Is Lorene Scafaria Married In 2021? Age, Husband, Net Worth

Lorene Scafaria has some of the most amazing movies under her belt as credits. She’s a very talented screenwriter, director, and actress as well.

Having worked in movies like The Nines and Hustlers, Scafaria has a very successful career.

Here’s everything that people need to know about Lorene.  

Lorene Scafaria Quick Facts

Birthday: May 1, 1978

Birthplace: Holmdel Township, New Jersey, United States of America

Age: 43 years old

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Relationship Status: Dating

Boyfriend: Bo Burnham (American Comedian)

Children: N/A

Lorene Scafaria Bio, Birthday, Age

Hustlers actress Lorene Scafaria was born on May 1, 1978, in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, United States of America.

Today, Scafaria is 43 years old, and her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Born in the United States, Lorene is American by nationality. However, her background, not American.

Scafaria was born to an Italian father who immigrated to the United States before Lorene was born.

Scafaria went to Montclair State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Theatre.

Although experiencing American culture from a very young age, Lorene also sources inspirations and morals from her Italian background.

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Parents, Siblings, Family

As mentioned, Scafaria was born to Italian immigrants.

Her father’s name is Joseph Scafaria, and her mother’s name is Gail Scafaria.

Both her parents are from Italy and have been living in the United States for a very long time now.

Lorene Scafaria with parents and brother
Lorene Scafaria with parents and brother. (Lorene/Instagram)

Lorene also has an older brother named Vincent Scafaria, who is 46 years old.

Lorene Scafaria & Bo Burnham Dating

Fans have often asked about Lorene and her personal life.

She’s linked to Bo Burnham, a young comedian. But what about their relationship?

Lorene and Bo met each other back in the early 2010s. After meeting for the first time, the comedian and director found each other interesting.

In 2013, Scafaria and Burnham began dating officially.

However, much to everyone’s concern and dismay, Lorene keeps her personal life extremely private.

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Is Lorene Scafaria Married?

 It’s already more than seven years now since Lorene and Bo began dating.

In normal scenarios, the couple would already get married by this time.

However, it looks like Scafaria and Burnham are waiting for the right moment still.

Lorene Scafaria with boyfriend:partner Bo Burnham
Lorene Scafaria with boyfriend/partner Bo Burnham in 2018. (Getty)

In 2021, Lorene is not married.

Since there haven’t been any talks about the couple ending their relationship, it’s likely that this enigmatic couple is still romantic.

But amid all these speculations, there’s one thing that seems to stand out for the couple.

Massive 12-Year Age Gap

When it comes to relationships, the cliché is that men are usually older than women.

In Scafaria and Burnham’s case, it’s the exact opposite.

Scafaria, born in 1978, is 43, while Burnham was born in 1990, is 30 years old.

Yes, Scafaria is 12 years older than Burnham.

However, that’s something both the entertainment couple seem to have no problem with.

Also, that’s not the only difference between the couple.

Lorene Scafaria is 5 feet 2 inches. Her boyfriend, Bo Burnham is 6 feet 4 inches.

That’s a height difference of 1.2 ft or 36cm between the couple.

That’s also another reason why Lorene looks so tiny in front of Bo.

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Net Worth

Over the years, Lorene has worked as an actress, as a producer, and also as a director.

She’s appeared as an actress in movies like The Nines, A Million Miles, Coherence, Bullet in the Brain, and others.

She’s also served as a producer and as a director in movies like Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez.

From her versatile career, Lorene has earned quite a lot of money. In 2021, Lorene Scafaria has a massive net worth of $2 million.

How Old Is Lorene Scafaria?

Lorene Scafaria is 43 years old. She was born on May 1, 1978, in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, United States of America.

Is Lorene Scafaria Married? Husband?

Lorene Scafaria is not married in 2021.

Who Is Lorene Scafaria's Boyfriend?

Lorene Scafaria’s boyfriend is Bo Burnham. Burnham is a 30 years old American Comedian. The couple has been dating since 2013.

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