Alejandra Fernández [Vicente Fernández’s Daughter] Adoption & Truth

Alejandra Fernandez is a Venezuelean model best known as the adopted daughter of singer and actor Vicente Fernandez.

She is the youngest child of Fernandez and has remained in the spotlight since the day of her adoption.  

Alejandra Fernandez Quick Facts

Birthday: 1984

Birthplace: Mexico City

Age: 39 years old

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 60 kg

Relationship Status: Divorced

Husband: Jose Luis Altamirano

Children: None

Net Worth: $100K

Alejandra Fernandez Wiki, Age, Bio

Alejandra Fernandez was born in the year 1984 in Mexico City.

At present, she is 39 years old.

Alejandra is the youngest and the only daughter of parents Vicente Fernandez and Maria Del Refugio Abarca.

Furthermore, the 39-year-old grew up with three of her siblings named Gerardo, Alejandro, and Vicente jr.

Since Vicente and Maria were already parents of three sons, the couple wanted a girl addition to their family.

So, the pair went ahead to adopt Alejandra from Maria’s sister, Gloria.

Initially, Vicente and Maria decided that they would only look after her needs until she was responsible enough.

However, the couple eventually adopted her legally.

Alejandra is the adopted daughter of the couple and the most pampered, without a doubt.

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Alejandra Fernandez Father

Alejandra’s father, Vicente, was a Mexican singer, actor, and film producer.

Alejandra Fernandez with father Vicente
Alejandra Fernandez with father Vicente. (Vicente/Instagram)

Vicente started his career in the 1970s and entered into slight fame in the 1980s.

Back then, some of his hit albums were ‘El Rey,’ ‘El Hijo del Pueblo,’ and ‘Para recordar,’ which sold millions of copies.

He had to wait for a whole another decade for his music career to start blooming.

It was in the 90’s that the singer achieved what he yearned for. Vicente was at the peak of his musical career.

Likewise, the singer debuted in movies in 1971 with the film Tacos El Carbon.

He stayed in the industry for the next 20 years and is credited for 30 movies to date.

While he flourished as an actor, Vicente decided to try his hands as a producer in 1974 with the movie ‘El Hijo del pueblo.’

A few years later, the singer decided to quit serving as a producer.

In August 2021, the singer took to the hospital because of serious health and physical condition.

He injured his cervical spine and was on a ventilator for the longest time.

After some improvement in his condition, two months later, doctors removed him from the ventilator, but it was for a short while.

After his health became critical again four days later, doctors put him in ICU again.

By this time, fans suspected that the singer had already passed away, but his family denied all the rumors and assured him that he was still fighting for his life.

Unfortunately, on December 12, the singer died of complications.

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Alejandra’s Mother

Alejandra’s mother, Maria, has remained lowkey, and not much is known about her yet.

Now, Alejandra was raised in a famous household. It wasn’t just her father who was famous but her brothers as well.

Two of her brothers, Alejandro and Vicente, are both singers. Alejandro started his career as a traditional singer singing earthy forms of Mexican folk music and later switched his genre to Pop.

Now, her other brother Gerardo is a businessman who works for real estate planning and development.

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Who Is Alejandra Fernandez Dating?

The model was previously married to pianist Jose Luis Altamirano. Apart from this, there hasn’t been any more information regarding their marriage.

The two don’t share any children together. In 2014, the pair shocked the public with their split after they announced their divorce.

Again, the reason for their divorce was kept secretive, and not many details of their split were let out.

After the split with her first husband, Alejandra withdrew herself from the limelight. Due to this, there isn’t much news about her life post-divorce.

While many are curious to know if she has a man in her life, neither has she been spotted out and about or shared about her love life, limiting the information.

She is presumably single at present.

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What Does Alejandra Fernandez Do For A Living?

Despite having all singers in her family, the 39-year-old didn’t choose the path.

Instead, she paved her way into the fashion industry as a model.

She studies fashion design soon after completing high school and excelling in her career at present.

As of 2022, she continues working as a model for big projects.

Alejandra Fernandez Age

Alejandra Fernandez is 39 years old today. She was born in 1984, in Mexico City.

Alejandra Fernandez Parents

Alejandra Fernandez is the adopted daughter of parents Vicente Fernandez and Maria Del Refugio Abarca.

Alejandra Fernandez Siblings

Alejandra Fernandez has three siblings siblings. They are Gerardo, Alejandro, and Vicente jr.

Alejandra Fernandez Husband

Alejandra Fernandez was previously married to Jose Luis Altamirano. The couple divorced in 2014. They did not have any children together.

Alejandra Fernandez Now

Alejandra Fernandez remains out of media attention.

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