Meet Josh Blue’s Ex-Wife Yuko Kubota?

Yuko Kubota is a deputy bureau chief best known as the former wife of American comedian, Josh Blue.

Yuko is an accomplished woman on her own but is mostly known for her relationship with the comedian.

Here’s everything that we know about Yuko.

Yuko Kubota Facts

Full Name: Yuko Kubota

Date of Birth: Not Disclosed

Age: Not Disclosed

Zodiac Sign: Not Disclosed

Birth Place: Japan

Current Residence: Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Religion: Christianity

Ethnicity: Asian Ethnicity

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 55 kg

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Parents: Not Disclosed

Relationship Status: Divorce

Ex-husband: Josh Blue

Education: Not Disclosed

Famous as: Josh Blue’s Ex-Wife



Net Worth:

Yuko Kubota Wiki, Age, Bio

Yuko Kubota hasn’t shared her precise date of birth but if we go by her looks, she appears to be in her mid-40s.

She is a native of Japan however, Yuko hasn’t disclosed other information regarding her birthplace.

Larger aspects of her life remain lowkey since the beginning as she doesn’t prefer sharing them publicly.

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What is Yuko Kubota’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

Yuko was born in Japan therefore she is Japanese by nationality.

As she hasn’t mentioned any further details about her family or her early life it is hard to determine her ancestry and ethnicity for now.

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Yuko Kubota’s Family, Parents, Siblings

Yuko has refrained from sharing any of her details publicly hence barely anything is known about her family back home.

Similarly, Yuko hasn’t opened up about her parents or even having a sibling at any point in time.

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Yuko Kubota Education

Among all the information she has kept to herself is her education qualifications as well.

Yuko later relocated to the USA for her studies unfortunately her majors and the university she was enrolled to was never revealed.

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Yuko Kubota Relationship History

As a person who enjoys utmost privacy without any media interference, she has successfully concealed her former relationships.

It is still unsure whether or not did she have serious relationships in the past.

Whatever it is, Yuko prefers keeping it lowkey be it her love life or other things.

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Who is Yuko Kubota Married to?

Kubo was previously married to the American comedian, Josh Blue.

Yuko Kubota and Josh Blue
Yuko Kubota and Josh Blue. (Josh/Instagram)

He has been voted as the Last Comic Standing on NBC’s reality show Last Comic Standing during its fourth season.

Two met in the boulder through mutual acquittances and fell in love and started seeing each other.

In their case, love wasn’t enough and the couple had to pass through different hurdles to get married.

The comedian had a hard time persuading Kubota’s parents to approve of their plans to marry.

They had minor alterations over cultural differences, lifestyles, and a clash of opinions.

However, Yuko and Josh worked through all their differences and tied the knot in 2007.

They faced difficulties during their marriage due to his wife’s nationality.

In the end, everything worked well for the couple.

Neither of the two would share anything about their married life so many assumed all is well in paradise.

In 2014, Blue and his wife announced the news of their split.

At the time, neither Josh nor Yuko gave a precise reason for parting ways.

However, we believe that their divorce papers cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for divorce.

The two moved on with their lives. Josh is dating Mercy Gold since 2016.

Josh Blue and his girlfriend Mercy Gold
Josh Blue and his girlfriend Mercy Gold. (Josh/Instagram)

Meanwhile, Yuko is presumably single or dating someone in secret.

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Yuko Kubota Children

From their 8-year-long union, the pair welcomed two children.

Yuko Kubota with her daughter Seika Blue
Yuko Kubota with her daughter Seika Blue. (Josh/Instagram)

Their elder son Simon Blue was born in 2008 followed by their daughter, Seika Blue in 2010.

Despite being known as the celeb kids, the two show no interest in media and the limelight.

After their parents divorced, both Blue and Yuko got equal custody of their kids.

Therefore, the two co-parent their kids in the best possible way without any harsh feelings for one another.

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How Did Yuko and Josh Co-Parent their Kids?

Many might know that Josh is a touring comedian. Therefore, he spent more hours on the road, traveling for shows than he stayed home.

However, the equal custody scenario helped the couple sort their roles.

While Josh was traveling for shows, Yuko would have the kids and take care of them.

As soon as Josh returned, Seika and Simon stayed with Josh and Yuko would get along with other things in her life.

However, as Seika and Simon grew up, Josh reduced his traveling and began spending more time with his children.

Josh Blue with his children Simon Blue and Seika Blue
Josh Blue with his children Simon Blue and Seika Blue. (Pinterest)

In an interview, Josh stated how he spends time with his kids, plays with them, hangs out with them as much as he can.

Furthermore, Josh also encouraged new fathers to do as he does, be present for their kids.

“I am a very hands on dad. I am jumping on the trampoline daily. The neighbors must think I am completely insane because I am a grown man giggling on a trampoline every day.”

Needless to say, Josh and Yuko have it all figured out.

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What Does Yuko Kubota Do For A Living?

Yuko works as a deputy bureau chief in the wall street journal where she is in charge of business news coverage.

She has covered news regarding tech giants in the USA and Chinese companies.

Besides, there aren’t more updates on her professional life.

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Yuko Kubota Net Worth and Now

As per reports, she has currently joined the “Future of Everything: Exploring Global Innovations.”

However, this is yet to be confirmed.

As of today, she is based in Beijing, China.

As mentioned before, Yuka keeps her life pretty she hasn’t unveiled her assets and fortunes.

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