CNN’s Jason Carroll Gay? Age, Wife, Salary, Net Worth

Is CNN’s national correspondent Jason Carroll a gay man? Rumors have been swirling about his sexuality for years, leaving fans clamoring for answers.

With little known about his personal life and no public relationships, it’s no surprise that assumptions have been made.

But is there any truth to the speculation? Get ready to uncover the truth about one of the industry’s most enigmatic figures and finally put the rumors to rest.

Jason Carroll Quick Facts

Birthday: 1966

Birthplace: California  

Age: 58 years old58,

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Relationship Status: Single  

Wife: Unknown

Children: 0             

Weight: Unknown  

Net Worth: $2 million – $7 million

Jason Carroll Background

Jason Fredrick Carroll was born in 1966 and brought up in California.

As of today, Jason is 58 years old

His parents are Melvin Larry Carroll and Fredericka Allison.

Unfortunately, Melvin, his father, passed away in 2003 after battling lung cancer for a long time. 

He also has two siblings, sister Stacy Sykes and Brother Melvin Carroll Jr.

Furthermore, he attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a BA degree in literature and creative writing.

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Is Jason Carroll Gay?

No, Jason Carroll is not gay.

However it is understandable why people think he is.

There’s a lot of mystery regarding his sexuality because Jason keeps his personal life away from public attention.

Not that it is a crime to do so.

This ambiguity regarding his personal gave rise to a lot of assumption regarding his sexuality. Especially he is a public figure, fans always wondered if he has a wife or dating anyone.

However, since he has never been romantically linked with any woman, it further spread gay speculations like wildfire.

However, until and unless Jason talks about his sexuality, we presume that he is straight and single.

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Jason Carroll’s Chelsea House

In 2018, Carroll listed his luxurious, chic house, which was located at 121 West 19th street in Chelsea, for sale, which he purchased for $758k back in 2006.

It was in sale for a whopping amount of $1.75 million.

Now you might be thinking, why are we discussing it here? 

It’s because it was rumored that he was selling it for some big reasons or changes in his life.

The two possible reasons were one for his undisclosed personal reasons.

Similarly, the other suggested being shifting or buying a place together with his secret spouse.

However, these too just remain as rumors that were unaddressed and eventually faded away.

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Jason is an American journalist.

Currently, Carroll serves as a National Correspondent for CNN based in the New York bureau.

He rose to fame and gained recognition after he hosted a year-long series called soldier’s story.

Viewers appreciate Carroll’s narrative style very much.

In 2001, Jason joined CNN as a general assignment reporter for Los Angeles.

As a general assistant, he had to cover stories from politics and national issues to breaking news.

He was responsible for bringing the latest updates to the viewers.

Some of his major works include the coverage of the Haiti Earthquake, The War in Afghanistan, and the coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Where he followed Donald trump around the city for his campaign and covered the entire campaign.

Likewise, in 2018 when he visited London, CNN and CNN international featured Carroll for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s extravagant Royal Wedding coverage.

He has worked for CBS News and WPIX-TV as well.

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Net Worth

The CNN correspondent has an annual salary of around $70,000-$110,500.

Like mentioned, his personal life remains behind curtains. We don’t have the exact figure of his net worth.

It is estimated to be around $2 million- $7million.

Jason Carroll is 58 years old today. He was born in 1966, in California, United States of America.

Jason Carroll is not married as of 2024. Many people suspect that he is a gay man, while other state he has a partner in secret.

In 2024, Jason Carroll earns an annual salary of over $100,000 from CNN.

As of 2024, Jason Carroll has a net worth that ranges between $2 million and $7 million.

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