Shelby Stanga Today: Age, Wife, Arrested, Accident, Net Worth

The legend Shelby Stanga is a reality tv star and a presenter who never ceases to amaze his fans.

Also known as ‘The Swamp Man, he claims he learned things from nature and calls swamps and forests his home.

Let’s know more about him below.

Shelby Stanga Quick Facts

Full NameShelby Stanga
Nick NameShelby
Birth DateJanuary 17, 1960
Age63 years old
Birth PlaceNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
EducationNot Disclosed
Father’s NameNot Disclosed
Mother’s NameNot Disclosed
Biological SiblingsNot Disclosed
Half SiblingsN/A
Height5.9 feet (1.75 m)
Weight85 kg (187 lbs)
Shoe Size12 US Size
Hair ColorSalt & Pepper
Eye ColorHazel
Body MeasurementNot Disclosed
Physique (Figure)Muscular
Relationship StatusMarried
PartnerDonna Graff
Son1 son
Daughter1 daughter
ProfessionSwampman, Reality TV Star
Net Worth$2 million
Social Media

Did Shelby Stanga Die in an Accident?

A couple of years ago, news surfaced that Shelby passed away because of an injury while shooting for his show ‘Ax Men.

It became very hot news and made headlines for a couple of days.

Stanga did get into an accident but fortunately, it did not fatally harm. He was perfectly healthy and fine.

Many of the fans got furious over the makers of the show because it wasn’t the first time news of someone’s death from their cast went viral.

However, viewers soon settled, given the show’s history of staging accidents now and then.

Perhaps a publicity stunt?

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Who Is Shelby Stanga & Why Is He Famous?

Shelby is a talented reality TV personality and a presenter.

Shelby Stanga
Shelby Stanga. (Instagram)

From a young age, Shelby harbored aspirations of pursuing a career in the television industry, a dream that materialized sooner than he anticipated.

His fondness for jungle and swamp environments led him to spend his free time exploring swamps and honing his survival skills.

Today, Stanga has achieved recognition as a reality TV personality, featuring prominently in shows such as “Ax Men” and “The Swamp Man.”

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Shelby Stanga Married Life, Wife Kids

The face of “Ax Men,” Shelby Stanga, has been happily married to Donna Stanga since the early 2000s after a long time of dating each other.

Shelby Stanga with wife Donna Stanga
Shelby Stanga with wife Donna Stanga. (Facebook)

His wife Donna is Jehovah’s Witness, and the couple appeared together in an episode of Jehovah’s Witness.

Shelby and Donna Have Two Children

Shelby and his wife live a happy and serene life together in a comfortable house in Louisiana near lake Pontchartrain.

Donna Stanga with relatives
Donna Stanga with relatives. (Donna/Facebook)

The couple actively avoids media attention and chooses to maintain a low profile regarding their marriage and family.

As a result, Donna often comes across as having a softer image compared to Shelby, leading many to perceive her as someone who is not tough.

However, Donna’s actions defy this perception. She has undertaken tasks that most people would shy away from or find challenging.

From jumping into waters to retrieve logs, to skillfully maneuvering the boat, to camping under an umbrella in the swamp (quite impressive), and occasionally even outperforming the Swamp Man himself, in fishing endeavors.

In essence, Donna emerges as the true Swamp Queen, demonstrating resilience and capability in various aspects of their swamp lifestyle.

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Shelby Stanga Early Life, Parents

The renowned survival expert Shelby Stanga was born on January 17, 1960, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Stanga, aged 63, belongs to the zodiac sign Capricorn.

Since the age of 9, Stanga’s mother has raised him as a single parent.

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Shelby landed his first job at the age of 16.

His passion for exploring swamps and forests led him to frequently visit these areas. Observing his visits, some people began asking him to bring wood and logs from the swamps.

This sparked Shelby’s early career as a wood logger during his teenage years.

In 2006, Shelby made his television debut on the reality show “Man vs. Wild.” His participation in this show caught the attention of producers from another program.

Impressed by his skills, they approached him with an offer for a reality TV show of his own.

Subsequently, Shelby became known as a tree logger on the show “Ax Men,” which premiered on the History Channel in 2008.

Shelby Stanga at work
Shelby Stanga at work. (Instagram)

In 2009, Shelby became a part of the “Ax Men” team, marking the beginning of his journey on the reality TV show.

Over the course of three full seasons, the show significantly elevated his career and fame.

In the subsequent years, Shelby’s popularity led to the creation of a spin-off series titled “The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man.”

He featured in a remarkable total of 10 seasons and 163 episodes.

However, he eventually decided to depart from the show due to issues with unpaid wages promised by the producers.

Following his departure, Shelby took a prolonged break from the industry.

However, he made a triumphant return in 2018 with yet another spin-off series, “The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man.” In this show, he tackled various extreme challenges in the wilderness, showcasing his resilience and expertise once again.

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Why Was Shelby Arrested In 2014?

Many may not be aware, but in 2014, Shelby faced arrest for the apparent murder of a cypress tree belonging to his neighbor.

Perhaps a bit overzealous with his ax, Shelby felled a cypress tree in the swamp, which was believed to be on his neighbor’s property.

As the cypress tree holds significance as the official state tree of Louisiana since 1963, Stanga’s neighbor promptly contacted the authorities.

Interestingly, this incident dates back to 2011, when the neighbor initially accused Stanga of cutting down the tree.

Shelby was arrested on a Monday but was released from custody the following day. He faced a felony theft charge in connection with the incident.

Despite the arrest, Shelby has never addressed the matter publicly, leading to the impression that it has been resolved since then.

Shelby Stanga Net Worth

Shelby had an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2024.

His huge part of his net worth is from his career in television reality shows.

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Where Is Shelby Stanga In 2024?

As of today, Shelby stays dedicated to his passion and continues to ascend in his career.

He maintains an unwavering affinity for swamps and forests, showcasing his enduring connection to the wilderness.

Currently, Stanga prominently features in his latest reality show, “The Return of Legend Shelby, The Swamp Man,” which aired in 2018, further solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the industry.

Shelby Stanga is 63 years old. He was born on January 17, 1960, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Shelby Stanga is married to Donna Stanga. The couple have two children together.

Shelby Stanga has a net worth of $2 million in 2024.

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