Richard Carpenter Age, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Death

BirthdayOctober 15, 1946 (New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.)
Height6 feet
Relationship StatusMarried (Mary Rudolph)

One half of the famous band, “The Carpenter,” Richard Carpenter still misses his sister dearly. The band that started back in 1965 ended when his sister Karen Carpenter died.

There’s are a lot of things that people should know about Richard Carpenter today. Where he started, where is he now, and everything in between.

Richard Carpenter Short Bio, Age, Now

Famous singer Richard Carpenter was born on October 15, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America.

Carpenter is 74 years old today.

Richard was born as Richard Lynn Carpenter to father Harold Bertram Carpenter and mother Agnes Reuwer Tatum.

Rich also had a younger sister named Karen Carpenter, who later became the other half in their duo band “The Carpenters.”

Richard Carpenter Education

The 6 feet tall musician and artist went to a local high school in New Haven.

Since he developed a taste in music from a very young age, he decided to continue his studies focusing on music.

In early teens, Carpenter joined California State College, where she took music as his major.

He later met another artist, Frank Pooler, who eventually wrote lyrics to the song “Merry Christmas Darling.”

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Richard Carpenter Meeting Wife

In 1975, Richard met his wife, Mary Rudolph. Mary was his adopted cousin, and her brother, Mark Rudolph, worked as the band’s road manager.

Mark brought his sister, Mary backstage to one of Richard and Karen’s show in 1975, and that’s when Richard and Mary first met.

Since the very moment Richard and Mary met each other; both knew they liked one another.

Soon after that, Richard and Mary began dating, and Richard even talked about getting married to her.

However, Mary was only 18 years old back then and wanted some time before getting married.

Richard Carpenter with wife Mary Rufolph
Richard Carpenter with wife Mary Rufolph. (Pens & Patron)

Mary later moved to California, but their relationship stayed strong still. A couple of years after dating, Mary suggested that they get married. However, this time Richard was not ready.

Married Life, Wife Mary Rudolph

Finally, after about nine years of dating, Richard and Mary married each other.

In Christmas of 1983, Richard visited Mary’s home and proposed to her in front of her family.

Richard and Mary got married on May 19, 1984.

Before getting married, however, Richard and Mary disagreed on one particular thing.

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Children and Family

Before getting married, Richard expressed how he did not want to have any children. On the other hand, Mary wanted to start a family after getting married.

Eventually, Mary persuaded Richard into starting a family, and in 1986, they began trying for children.

On August 17, 1987, Rudolph gave birth to the couple’s first child together, a girl, and named her Kristi Lynn.

Followed by Kristi, the couple welcomed another daughter on July 25, 1989, and named her Traci Tatum.

Carpenter and Rudolph added three more to their family. Mindi Karen, born on July 7, 1992, followed by a son, Colin Paul, on July 20, 1994.

Lastly, Richard and Mary welcomed their last child, a daughter named Taylor Mary.

Richard Carpenter, wife and children
From Left to Right – Mary, Richard, Taylor, Kristi, Collin, Traci, and Mindi. (Richard/Instagram)

Their second daughter Mindi Karen is named after Richard’s sister Karen.

Starting “The Carpenters”

In 1965, Richard joined forces with friend Wes Jacobs and sister Karen Carpenter to form a trio band called “The Carpenters.”

Wes played Tuba and Bass, Karen played drums, and Richard played piano.

In 1969, Richard and Karen signed a record deal with A&M, and that’s when their career took off.

The Carpenters Albums

Studio Albums14
Compilation Albums13
Live Albums2
Soundtrack Albums3
Tribute Albums1
Video Albums3

Karen Carpenter’s Death – Reason

Karen Carpenter, drummer and singer for “The Carpenters,” was born on March 2, 1950. She and her brother started their band in 1965, which shot to fame in a couple of years.

Karen Carpenter. (People)

With all of the attention and fame, Karen became overly conscious about her weight.

She had opted towards dieting while in high school and later in her teenage days, went for another kind of dieting called the Stillman diet.

This diet drastically reduced her weight to a mere 120 pounds.

By 1975, during the height of her musical career, Karen was only 41 kgs. Even for someone with a height of 5 feet 4 inches, this was very low.

Carpenter, who was once married to Thomas James Burris, later sought help from her brother and started medication for anorexia.

Karen later recouped towards other means of losing weight like taking laxatives, thyroid replacement medications, and so on.

Despite slightly recovering from her 1982 collapse, after admitting to the hospital and using intravenous drip, Karen’s body was very weak.

On February 1, 1983, Karen was found dead in her bedroom. She was taken to Downey Community Hospital, but unfortunately, she did not survive.

Autopsy reports showed that the cause of death was drugs or medication overdose and ten times high blood sugar than average.

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Richard Carpenter After Karen’s Death

A couple of years after Karen’s death, Richard continued his career in music.

In 1986, Richard released his first solo LP called Time.

Since then, he has also released numerous singles like Something in Your Eyes, Karen’s Theme, and Medley.

Even years after, Richard and his children would perform in different Carpenter related shows. Carpenter and wife Mary currently live in their California home.

Yes, Richard Carpenter is alive. He is 74 years old and lives in California with wife Mary Rudolph

After his sister Karen Carpenter died, Richard took some years off from music and released a solo project called “Time” in 1987.

Richard Carpenter is living a peaceful life with his wife Mary today. He sometimes attends events related to “The Carpenters.”

Musician and composer Richard Carpenter has a net worth of $10 million. He earns from his music sales and royalties.

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  1. Love that group loved Karen voice gone to soon God bless u Richard and ur family keep on keeping on and stay safe!You and all ur love ones

  2. Dear Richard, I am watching a PBS presentation of The Carpenters. It is a wonderful tribute to you and Karen. In watching it, it is clear you were her strength. I am certain she was yours as well at times. You and she have brought some of the most beautiful melodies to us. I was a teen when you first came out and I watched your lives in music throughout the years and still very much love it. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely gifts.

  3. There will never be another Karen
    Carpenter. I still remember the first time I heard Merry Christmas Darling
    I was in the hospital & Called my best friend to tell her about it. I love that song so much I play it all year not just at Christmas. Also my husband said to me you have mail at my house when we got back together after 12yrs and my mail was your album that looked
    Like an envelope. He had bought it for me because you guys were all I talked about. May He & Karen RIP
    Rita A Todd

  4. Dear Richard, I grew up in Covina and Karen and your music was and has been my favorite music always !! My children are all grown and still know to play your music for me in their car when I’m with them. Even my grandchildren know all the songs . I cried for days when Karen passed. And she actually saved my life. I had fallen out of a car . And lost my smell & taste. Was in a coma for few weeks, dropped so much weight my underwear fell down when I put them on. Anyway I’d forget to eat. And was getting sick kinda like Karen. Not knowing it ! So when she died it made me a were of what was happening to me !! So I began to make meal planning by times not by hungry. So see my favorite singer Karen saved my (LIFE) I love ❤️ and think of her Everyday of my life. Be Blessed always you and your family thank you for your life and know your life was very important. God made us all for a reason and I know I’m a part of your life. Love shelly Arguelles and I use to be able to sing just like Karen my friends use to say so. lol 😆

  5. I play their music a lot In fact it’s playing right now. It is My favorite. Karen could sing to me any time. i play it in my Car also .It’s the SOUND of her voice!!! Love it!!! Music inspires me!!! Uplifts me!! If I get down ,Music picks me up!! Thank You Richard!!!! I am 83.

  6. I love jazz – especially Greats like Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane (and Trane’s pianist McCoy Tyner). This is because of the Beauty and Brilliance of their art. The Carpenters – while performing what would be called popular music – had/have a special Beauty and Brilliance all their own.


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