Chris McNally Partner, Relationship With Julie Gonzalo, Age, Net Worth

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Chris McNally is a Canadian actor noted for the portrayal of Lucas Bouchard in the Hallmark Channel series When calls the heart.

Some of his prominent works include Riverdale, a winter princess.  Besides his professional life, the actor’s love life has assembled more heed. 

Chris McNally Quick Facts

Birthday: November 8, 1989

Birthplace: North Vancouver, Canada

Age: 31 years old 

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Relationship Status: Dating

Girlfriend: Julie Gonzalo (Rumored)

Children: None                 

Weight:  Unknown

Net Worth: $300,000

Chris McNally Age, Background

Christopher McNally, best known as Chris McNally, was born in Vancouver, Canada on November 8, 1989.

As of today, Chris is 32 years old.

Born on November 8, Chris’ zodiac sign is Scorpio, and he comes from a white ethnic background.

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Is Chris McNally in a relationship?

There is different kind of people in the entertainment business. Some lay their personal life details out to fans.

On the other hand, some are like Chris, trying to keep everything hushed up.

From here and there, we learn about celebrity love lives and the rumors that follow, which aren’t always accurate.

But, in Chris’ case, viewers have shown keen shrewdness, which has given some hints regarding his personal life.

Are you curious to know who we are talking about? If yes, don’t stop reading right here.

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Is Chris McNally dating Julie Gonzalo?

Yes, we were talking about Chris and Julie, one of the most talked-about pairs in recent times.

Julie and the actor met each other back in 2018 as co-stars in Hallmark’s movie, the sweetest heart.

That’s when their dating rumors sparked. However, neither of the two openly admitted it.

Now, Chris is a super shy person and often refrains from answering questions indicating his personal life.

Likewise, there have been few instances that couldn’t miss the viewer’s eagle eyes.

In an interview with ET, an interviewer asked him when he felt the sexiest.

Chris answered in a shy tone, “I feel good when my girlfriend calls me handsome.” 

So, he does have a partner!

In an entirely separate interview, he recalled adopting one dog each with his girlfriend.

While this does not necessarily give us details about his relationship with Julie Gonzalo, another instance does.

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Both Chris Julie Share Pictures With Same Dogs

Chris has two dogs named Charlie and Bowie which he mentioned adopting one each with his girlfriend.

Now, in most Instagram posts, the couple post pictures of the same dogs named Charlie and Bowie in their respective socials. Coincidence?

Julie Gonzalo with her dogs
Julie Gonzalo with her dogs. (Julie/Instagram)

It’s a little suspicious if you ask us.

In 2019 Julie shared pictures of the dogs with a personalized cake with Charlie and Bowie’s fondant statue.

Once during a holiday, the pair posted individual pictures along with both the dogs in the same snowy landscape.

Nothing escapes the observing eyes of ours. We dig and dig and dig.

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Are Julia and Chris together?

Unfortunately, Chris and Julia haven’t confirmed their relationship.

The funny thing is that they haven’t really denied their romantic relationship rumors as well.

People were pretty quick to join the dots and assume scenarios.

However, we cannot really claim things without confirmation or declaration from official parties.

Moreover, the reel couple to real-life couple is recently the subject of gossip.

We respect their privacy. And if they aren’t willing to share it yet, we respect that.

Besides, assumptions aren’t always right, and they are often misleading.

Nevertheless, fans will be more than happy to see the loved reel life couple as a real-life couple.

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Who is Julie Gonzalo?

Born on September 9, 1981, Julie is an Argentinean-American actress.

She reaches stardom with the role of Pamela Rebecca Barnes in the series Dallas.

After the success of his series, her career kept blooming.

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Chris McNally Net Worth

Chris has played numerous prominent roles in many movies. His only way of income is through movies and series.

As of 2021, the actor’s estimated net worth is $300,000. 

Chris McNally Age

Chris McNally is 32 years old today. He was born in Vancouver, Canada on November 8, 1989.

Is Chris McNally Married

No, Chris McNally is not married as of today.

Chris McNally Dating

According to fans and some tabloids, Chris McNally is reportedly dating his co-star Julie Gonzalo. However, the couple have neither confirmed nor denied their relationship.

Chris McNally Net Worth

As of 2021, Chris McNally has a net worth of $300,000.


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