Gael Anderson, Andrew Lincoln’s Wife – Age, Bio, Net Worth

Gael Anderson is the wife of famous actor Andrew Lincoln, the actor who portrayed the character of Rick Grimes in “The Walking Dead.”

However, fans do not know that Gael is associated with another famous British celebrity. Learn everything about her here.

Gael Anderson Quick Facts

Birthday: 1979

Birthplace: Westminster, London, United Kingdom

Age: 41 years old

Zodiac Sign: N/A

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: Andrew James Clutterbuck (Actor)

Children: Matilda Clutterbuck (Daughter), Arthur Clutterbuck (Son)

Gael Anderson Age, Birthday

Wife to famous actor Andrew Lincoln, Gael Anderson was born in 1979, in Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

Today, Gael is 41 years old.

Gael keeps her age a closely guarded secret, one that does not makes out to the public in any way.

This is because Anderson keeps her birthday a secret.

Famous Parents, Siblings      

She was born to Ian Anderson and his wife. Ian is a famous flutist and vocalist of Jethro Tull, a very famous British band.

Gael’s full name is Gael Frances Anderson.

Her mother’s name is Shona Learoyd.

Gael’s parents Ian Anderson and Shona Learoyd, married each other in 1976. Shona is Ian’s second wife.

He was previously married to Jennie Franks.

Gael’s parents currently live in their Wiltshire home.

She also has a brother named James Duncan Anderson.

Gael Anderson Meeting Andrew Lincoln

Andrew and Gael’s love story goes back to almost a decade.

Lincoln bagged a prominent role in Teachers, a 2001 TV show. Gael joined the cast of Teachers as a production assistant.

Andrew Lincoln’s real name is Andrew James Clutterbuck. Lincoln is his stage name.

However, their first meet wasn’t exactly a romantic exchange. There was no polite exchange of introductions whatsoever.

On the contrary, when Andrew asked Gael to make him a cup of tea, she refused, despite the chore was part of her job description as a P.A.

“She was a P.A. and was supposed to make a cup of tea. That was her job. She didn’t make me a f**king cup of tea that whole job.”

Keeping aside the fact that a P.A. just refused to bring him a cup of tea, Andrew fell for Gael.

In other words, Andrew became “Spellbound.”

“I just saw her silhouette — she had this crazy mullet with spiky — she looked like Sonic the Hedgehog. I saw this crazy looking girl with these beautiful green eyes, and I just went, ‘Who the hell is that?’ “

Gael’s unique appearance with a mullet spike hairstyle and green eyes caught Andrew’s attention.

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Gael Anderson Married, Wedding

Looking at a woman and thinking that she looks like Sonic, the Hedgehog might not be the most romantic thing.

But that did not stop Andrew from pursuing Gael.

Some efforts later, Andrew and Gael began dating each other, which eventually led the couple to the aisle.

After four years old dating, Andrew and Gael married each other on June 10, 2006.

Among several other star celebrities were Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Chris and Gwyneth’s daughter Apple, who was two years old during that time, acted as a flower girl at Gael and Andrew’s wedding.

Children, Family

Sometime after getting married, Gael became pregnant with the couple’s first child. They welcomed a son, first and named him Arthur.

A couple of years later, Gael and Andrew welcomed another child, a daughter, and named her Matilda.

Gael Anderson with daughter Matilda Clutterbuck and son Arthur Clutterbuck
Gael Anderson with daughter Matilda Clutterbuck and son Arthur Clutterbuck. (Pinterest)

Andrew is also very close to his father-in-law Ian Anderson. Ian loves The Walking Dead but finds it a little weird to watch him on TV.

Ian often gets the idea that it’s Andrew’s on-screen character Rick Grimes from the show that’s sleeping with his daughter and not Andrew himself.

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Relationship With Husband

Over the years, Andrew has pivoted more towards the Zombie Apocalypse lifestyle.

In an interview, Lincoln revealed that he does not uses a smartphone and isn’t on any of the social media apps.

But, fans usually get social media updates from Andrew.

Well, that’ll be the work of his wife.

Andrew often gushes about how incredible Gael is, both as a wife and a mother.

He also credited Gael as the reason how he’s able to do this mad job [acting.]

On another note, Andrew stated that if he were ever in a real-life zombie apocalypse situation, it would probably be Gael who would save him.

“If I did survive, it would only be due to her incredible dexterity in all things.”

Let’s just hope things don’t come to that.

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Job, Professional Life, Net Worth

Gael Anderson has one of the most important jobs in the whole world, if not the most important itself.

She’s a mother.

Gael does not work in any kind of professional field as she’s a full-time mom.

She handles the children, Andrew, and keeps everything tied together.

In an interview, Andrew compared his wife to an app, referring to how she makes things so much easier for him and the whole family.

Andrew also feels that Gael’s work as a full-time mother is the most honorable profession in the whole world.

While both hail from Britain, Gael, Andrew, and the kids live in their Atlanta, Georgia home.

Given the fact that Gael does not professionally work and looks after the family, she and Andrew fully share financials.

In 2020, Andrew Lincoln has a net worth of $16 million. Andrew usually earns about $650 thousand per episode.

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