Bolo the Entertainer Net Worth!

Famous by his stage name, BOLO, the entertainer he goes by the real name Michael Bolwaire.

Despite having played other prominent roles in movies and tv shows, his debut on RHOA’s one episode garnered more attention.

To find out why you need to take a look at the article below.

BOLO the Entertainer Quick Facts

Real Name: Michael Bolwaire

Birthday: April 30, 1988

Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio

Age: 27 years old

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Relationship Status: Unknown

Girlfriend: Unknown

Children: 1

Weight: 95 kg

Net Worth: $1 Million

Childhood Struggle

As mentioned, BOLO left his family and grew up in a foster at a very young age.

It was when everything going on in his family seemed a bit much. The young Michael Bolwaire just couldn’t cope with everything going on.

As a result, he ran away from home and entered a foster care facility called

The organization took BOLO in, cared for him, and provided him with the right toolset to make the transition from a young child to a young adult.

“The only way for me to be less overwhelmed I had to put myself in a better predicament, versus, the circumstances I was in.”

As a result, the 27-year-old Michael has grown into a man who wants to help people, especially young kids.

He always maintains a very good bond with Fill This House director Laura Geuther and works for the betterment of the young generation.

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BOLO The Entertainer Net Worth

Michael is pretty famous and quite rich too. As of today, BOLO has a net worth of over $1 million. Here’s how he became so rich.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Now, you must be thinking about why he goes by the name ‘BOLO the entertainer.’ 

There’s a reason for it. He has been working as an exotic dancer, model, and actor for a while now.

Entertainment agencies book him as a dancer for exotic events, especially for his striking moves accompanied by his amazing physique that gets everyone hyped.

Furthermore, the 27-years-old first rose to prominence after appearing in a reality show, ‘Vivica’s Black Magic.’

Some of his other prominent roles were in movies like ‘Chocolate City’ and ‘Chocolate City 2.’

Similarly, BOLO made his debut in Real Housewives of Atlanta’s 12th season, which further contributed to his fame.

However, the fame mostly happened because of controversy.

The entertainer was hired for the night of ‘Stripper Gate’ as a striper for ladies’ nights.

A little back story to the ones confused: another secret bachelorette party was planned for Cynthia by other cast members.

The planners hired BOLO as a stripper/entertainer for the night.

As seen in the episode, the night went wild, and he stole the show.

However, later some hot rumors surfaced.

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BOLO Owns a Clothing Line

The 32-year-old also owns a clothing line called “Bo’s wear” and a bath and body line named Bo’s bath and body signature collection.

Net Worth:

Being involved in diverse career lines, BOLO has been able to gather a net worth of $1 Million as of 2021.

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Is BOLO Dating In 2021?

The dancer keeps his personal life behind the curtains, let alone his personal life details.

At present, he is presumably single.

After his RHOA stint, people got more interested to know about his partner.

It looks like BOLO remains single as of today.

Furthermore, he went on incognito mode on Instagram, which was one way to know about his possible partner.

All in all, his relationship status remains answered.

However, many don’t know that he’s a father.

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BOLO The Entertainer’s Son

Yes, the young African-American entertainer has a son, and he’s a handsome little guy.

BOLO The Entertainer with his son
BOLO The Entertainer with his son. (BOLO/Instagram)

While his personal life remains a mystery, the actor remains quite vocal about fatherhood.

So much so that Michael refers to his son as his “greatest accomplishment.”

Unfortunately, Michael has not revealed anything about his baby mama.

Did he get married and welcome a son, or is the child from a past or ongoing relationship?

This question lingers on.

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BOLO & RHOA Controversy

It was said that BOLO, along with two other cast members, was involved in an intimate act the very night.

They allegedly hooked up with each other, which made a lot of headlines the following days after the release of the episode earlier this year.

Furthermore, all 3 of them blatantly denied all the allegations or the rumors.

BOLO made a public statement denying the rumors.

“To whom this may concern. I am not just a stripper. I’m the stripper,” Bolwaire said on Instagram in October 2020, “I built an entire brand off of professionalism. It doesn’t just stop here. I got fans, followers, and supporters who can attest to that. The rumors and allegations going on right now are straight bulls***. Although I’m flattered to be included in the same conversation as those beautiful women, nothing happened. Again, nothing happened.”

After the RHOA stint, he drew a lot more attention towards him.

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BOLO The Entertainer Age, Background

Best known by his stage name BOLO The Entertainer’s real name is Michael Bolwaire.

Michael was born on April 30, 1994, in Cleveland, Ohio. Michael is 27 years old today.

He left his family at a young age and began living in a foster home.

Sadly, his mother passed away in 2020.

Currently, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

BOLO The Entertainer Age

BOLO The Entertainer is 27 years old. Real name Michael Bolwaire, he was born on April 30, 1994, in Cleveland, Ohio.

BOLO The Entertainer Net Worth

BOLO The Entertainer has a net worth of $1 million as of 2021. He earns massively from his work as a stripper, exotic dancer and actor. Moreover, he also has a clothing line called “Bo’s wear” and a bath and body line named Bo’s bath and body signature.

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