Brian Maillian Age, Wedding, Beverly Johnson, Net Worth

“Love always finds its way” is the perfect phrase to describe the relationship of wall street financier Brian Maillian.

Maillian is 73 years old and has achieved much success over the years in the finance industry.

However, love did not seem in his favor in all these years until he met his lady love, Beverly Johnson.

Below is everything u need to know about him.

Brian Maillian Quick Facts

Birthday: August 6, 1949.

Age: 73

Birthplace: New Jersey, United States.

Nationality: American

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 6 feet 

Relationship: Beverly Johnson (Engaged)

Profession: Financier

Children: one (Daughter)

Net worth: $15 million

Brian Maillian Age, Birthday,

Brian Maillian is 73 years old. He was born on 6 August 1949. Maillian was born in New Jersey, United States of America to African-American parents.

From a very young age, economy greatly influenced Maillian. This led him to study finances in college and university.

As of now, Maillian’s parents identity remains undisclosed. Because of lack of information, we also believe that Maillian is the only child of his parents.

This speculation may change if Maillian provides with any information regarding his family.

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Height and Weight

Brian Maillian has a height of 6 feet. Furthermore, he has a bodyweight of 73 kilograms (160 lbs.).

His height nicely complements that of his partner Beverly Johnson.

How Did Brian and Beverly Meet?

In an interview, Johnson revealed that she and Brian had a mutual friend because of which, they met a couple times over the years.

However, there was nothing between them until one even Brian gave Johnson his card.

They talked about a business venture at the event and Brian gave his card in case Johnson needed any help in the financial advice area.

Getting out of her comfort zone, Johnson called Brian one day and it marked as the first step in their relationship.

This happened when Johnson was in a peculiar stage in her life. One of her friends passed away, a person Brian was friends with as well.

One night, Johnson had a dream in which the friend that had passed away came and said that it was the right time to call Brian.

“I had never thought about Brian as a love interest until a mutual friend passed away. Then one night at 4 am, that friend came to me in a dream and said, ‘The time is now to call Brian.” The next day I found his card in my nightstand drawer and made the call.”

At first, Brian did not feel worthy of Beverly just because of who she was.

“She’s Beverly Johnson. I didn’t feel worthy.”

While both had completely different lives, Brian acknowledged how he needed to make changes in his lifestyle because he did not want to lose Johnson.

Brian Maillian & Beverly Johnson Engaged

Both Brian and Beverly are divorced from their previous partners. They found love in the most unexpected times of their lives; or so they claim.

Beverly openly talked about her partner Brian in an interview in the year 2014, and the duo has been together ever since.

It’s been over eight years that they have been together. In the year 2020, she opened up about her engagement with Brian.

While they were in Ohio for an event, Brian popped that big question to her, and Beverly, she said yes.

Brian Maillian with wife Beverly Johnson
Brian Maillian with wife Beverly Johnson. (NYDaily)

Surprisingly, both Beverly and Brian had been married twice before she met Brian. However, both of their marriages failed. In Beverly’s case, she made up her mind not to marry anyone.

This decision stood strong until Brian came along in her life.

“I was like, how the heck did that happen. I was saying I am never going to get married again.”

Johnson revealed in an interview with People magazine how she felt when Brian asked her to marry him.

But the curious part is that the couple did not have a planned engagement ceremony; it was very spontaneous.

It happened when Brian’s mom passed her wedding ring to Brian so he could propose to his lady love.

As mentioned earlier, they were in an event, and it happened on the spot.

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Wedding Plans

In an interview, Brian revealed that their grandkids have been asking when they were going to get married.

Maillian also revealed that he’s a very traditional person at heart and likes the idea of getting married and calling Johnson his wife.

While Beverly previously said that she did not want to get married, things have changed. She’s thinking about it. But both have different preferences.

Beverly said that she’s an introvert and wants to connect spiritually and experience it before exchanging vows. Similarly, she also wants a small and intimate wedding.

On the other hand, Johnson revealed that Brian, being an extrovert, wants a massive wedding ceremony and invite lots of people.

While there’s no exact date, it looks like the couple is deciding to settle on a wedding plan and get married.

Who is Beverly Johnson?

She is an American supermodel who created history in her modeling career.

In the year 1974, she became the first African-American who got featured in the Vogue cover.

Unsurprisingly, this has been the face of over 50 plus glossy magazines.

Not only this, Beverly broke the racial barriers with her work and changes in the modeling industries.

After her appearance in vogue and other numerous magazines, she became globally renowned, not just for her modeling but for the changes she brought to being an African-American.

She started getting offers in music videos, films, and many more.

Later in the year 1995, she launched her own skincare named ‘Beverly Johnson skincare system cosmetics line.’ and also launched her own wigs collection and named it ‘Beverly Johnson Hair Collection.’

Beverly made history with her modeling career and will always be remembered as the first black supermodel to do so.

Apart from her career, let me give you some insight into her personal life.

As mentioned earlier about her marriage, she was married to a real estate agent, Billy Potter, and a music producer, Danny sins which she has a daughter.

After her two failed marriages, she had decided not to marry ever again.

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Brian Maillian Career, Education, Net Worth

Brian completed his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science in the year 1972 from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Later he even achieved his master’s degree (MBA) in ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE in the year 1977 from Anderson school of management.

He worked as vice president in the Salomon brothers and also later worked as a senior vice president for Greenwich capital markets.

Fast forward to 2021; Brian is the chairman and founder of financial firm Whitestone capital group.

He specializes in brokerage, sales, and purchase and offers financial advice to his clients.

Maillian has over 40 years of experience in this field and has a stable career and an impressive net worth.

After these many years of struggles and success, Brian owns around $15 million of total net worth as his career from the financier.

Brian Maillian is 73 years old. He was born on 6 August 1949, in New Jersey, United States of America to African-American parents.

Brian Maillian is 6 feet tall in height.

Brian Maillian has a net worth of $15 million in 2015.

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