Masami Ohno [Masayoshi Son Wife] Age, Married Life, Kids, Net Worth

Masami Ohno is the wife of a Japanese Billionaire technology entrepreneur and investor, Masayoshi Son.

However, she is an accomplished woman of her own.

To know more about Masami and her accomplishments, have a look at the article, which explains all about Masami Ohno.

Masami Ohno Quick Facts

Birthday: Unknown

Birthplace: Japan

Age: 65 years old

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: Masayoshi Son

Children: Two                                 

Weight: 56 kg                       

Net Worth: $43.4 billion

Masami Ohno Age, Background

Masami Ohno is a native of Japan who is 65 years old at present.

As of today, Masami has not revealed her exact date of birth. However, considering she is 65 years old today, we believe she was born in 1956.

Likewise, she was born in one affluent family and had a comfortable upbringing.

Masami’s father was a doctor; on the other hand, her mother was a homemaker.

Furthermore, Masami graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Who Is Masami Ohno Married To?

Masami Ohno is Married to her high school sweetheart, Masayoshi Son.

The pair met during their university days as Masayoshi attended the University of California as well.

After dating for a brief period, Masami and Masayoshi tied the knot in the year 1979.

The couple welcomed two daughters after their marriage. However, neither of their daughter’s information is made public.

Similarly, any inside information regarding the couple’s relationship remains unrevealed as of today.

A weird thing, Masami and Masayoshi are never seen in public together.

Not just that, Masami leads an extremely private life, which means most people aren’t even familiar with how she actually looks.

While Masami remains absent from all the social Media, Masayoshi is active on Facebook but rarely.

Furthermore, the family of 4 currently lives in a 3-story mansion which has a market value of $50 million.

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Who Is Husband Masayoshi Son?

Masayoshi Son was born on August 11, 1957 at Japan.

He is a Japanese billionaire, technology entrepreneur, and investor.

Furthermore, he is best known as the founder, chairman, and CEO of the Japanese holding company Softbank.

Masayoshi didn’t have a very comfortable upbringing; he belonged to a rather poor family and spent most of his childhood on the pig farm.

Later, to pursue his high school, he moved to the USA and started a whole new life here.

He started as an early investor in the internet firms buying a share of Yahoo in 1995 and investing $20 Million stakes in Alibaba.

Who knew a boy who grew up in a dearth of basic needs would grow up to become a billionaire from his own will and dedication?

According to Forbes magazine, Masayoshi is the richest man in Japan.

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What is Masami Ohno’s Net Worth?

Masami Ohno holds the position of an executive officer at Nakamuraya co. Ltd.

She has served at the company since 2017.

Nakamuraya produces and sells Japanese cakes and crackers along with providing processed foods. They are always in a lot of profit.

However, her net worth figure remains unconfirmed as it is still under review.

On the other hand, her husband Masayoshi Son has a stunning net worth of $44.4 Billion as of 2022.

Masami Ohno is 65 years old as of today. She was born in 1956 in Japan.

Masami Ohno is married to Japan’s richest man, Masayoshi Son.

Masami Ohno and her husband Masayoshi Son share an astonishing net worth of $44.4 billion as of 2-2022.

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