” anymore.


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  1. What Grant Napear said in a tweet was not racist at all. It was his opinion and it should be everyone’s opinion that “All Lives Matter”. As for the Sacramento King’s responding that did not reflect the organization’s view.
    So, is the view of the Sacramento Kings must be only black lives matter. That being said the Sacramento Kings are saying my life doesn’t matter. Well, FUCK the Sacramento Kings. They will NEVER get another cent from me. I will always discourage people from going to see their ever losing team.
    I can also say I have never listened to one minute of Sports 1140 KHTK or watch the Kings on TV since Mr. Napear was let go. These organizations don’t have the balls to stand up for their people so I hope they both go broke being stupid.


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