Mckenna Grace Age, Parents, Siblings, Kiernan Shipka, Net Worth

For a long time now, Mckenna Grace has astonished everyone with her particular skill of portraying a younger version of other famous actors.

Everyone thinks that she’s related to Kiernan Shipka. She does look a lot like Shipka; there’s no lying.

Here’s everything about Mckenna. Her age, bio, siblings, and relationship details.

Mckenna Grace Quick Facts

Birthday: June 25, 2006

Birthplace: Grapevine, Texas, United States of America

Age: 15 years old

Zodiac Sign: Cancer         

Height: 5 feet (approx.)

Relationship Status: single

Parents: Ross Burge (Father), and Crystal Grace (Mother)

Siblings: N/A

Mckenna Grace Dating, Boyfriend

Grace is just a 15-year-old actress, but that does not stop her fans from wondering about her love life.

These are modern times and simply speaking, age is just a number.

So, is Mckenna Grace dating anyone in 2020?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as people would like.

There’s a rumor on the internet that Grace has been dating another fellow young actor. His name is Jacob Tremblay.

However, there’s just a severe lack of evidence to support these claims.

This boils down to just one scenario. Mckenna Grace is single and not dating anyone in 2020.

However, for such a beautiful young and accomplished lady, her relationship status is bound to change later on.

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Mckenna Grace Age, Bio, Parents

The young actress from Captain Marvel, Mckenna Grace, was born on June 25, 2006, in Grapevine, Texas, United States of America.

Today, Grace is 15 years old. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Mckenna was born to father Ross Burge and mother, Crystal Grace.

Although both her parents are American natives, and so is she, one of Grace’s great-grandmothers was Mexican by nationality.

For the most part, Grace keeps very quiet about her family life. She’s rarely seen talking about her parents.

Mckenna is the only child of her parents. The fact that she’s the only child of Ross and Crystal and has no sibling also clears another question.

Mckenna Grace and Kiernan Shipka Related?

The resemblance between Mckenna and Kiernan is extremely astonishing.

Twitter once went insane over a side-by-side picture of Grace and Shipka. Everyone had their bets on, claiming that Grace and Kiernan come from the same bloodline.

Well, that’s not the case.

Another actress that Mckenna resembles is Brie Larson, also known as Captain Marvel.

Mckenna portrayed the character of young Captain Marvel in 2019, and people were quick to notice the surprising resemblance both had.

However, Mckenna is related to neither Kiernan Shipka nor Brie Larson.

Mckenna retweeted a fan-post containing images of Grace and other look-alike actresses. Grace also shared the confusion on how she looks like all the other actresses as well.

 Another fan compared Mckenna to a Pokémon character, claiming that “she’s the Eevee of child actors, she can become anyone.”

So, there you go. Mckenna Grace and Kiernan Shipka are not related. Nor is Grace related to Brie Larson.

She just happens to share a lot of similarities with these actresses.

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Career, Net Worth

Mckenna began her career as an actress back in 2012. She appeared in a TV show called Crash & Bernstein from 2012 to 2014.

The same year, she also appeared in Goodbye World.

Grace became famous for her portrayal of Sydney in Joe, Joe & Jane in 2013. The same year, Grace got her breakthrough role in The Young and the Restless as Faith Newman.

Over the years, Grace has appeared in movies like Mr. Church, Gifted, Captain Marvel. She’s also appeared in TV shows like The Vampire Diaries, CSIL Cyber, Marvel’s Most Wanted, Fuller House, and more.

In 2020, Grace appeared in Malignant, Scoob, and Home Movie: The Princess Bride.

From her career as an actress, Mckenna has earned a massive fortune. In 2020, she has a net worth of $2 million.

Mckenna Grace is 15 years old. She was born on June 25, 2006, in Grapevine, Texas, United States of America.

Grace is approximately 5 feet tall in height.

No, Mckenna is not related to Kiernan Shipka or Brie Larson. She just happens to portray their younger look much better.

Mckenna was born to father Ross Burge and mother Crystal Grace.

In 2020, Mckenna Grace has $2 million in net worth.

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