Jackie DeAngelis Bio, Age, Wedding, Husband, Salary

When it comes to personal life, Jackie DeAngelis, the Fox News reporter, is an absolute elite.

Usually, a lot of journalists keep their personal life a secret, but DeAngelis takes it one step further.

However, there are still things that remain accessible, but at a great cost. Here’s everything you need to know about Jackie.

Her age, marriage, wedding, and everything in-between.

Jackie DeAngelis Bio, Age, Parents

The Fox Business Network Correspondent Jackie DeAngelis is 40 years old today.

Jackie was born as Jacqueline DeAngelis in 1980, in Alpine, New Jersey. She was born to father Louis DeAngelis and mother, Elizabeth DeAngelis.

She has a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Jackie also has a brother named Louis George DeAngelis I.

Even though Jackie is already 40, a lot of tabloids claim that Jackie is in her 20s at the moment.

The reason why we claim that Jackie is 40 and not 27 years old right now is that one aspect just does not fit here.

According to several tabloids, Jackie is 27. Also, she graduated from Cornell University in 2002.

If Jackie was really born in 1993, she was only nine years old when she graduated from Cornell University.

Get the point?

As Jackie grew up, she decided to shorten her first name from Jacqueline to only Jackie. It’s a little easier to say and remember for a lot of people.

Jackie DeAngelis Married, Wedding, Husband

There’s a couple of scenarios that arise when talking about DeAngelis’ personal life. All thanks to the fact that she keeps blatantly quiet about it.

At the moment, there’s no info regarding Jackie’s marriage.

But, strong suspicion looms over that she’s already married to a secret husband.

But of course, the lack of any evidence like a wedding photo makes it all hypothetical.

Is Jackie married and divorced already?

The beautiful reporter does not talk about her spouse in any manner.

For now, the only thing that we all are certain about is that she’s married with a family already. That’s as far as the speculation goes for now.

Let’s hope that Jackie will eventually talk about her personal life and let us know who the lucky man in her life is.

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Jackie DeAngelis Education

Young Jackie went and joined Cornell University in 1998 and began focusing on Arts there.

In 2002, DeAngelis graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, focused on Asian Studies and history.

After getting her B.A, DeAngelis wanted further academic achievements.

Jackie later joined Rutgers School of Law and received her Juris Doctor in 2008.

During her educational journey, Jackie learned how to speak Mandarin and Farsi.

DeAngelis Career, Salary

The 40 years old correspondent began her career as a technology analyst at Oaktree Capital Management.

In 2005, Jackie joined CNBC as a reporter. Initially, CNBC stationed Jackie in the Middle-East, where she got the opportunity to interview very famous and powerful people.

During her time in the Middle-East, Jackie interviewed people like Ibrahim Al-Assaf, Saudi Arabian Finance Minister Abdalla El-Badri, OPEC Secretary-General, and others.

Jackie DeAngelis with Reza Pahlavi
Jackie DeAngelis with Reza Pahlavi. (Jackie/Instagram)

In December of 2018, Jackie left CNBC after 13 years. She then joined Yahoo Finance as an anchor.

She anchored the mid-day program called The Ticker and talked about top financial stories.

After less than a year at Yahoo Finance, DeAngelis took her to leave and joined Fox Business Network in April of 2019.

At the moment, Jackie serves as a financial correspondent for the network. At Fox Business News, Jackie receives a massive salary that’s well over $100,000 annually.

Jackie DeAngelis is 40 years old. She was born in 1980, in New Jersey.

Jackie DeAngelis is 5 feet 6 inches or 168cm tall.

It is not known if Jackie is married or not. She has not revealed anything about her personal life yet.

Jackie Left CNBC after 13 years of career to join Yahoo Finance.

Fox Business Network correspondent earns over $100,000 a year in salary.

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  1. I knew that something was wrong when I read that Jackie DeAngelis was born in 1993. It made no sense considering her experience, college and law school, and a Middle East reporter assignment for CNBC. Thanks for straightening that out, and her birthdate of 1990 makes more sense. Undisputed is the fact that she is an absolutely beautiful woman that the other sources also reported. Thank you for your information. I wish I was about 45 years old.

  2. I Accidentally made a mistake that the other news media made. I reference Jackie Deangelis birthday as 1990 in my comments, however, it’s actually 1980. Thank you

  3. In the last few months I have discovered this beautiful, smart, and ambitious young woman on Fox. I love to watch her reading the news or giving her commentary on shows such as Outnumbered. Fox has so many great women , but Jackie still manages to hold her own and even stands out. If she is 40, it would make sense to me as she carry’s herself in such a manner. I am a rather oldish guy, so to me she is a young, very attractive woman regardless of her actual age. I hope she stays with Fox for a long time, as I really am pleased when I see that she will be doing any show.


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