Joe Machi Age, Wife, Illness, Family, Net Worth

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Joe Machi is probably one of the unique comedians of all time. He goes that nasally tone to his voice, which gives him a timid appearance.

His nervous appearance on the stage has given him a massive leg-up as far as comedy goes.

Here’s everything that fans need to know about this rising comedian.

Joe Machi Quick Facts

Birthday: June 23, 1979

Birthplace: College State, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Age: 43 years old

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Relationship Status: Undisclosed

Wife: Undisclosed

Girlfriend: Undisclosed

Children: N/A

Is Joe Machi Gay?

Because of how Joe delivers his joke in a very nervous, not so confident way, there are people who question his sexuality.

Yes, that’s how it’s been for a while now.

But, no matter how many gay rumors fly around about Joe, the truth remains far from it.

Joe Machi is not gay and never has been.

Machi revealed his sexuality in a comedy night performance.

Although the title of the famous video is ‘Telling Your Parents You’re Gay,’ it’s not what people expect.

In the stand-up session, Machi talked about the time his friend told him he would never understand what it’s like having to tell parents that you’re gay.

Machi, a comedian by nature, replied that one does not have to be gay to tell their parents so.

Machi then said how he went to his parents and said that he was gay.

Joe did this to tell his gay friend that he would never understand what it feels like telling your parents that you’re gay and then telling them that you’re not really gay.

Machi joked about how his father suspected that he was gay after the act.

But all jokes aside, Joe has never specifically and sincerely talked about his sexual preference.

Largely because maybe, he just does not feel like giving a statement about his sexuality when he’s just straight.

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Does Joe Machi Have An Illness?

A lot of people suspect that Machi suffers from some kind of illness or medical condition, which makes his voice high-pitched and nervous sounding.

According to one of Machi’s subordinates from the time when they worked as supermarket salesperson, Joe has always been a shy guy with a high-pitched voice.

Joe’s high-pitched voice combined with deliberately forced awkward appearance successfully makes people laugh.

In an interview, Machi said,

“I’m not intentionally nervous; I just don’t fight to be nervous. It works with what I do, anyway.”

Machi compares himself to the famous boxer Mike Tyson who actually suffers from a medical condition called “Lisp,” a condition where he suffers from speech impairment.

Jokingly, Joe said how unique speech style is a burden that he and Mike Tyson share.

Better hope Mike doesn’t hear that Joe.

Joe Is Single!

If you’ve come this far, then you already know that Joe is not a gay man.

The next question in order is about his married life. If Machi is not gay, does he have a wife?

Unfortunately, there’s hardly anything that’s available about his personal life at the moment.

As per many sources, Joe is single at the moment. This speculation rules out any possibility about his marriage and wife.

But it’s a little odd for Machi, remaining as a single man even at the age of 43.

A possible explanation is that Machi is still looking for his perfect woman.

The girl of his dreams who would make a perfect spouse.

Joe Machi Childhood

Machi grew up watching funny videos and comedians, performing standup comedy.

Standup comedy intrigued him since he was little. By the age of 12, Machi had already become a fan of SNL, watching Kevin Nealon and Norm MacDonald.

Born to a retail manager father and school teacher mother in State College, Pennsylvania, Machi grew up like most kids.

Machi had his parents around along with his older brother.

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Education and Early Career

Joe attended State College Area High School as a young child. For most of his time in high school, Machi was shy.

He graduated from high school in 1997.

After graduating from high school, Machi pursued a career as a customer service agent in a local supermarket.

For a brief time, Machi also worked as a human resource assistant for a media company.

Machi later joined Penn State University and graduated in 2002.

In an interview, Machi revealed how he wanted to perform comedy, but there wasn’t any place in his university where he could do so.

Joe Machi on Greg Gutfeld Show
Joe Machi on Greg Gutfeld Show. (Joe/Instagram)

Later, when he turned 21, old enough to visit bars, Machi took upon performing during open mic nights.

It was when Machi began competing in many that his reputation as a comedian began strengthening.

In 2006, Machi moved to New York and began working on his career. In 2010, he worked at the New York Underground Comedy Festival’s Emerging Comic Competition.

Joe Machi With Jimmy Fallon
Joe Machi With Jimmy Fallon. (Joe/Instagram)

In 2013, he won the New York Comedy Festival’s Funniest Comedian Competition.

Today, Joe is a household name for many. He’s appeared in Greg Gutfeld’s show called Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and several other gigs as well.

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Joe Machi Wiki, Age, Bio, Family

Famous comedian Joe Machi was born on June 23, 1979, in State College, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Today, Joe is 43 years old, and his zodiac sign is Cancer.

Machi was born to father Frank Machi and mother, Catherine Machi. His father, Frank Machi, worked as a retail manager, and his mother worked as a Catholic school teacher.

Joe also has an older brother named John Machi.

In 2006, Joe moved to New York City to pursue a career in comedy. Later, he moved to Weehawken, New Jersey.

Today, Joe lives in Hedgerow Dr, State College area.

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Joe Machi Net Worth

The average charge Machi tags is $10,000 – $20,000 per event. That’s a lot of money. But, as people always say, you can’t put a price on art.

Similarly, tickets to his show cost between from $64 to $200, depending on demand and season.

When asked if Machi ever misses having a job, Machi said that whenever he sees people rushing for work, he feels relief.

“Sometimes the people walking to the bus stop in the morning for work in the city, they’ll wake me up when I hear the commotion, and I’ll be like, ‘oh good, I don’t have to do that anymore,’ and I go right back to bed.”

Today, Machi has a net worth of over $200,000.

Joe Machi Age

Joe Machi is 43 years old. He was born on June 23, 1979, in State College, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

Joe Machi Height

Joe Machi is 5 feet 7 inches or 176cm tall in height.

Is Joe Machi Married?

Joe Machi is not married in 2023. There are rumors that he’s gay but so far, there’s no proof.

What Is Joe Machi Net Worth?

In 2023, Joe Machi has a net worth of over $200,000.


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