Stephanie Slemer, Mark McGwire’s Wife: Age, Height, Net Worth

Stephanie Slemer was born in 1977 in the Illinois, United States of America. As of today, Slemer is 43 years old.

She is also famously known as the second wife of former baseball player Mark McGwire.

Below is everything u need to know about Stephanie and Mark.

Stephanie Slemer Quick Facts

Age: 44 years old

Place of Birth: Illinois, U.S.

Zodiac sign: unknown

Nationality: American

Height: 5.8ft

Weight: 57 kg

Children: 5

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: Mark McGwire

Net Worth: $1million

Stephanie Slemer Parents, Family, Siblings, education

Stephanie was born in a family of four. Her mother’s name is Cindy Slemer, and her father’s name is Robert Slemer. She even has a sibling, Julie Evans.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about them, neither has Stephanie opened much information about her family.

Stephanie finished her bachelor’s degree in communication in 1997 from Illinois University.

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Stephanie Slemer & Mark McGwire: Dating, Wedding

After finishing her bachelor’s degree, Stephanie started her job as a sales representative.

Consequently, when she met her now-husband Mark, she was doing the same job in St. Louis, Missouri.

Shortly after meeting, the duo started dating and went strong together. In 2001 the pair declared their love followed by getting engaged.

Almost one and half years into dating, Mark asked Stephanie to marry him.

Followed by their engagement, Stephanie and Mark married each other on 20th April 2002 in a very low-key private ceremony in Las Vegas.

Stephanie Slemer and Mark McGwire on wedding day
Stephanie Slemer and Mark McGwire on wedding day. (Pmagazine)

Moreover, happiness just soared high after eight years of marital bliss when Stephanie gave birth to her triplets; marking the start of their family.

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Stephanie and Mark McGwire Kids

In June 2010, the duo welcomed triplets, all girls: Monet Rose, Marlo Rose, and Monroe Rose.

Moreover, a couple of years after welcoming three girls, Stephanie and Mark welcomed two boys into their lives: Mason McGwire and Max McGwire.

In addition to that, the 44-year-old also helps raise step-son from Marks’s previous marriage. His name was Mathew McGwire.

Stephanie Slemer, husband Mark McGwire and their five children
Stephanie Slemer, husband Mark McGwire and their five children. (Ballsy)

Stephanie’s parents are smitten with Mark as well.

However, while everyone may expect Stephanie’s parents are treating Mark as a celebrity, it’s the opposite.

Millions praise Mark as a celebrity to the rest of the world; her parents knew nothing about sports and how famous Mark was among a large population.

So, her parents always treated him like a son-in-law and not any celebrity.

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Who is Mark McGwire?

Mark is a former baseball player of MLB. he made history in 1988 by hitting 70 home runs in a single season.

Subsequently, authorities accused that Mark was under the influence of some kind of drug. Initially, he did not speak anything on this accusation but later agreed.

He played from the year 1996 to 2001.

During these years, he won World Series Championship, each with Oakland as a player in the year 1989. McGwire won with St. Louis in the year 2011 as a couch.

Moreover, Mark later worked as a mentor even after his retirement in few groups until 2018. McGwire started an organization with his 14-years younger wife, Stephanie.

The organization, ‘Mark McGwire children foundation’ collects funds for children who were sexually exploited and helped them with the basic needs.

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Stephanie Slemer: Job, Net Worthy

For someone as famous as Stephanie, fans are sure that she’s worth millions.

Today, Slemer works at Tap Pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, because of privacy reasons, Slemer has not revealed her exact salary figures.

This also leads to the fact that Stephanie’s net Worth remains absent as well.

On the other hand, her husband, Mark McGwire’s net Worth is estimated to be around $90 million as of 2021.

Thus, Stephanie, her husband Mark, and their kids live lavishly and comfortably in their California home.

Stephanie’s incomes remain undisclosed; however, even if she chose not to work, it wouldn’t be a problem.


With the combined net Worth the couple has today, they can spend the rest of their lives as comfortably as they are living now.

How Old Is Stephanie Slemer?

Stephanie Slemer is 44 years old. She was born in 1977 in the Illinois, United States of America.

Stephanie Slemer Husband

Stephanie Slemer is married to Mark McGwire, a former MLB player. Mark is 14 years older than Slemer and the couple married on 20th April 2002.

Stephanie Slemer Kids

Mark McGwire and wife Stephanie Slemer are parents to five children. Three daughters (triplets) and two sons. Mark also has a son from his past relationship.

Stephanie Slemer Net Worth

Mark and Stephanie Slemer enjoy a massive net worth of $90 million in 2021.

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