Mark Normand: Wiki, Age, Wife Mae Planert, Kids, Net Worth

In the bustling comedy scene of New York, Mark Normand and Mae Planert’s made eye contact.

As Mae sat on a lackluster date with another man, her mind couldn’t help but constantly think about Mark.

Little did she know that a simple Facebook message, fueled by a shared joke, would pave the way for a love story that defied expectations.

But their relationship wasn’t without its challenges. Mae, wary of being seen as riding Mark’s coattails, embarked on her own comedy journey in secret.

The first two years were riddled with games and insecurities, yet the couple’s commitment to their mental health and individual growth guided them through.

Now, after a grand wedding celebration, surrounded by a comedy-filled guest list, their love shines bright, a testament to the power of laughter and resilience.

Mark Normand Quick Facts

Full NameMark Normand
Nick NameMark
BirthdaySeptember 18, 1983
Age40 years old
Birth PlaceNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
EducationUniversity of New Orleans
Father’s NameRick Normand
Mother’s NameLiz Williams
BrothersEric Normand
Height6 feet 1 inches (1.85m)
Weight85 kg (187 lbs)
Shoe Size13
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Physique (Figure)Fit
Relationship StatusMarried
WifeMae Planert
Famous AsComedian
Net Worth$5 Million
Social Media@marknormand

How Mark Normand Met His Wife

Mae Planert and Mark Normand crossed paths in New York around 2015.

Mark Normand and wife Mae Planert
Mark Normand and wife Mae Planert. (Mae/Instagram)

During a podcast, Mae disclosed that he and Mae met during one of his show. Interestingly, Mae was on a date with another guy.

After the lackluster date, Mae found herself unable to stop thinking about Mark.

Combined with the fact that she did not have interest in the guy she went on a date with, her feeling grew stronger.

Sharing her thoughts with her roommate, she was encouraged to reach out to Normand.

Mae shared one of Mark’s jokes on Facebook, where he humorously mentioned his social awkwardness, leading her to send him a message.

Her message read, “We’ve made eye contact multiple times, so I guess we’re in love now.”

Following that Facebook message, they connected with each other and the rest is history.

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Mark and Mae’s Relationship Didn’t Start Nice

Mae acknowledged that the first two years of their relationship were challenging due to games and her concerns about other women approaching Mark via social media.

She discussed this on her friend Saman Hasan’s podcast.

Both comedians prioritize their mental health and have their own therapists, who happen to be a married couple.

Mae’s therapist offered her a unique perspective on how to handle the situation.

The couple has chosen not to discuss comedy with each other. Mae explained that they prefer to keep humor separate from their personal lives, as comedy is already a significant part of their professional careers.

This approach has allowed her to find her own comedic style and performance.

As things got better, Mark decided to propose his girlfriend to marry him.

In July, 2021, while the couple went to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, Mark popped the question.

Of course, Mae said yes.

Mark Normand and Mae Planert's engagement picture
Mark Normand and Mae Planert’s engagement picture. (Mae/Instagram)

Mae posed with her triangle shaped diamond ring as she hugged Mark.

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Mae Planert and Mark Normand’s Wedding Celebration

The couple tied the knot on November 10, 2022, at BK Historic House and Gardens in New Orleans.

Mark Normand and wife Mae Planert on their wedding day
Mark Normand and wife Mae Planert on their wedding day. (Mark/Instagram)

Their wedding was a grand affair, blending elements of tradition and fun.

One notable highlight was a large second-line procession through the streets of Nola, adding a lively and festive touch to the celebration.

During the reception, guests were treated to a diverse menu that included classic New Orleans delicacies such as po’boys and beignets.

Mark mentioned that an oyster station with freshly shucked oysters was also available.

The wedding was expertly organized by Bailey Rose Events.

Mark shared in a podcast that Mae took great delight in planning the wedding and was genuinely excited about it.

Mark Normand and wife Mae Planert on their honeymoon. (Mae/Instagram)
Mark Normand and wife Mae Planert on their honeymoon. (Mark/Instagram)

After the wedding, the couple went to Cape Town, South Africa on a 10 day honeymoon trip.

Wedding Attire and Design

Mae Planert looked radiant in her wedding gown, custom designed by Ines Di Santo.

The gown featured an exquisite low back and detachable sleeves, adding an elegant touch to her ensemble.

She wore the sleeves during the ceremony and later removed them for the reception, showcasing the versatility of the dress.

To complete her breathtaking look, Mae adorned a chapel-length veil.

Mark, on the other hand, made a dashing appearance in a striking black tuxedo, adding a touch of sophistication to the wedding.

Celebrity Guests and Comedian Friends

The wedding of Mark and Mae became a momentous occasion in the comedy world, with numerous comedians in attendance.

The guest list included notable figures from the industry, leaving some comedians feeling both happy for the couple and a bit wistful about not receiving an invitation.

One close friend who was present at the wedding was Joe List, a fellow comedian and dear friend of Mark.

Joe even serenaded the party with his performance, adding a special touch to the celebration.

Mark shared anecdotes about his wedding on his podcast, Tuesdays With Tales!, which he recorded with Joe while at the event.

During the podcast, Mark took a rare emotional moment to express his gratitude to Joe for delivering an exceptional speech at the wedding, highlighting their strong bond as co-hosts and friends.

The star-studded guest list also included renowned comedians like Stavros Halkias, Sean Patton, Ari Schaffer, and Sam Morrill, who joyfully joined the festivities to celebrate the marriage of their friend.

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Mark Normand Wife, Mae Planert: Wiki, Age, Early Life

Mae Planert, born on July 10, 1990, is currently 33 years old.

She hails from Massachusetts, USA, and is the youngest child of Jean and Thomas Planert.

Mae also has an older brother and sister.

Mae Planert’s Background and Education

Planert attended Thayer Academy, a private school in the USA, where she completed high school.

Mark Normand's Wife Mae Planert
Mark Normand’s Wife Mae Planert. (Mae/Instagram)

Following her high school education, she enrolled at Roger Williams University.

In 2012, she successfully earned a BA in media studies from Roger Williams University.

Upon graduating, Planert joined Education First in Boston as a global education consultant.

In 2015, when she relocated to New York, she worked as an Account Executive at Gilt City.

Additionally, she held similar positions at LinkedIn and SevenRoom.

Balancing Corporate Jobs and Stand-up Comedy

Although Mae always had a passion for comedy, she initially held various corporate jobs.

Currently, she serves as the director of brand partnerships at the tech company Octoly.

In the beginning, as a writer and comic, she pursued stand-up without Normand’s knowledge, as she wanted to establish herself independently.

She believes that comedy provides her with a sense of purpose and a creative outlet to channel her energy.

Fear of Being in Mark’s Shadow

When they first started dating, Mae wasn’t involved in comedy. She ventured into stand-up comedy at a later stage, but she had reservations about it.

Mae was concerned that people might perceive her as using her relationship with Mark, a well-known comedian, to further her own comedy career.

She also wanted to ensure that any success she achieved in comedy wouldn’t be attributed solely to Mark’s influence.

In her own words on a podcast, she admitted,

“I didn’t want to do what he was doing. For obvious reasons, you know. I really wanted to do my own thing, so I tried to get around it by doing other creative things. I hated it so much.”

As a result, when Mae initially started pursuing comedy, she kept it separate from her relationship with Mark and didn’t inform him about it.

However, Mark eventually discovered Mae’s comedy endeavors six months later when they coincidentally ended up booked for the same show.

Stand-up Comedy, Writing, and Podcasting

Since 2019, Planert has held the position of brand partnerships director at Octoly.

Octoly is a company that connects fashion, beauty, and fitness brands with influencers.

She has performed at various venues, both as a headliner and as an opening act for fellow comedians on tour. Additionally, Mae appeared on Comedy Central’s internet channel.

In addition to her live performances, Planert does lots of podcasts.

She co-hosts the podcasts “Risque Business News” alongside Laura Sogar.

Likewise, she also works on “We Were Had” with Ben Kirschenbaum and Maximilian Spinelli.

In the podcast “We Were Had,” she delves into unsolved mysteries from history.

Mae and her co-hosts explore topics ranging from notorious murders to peculiar behavior.

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Comedian Mark Normand Wiki, Age

Mark Normand was born on September 18, 1983. His parents are Liz Williams and Rick Normand.

Mark Normand with his parents
Mark Normand with his parents. (Mark/Instagram)

At present, he is 40 years old. He was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Mark has a brother named Eric Normand.

Estimated Net Worth

Normand is a well-known comedian and has earned a decent amount of money from his career in the comedy industry. It is estimated that he earns around $20,000 per month.

His Net worth as of 2024 is estimated to be around $5 million.

Mark Normand’s Love for Comedy

Mark began his stand-up comedy career in 2006 and has achieved remarkable success ever since.

After finishing high school, Mark briefly attended the University of New Orleans before deciding to pursue acting at the New York Film Academy. However, he eventually dropped out to focus on comedy.

His comedy journey started at Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar in New Orleans in 2006. He then moved to New York City, where he performed at various venues, refining his skills.

Since then, Mark has participated in renowned comedy festivals such as the Seattle International Comedy Competition, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and the Boston Comedy Festival.

In 2013, Mark won the Carolines on Broadway’s March Madness competition, outshining over 60 other comedians.

He also showcased his talent at the esteemed Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, Canada. Additionally, he was named the “best comedian in 2013” by the Village Voice.

Mark is also a frequent guest on popular shows like “Conan,” “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” and Comedy Central’s “@midnight.”

With his exceptional talent and widespread recognition, Mark Normand has established himself as one of the most accomplished comedians of his generation.

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Mark Normand Once Cheated on Girlfriend

Mark revealed during an interview that he was once in a long-term relationship with his school sweetheart.

He openly shared that he made the difficult decision to end the relationship after realizing that there was no longer any love between them.

Mark also regrettably recalled making the mistake of cheating on his former girlfriend as a means to break up with her.

Despite attempts at therapy, their relationship ultimately did not improve.

Personal Growth

Mark Normand has built an impressive career in stand-up comedy spanning over nearly two decades.

Throughout his journey, he has encountered both triumphs and challenges.

Initially gaining recognition as a stand-up comedian, Mark embarked on numerous tours and performed at various venues.

His talent and wit caught the attention of television producers, leading to multiple appearances on television shows.

Mark also ventured into the world of podcasting, showcasing his sharp sense of humor and keeping himself vibrant and engaged.