Meet Chanelle Haynes, Nelly’s Daughter

Chanelle Haynes is an aspiring rapper best known as the eldest daughter of American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur Cornell Haynes Jr.

Chanelle’s biggest inspiration in life is her father, Cornell.

Learn more about Chanelle.

Chanelle Haynes Quick Facts

Full Name: Chanelle Valentine Haynes

Birthday: February 27, 1992

Age: 32 years old

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Birthplace: USA

Current location: United States

Nationality: American

Religion: Christianity

Ethnicity: African-American

Father: Nelly

Mother: Channetta Valentine

Height: 5 feet 8 inches tall

Weight: 75 kg

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Husband: Not Disclosed

Education: Columbia College, Chicago

Famous as: Nelly’s Daughter

Instagram: msvalentine__


Net Worth:

Chanelle Haynes Wiki

Chanelle Haynes was born on February 27, 1992, in the United States of America. She is 32 years old.

Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Born in the United States, Chanelle is American by nationality.

Similarly, she comes from an African-American background.

Chanelle Haynes is the eldest daughter of her parents, Cornell Iral Haynes, also known by his stage name, Nelly, and Channetta Valentine.

Chanelle's father and mother
Chanelle’s father Nelly and mother Channetta Valentine. (Chanelle/Instagram)

Chanelle accompanied her dad most of the time during shows and business tours and learned the basics.

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Who Is Her Father, Nelly?

Nelly is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur.

Nelly, born November 2, 1974, started his music career in 1993 with the hip hop group St. Lunatics.

The rapper’s debut album, Country Summer, released in 2000, was a huge hit as it went platinum nine times and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 charts, along with No. 1 on the album chart.

The rapper took great advantage of his first hit album and released the second one in no time.

Shockingly, on this solo record, Nelly did amazing reaching top spots on different billboard charts.

Definitely, Nelly started with a bang!

Furthermore, he has been nominated for his significant contributions to the music industry and won three Grammy awards.

Now, as much as there is information about Chanelle’s father, the same cannot be said about her mother.

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Who is Chanelle’s Mother?

Chanelle was born to her mother, Channetta Valentine.

It is still unclear what happened to Chanelle’s mother and whether or not she is a part of her life now.

Channetta Valentine has remained out of the spotlight for the most part, even though she dated one of the most famous artists of all time.

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Chanelle Haynes Childhood and Siblings

The young business woman Chanelle has a younger brother named Cornell Haynes III.

Chanelle Haynes and her brother Cornell Haynes III
Chanelle Haynes and her brother Cornell Haynes III. (Chanelle/Instagram)

Cornell was born on March 2, 1999. He is 25 years old today.

He developed an interest in football during his high school days and played a lot for his school team.

Now, Cornell enjoys a rather lowkey life and works in music production.

As mentioned earlier, Nelly was a single father to Chanelle, and that’s the same with Cornell III as well.

It is commendable how the rapper singlehandedly took on their responsibility and set an amazing example.

Similarly, both of his kids had a pampered childhood and lived the life many people dream of.

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Chanelle Haynes’s Relationship with Her Father

The father-daughter duo shares a great bond with each other.

Chanelle Haynes with her dad Nelly
Chanelle Haynes with her dad Nelly. (Chanelle/Instagram)

In fact, the rapper acted as both his mother and a father figure in his children’s lives.

Be it birthdays or any other special occasion, Nelly is never late in dedicating posts to his daughter, who he also addresses as “Nana.”

Growing up watching him struggle and succeed in life, Chanelle idolizes him a lot.

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Chanelle Haynes Education

As a young girl, Chanelle went to Whitfield High School. After graduating from high school, she sought higher education.

Chanelle Haynes graduated with a BA from Columbia College Chicago.

Chanelle Haynes Relationship History

Many do not know this, but Chanelle was in a relationship with a man named Mario a few years ago.

However, it wasn’t a happy ending to their love story.

Mario was killed by a gunshot right in front of her.

There aren’t more details about the incident, but she was left traumatized by it.

It was indeed a huge loss and the heartbreak that came at such a young age.

The death of her boyfriend did affect her life in many ways, and it took a long time for her to get over it.

But she pulled herself together, gathered courage, and moved on in her life, even if it was with a heavy heart.

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Chanelle Haynes Relationship Status Today

Chanelle is presumably single at present.

After her boyfriend’s death, she must be taking some time off from dating.

There aren’t any rumors or news about her current relationship.

It’s been years, but it looks like she is still mourning Mario’s death.

Why won’t she? It’s hard to get over such traumatic incidents, especially if you have witnessed them live.

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Chanelle Haynes Career

Chanelle is an aspiring rapper who started as a backup rapper on her father’s reality show, Nellyville.

She also had a brief interest in dancing, as she intended to be a professional dancer.

In July 2020, she released her first album and promised to keep up with her interest in rapping in the future as well.

However, for now, it looks like a rapping career is on hold.

At one time, Chanelle worked for United Airlines as one of the flight attendants.

However, today, Chanelle identifies herself as an actor and an entrepreneur.

Apart from Nellyville, Chanelle also appeared in She’s Still Not Our Sister and Motown Live.

On the business side, Chanelle currently runs an internet business, UrbalSecrets.

Chanelle sells T-shirts and products made from Seamoss.

The young businesswoman also looks forward to releasing more music and contributing to the industry.

Lastly, Chanelle is also the founder and CEO of Goldenevents, a platform created to broadcast artists of all kinds on a global scale.

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Chanelle Haynes Net Worth

Chanelle Haynes seems to have a stable job in one of the most reputed airlines in the world.

However, she hasn’t mentioned any details about her income and net worth.

However, we speculate that Haynes earns more than $100,000 annually from her businesses.

Meanwhile, Chanelle’s father has an estimated net worth of $40 million at present, all earned from his successful career and businesses.

Chanelle Haynes is is 32 years old. She was born on February 27, 1992, in the United States of America.

Chanelle Haynes was born to Nelly and his partner Channetta Valentine. She also has a brother named Cornell Haynes III who is a music producer.

Chanelle Haynes is single as of today. She is not dating anyone publicly.

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