Is Filthy Frank Dead? 2022 Update, Age, Height, Songs

Last updated on March 14th, 2022 at 02:31 am

Wondering about how the “Pink Guy” or as everyone else might know him, Filthy Frank isn’t anywhere to be seen these days?

Some even think that Filthy Frank is dead. However, that’s not the case here. If people say that Frank is dead, it would be like saying Batman is dead while Bruce Wayne is still alive.

All that’s possible is retirement. But is Filthy Frank an exception here?

Filthy Frank Quick Facts

Birthday: September 18, 1992

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

Age: 29 Years Old

Zodiac: Libra

Height: 6 feet

Parents: Not Disclosed

Siblings: Not Disclosed

Relationship Status: Single

Girlfriend: Not Disclosed

Children: Not Disclosed

Is Filthy Frank Dead? 2022 Update

The short answer here is no; Filthy Frank (Pink Guy) is not dead, at least not the person who introduced him in the first place.

But in order to understand the whole deal, people have to first know how Frank came into action first.

But before doing so, let’s quickly learn about where Frank is these days and when he made his last appearance.

The most recent that people saw of the guy in a pink morph suit, jumping around town as in 2017.

Since then, there are no new videos coming around, so naturally, people began thinking that the one-time global meme provider persona is dead.

Now, let’s unwind.

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Who Is Filthy Frank?

His real name is George Kusunoki Miller.

George Miller AKA Filthy Frank AKA Pink Guy
George Miller AKA Filthy Frank AKA Pink Guy. (George/Instagram)

Yes, the guy who plays the character is someone else in real life, but that might not come as a shock for most.

Frank’s internet journey began in 2011 when Miller decided to get into an absurd character that would go around, doing as offensive things as possible.

Scaring people left and right in laundry shops, restaurants, making obscene gestures, twerking in front of couples, and so on. You get the idea.

Initially, Frank did attract a moderate level of attention to himself. Everything changed, however, when he introduced Harlem Shake to the world.

Pink Guy (Filthy Frank) Started Harlem Shake

Yes, the infamous form of wild dancing that took the internet world by storm in the mid-2010s, and it was the Pink Guy who introduced it to everyone.

On February 2, 2013, Miller (Frank) uploaded a video with three other costumed friends and danced to a song called Harlem Shake produced by Baauer.

The video was short, but it managed to create a wave of interest among people who followed suit and began uploading their version of the Harlem Shake meme.

Original Do The Harlem Shake Meme.

Today, the video has over 63 million views on Miller’s first YouTube channel DizastaMusic.

Th Harlem Shake meme carried on for years.

Now, we know that the Harlem Shake dance itself has been around for over three decades now. But the Pink Guy revamped it into something that everyone could do.

Corporate offices, firemen, and college students alike began uploading their crazy “Do The Harlem Shake” video on YouTube.

Even YouTube introduced a trick where people could type “Do The Harlem Shake” in the search bar, and the YouTube screen would dance up and down until it paused.

However, the effect seems to have gone out for some time now.

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The Unofficial Death Of Filthy Frank

After a couple of years of running the Pink Guy show on YouTube, Filthy Frank’s unofficial death came in December of 2017.

By that time, Japan-born internet personality had already ceased to upload any new videos to his channel DizastaMusic because of multiple copyright claims and community strikes.

However, he continued the show on his other channel called TVFilthyFrank. But, in December of 2017, Miller revealed that he was retiring from making comedy videos.

Miller stated that he had lost personal interest in making such comedy sketches on the internet and was facing serious health conditions that he needed to address as well.

But, there’s always a chance that Filthy Frank might come back to life. But until then, RIP Filthy Frank (2011-2017) and thank you for giving the world a meme that will live for decades to come.

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Where Is Filthy Frank (George Miller) Now?

Since his 2017 retirement from comedy, Miller, 29, who introduced “Pink Guy” and “Filthy Frank” to the whole world, has gone towards the music industry.

It was always Miller’s dream to pursue music and make something out of it. Not the comedy genre of music but the normal ones that the current generation is gravitated towards.

While under the Pink Guy alias, Miller did produce a couple of songs, but those were not the kinds he wanted to pursue for a longer time.

In 2017, he signed a record contract with 88rising and produced I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time, Rain on Me, and Will He.  

By this time, he had already opted for another alias by the name Joji which pronounced, sounds somewhat similar to his real name, George.

His musical genre is a trip-hop and lo-fi with hints of trap, fold, R&B, and electronic.

As Pink Guy, he released an album called Pink Season in 2017. Since then, he released another album called Ballads 1.

In 2021, Joji released another album called Nectar.

How Old Is Filthy Frank?

Filthy Frank (George Miller) is 29 years old. He was born on September 18, 1992, in Osaka, Japan.

How Tall Is Filthy Frank?

Filthy Frank is 5 feet 8 inches or 173cm tall in height.

Is Filthy Frank Joji?

Yes. Filthy Frank and Joji are two separate aliases created by Japan born comedian and singer George Miller.

What Is Filthy Frank's Net Worth?

Filthy Frank (George Miller) has a net worth of $8 million.


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