Randi Mahomes In 2022: Age, Husband, Divorce, Now

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Randi Mahomes is the ex-wife of famous former baseball pitcher Patrick Lavon Mahomes.

Even though the duo got divorced in 2006, Randi still prefers to be called Mahomes.

Her famous ex-husband doesn’t just know her, but her whole family has earned fame in their respective careers.

It’s a famous family! Let’s know more about the famous family.

Randi Mahomes Quick Facts

Birthday: January 18, 1976

Birthplace: Tyler, Texas

Age: 46 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Relationship Status: Divorced

Husband: Pat Mahomes Sr.

Children: Patrick Mahomes II, Jackson Mahomes, Mia Randall

Weight: 65 kg

Net Worth: $1 million

Randi Mahomes Age, Family, Education

Randi was born on January 18, 1976, which makes her 46 years old as of 2022. Her full name before marriage was Randi Martin.

She was born and brought up in Tyler, Texas. She was the youngest child to parents Debbie Bates Martin and Randy Martin.

Her father was a school headmaster.

She grew up with three siblings, Brother Joey Martin and two sisters, Jill Herrington and Lori Deal.

Furthermore, she did her schooling at Texas High School.

Reportedly, Randi did not pursue higher education levels as she committed to family life.

Who Is Husband Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr?

Patrick Lavon Mahomes is a former professional baseball pitcher.

His professional career started with the Elizabeth twin in 1988 as a pitcher.

He made his major league debut with Minnesota twins in 1992 and started from the sixth game of the season, played against Texas rangers.

During Patrick’s initial days of his career, he was drafted by the Minnesota twins from the major league baseball (MLB) in 1992.

He was in MLB for 11 long years, from 1992 to 2003.

Apart from that, he played in many teams in the league like Boston red sox, New York Mets, Pittsburg pirates, Chicago cubs, and many more. 

Randi Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes Divorce

The duo was in a happy marriage until 2005. They decided to part ways in the year 2006; their divorce wasn’t a controversy.

They ended it on excellent terms.

But the reason for Randi and Patrick’s divorce remains oblivious at the moment.

Even after the divorce, the duo set aside their differences to co-parent their two sons.

Fast forward to 2022, they are both in an amicable relationship, not just that Patrick calls his ex-wife his best friend.

We love seeing a healthy co-parenting relationship, don’t we?

Randi Mahomes Children, Family

Yes, she is married to a former professional baseball pitcher, Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr aka Pat Mahomes.

The duo got married in the 1990’s right after they graduated from high school.

During that time, Patrick was gradually getting success, so to make sure he was getting the success he yearned for, Randi decided to be a stay-at-home wife.

She was supportive of her husband’s interests and career.

On 1995, 17th September, the duo welcomed their first child, Patrick Mahomes II.

On May 15, 2000, the duo gave birth to their second child Jackson Mahomes, and on July 12, 2011, she welcomed her youngest daughter, Mia Mahomes.

Her priority was her kids, which rendered her professional career out of the question.

Mahomes decided to become a stay-at-home mom and take better care of her three kids.

Patrick Mahomes II, Randi’s Oldest Child

Randi Mahomes with her son Patrick Mahomes II and ex-husband Pat Mahomes
Randi Mahomes with her son Patrick Mahomes II and ex-husband Pat Mahomes. (Suncity)

Patrick Mahomes II is the oldest child of Randi and Pat Mahomes.

This young man showed immense potential in sports since high school, especially in football and baseball.

Moreover, his father highly inspired him.

Patrick joined Texas tech and continued with baseball, hoping to be a part of MLB sooner.

His skills were superior for baseball, and he had tons of opportunities, but he took a chance and quit baseball to start his career in football.  He entered the NFL draft.

Later he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs as the first-round pick in the NFL draft.

He currently serves as the quarterback for the team Kansas City chiefs since 2017. He signed a ten-year contract worth $501 with the Kansas City chiefs himself.

This was one of the breakthroughs deals in his career.

Patrick Mahomes II Is Engaged

Patrick is engaged to his high school sweetheart Brittany Matthews.

Brittany is a professional soccer player and a fitness trainer.

Mahomes II and Brittany dated for almost ten years before announcing their engagement on September 1, 2020. 

Well, this wasn’t the only good news the dashing couple gave their fans; soon after, he surprised their lover with the announcement of their pregnancy the very same month.

Brittany Matthews with Patrick Mahomes and daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes
Brittany Matthews with Patrick Mahomes and daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes. (Brittany/Instagram)

The duo welcomed their baby girl on February 22, 2021, named sterling Skye Mahomes.

Jackson Mahomes, Randi’s Second Child

Patrick Mahomes, Randi Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes. (Randi/Instagram)

Jackson Mahomes was born on May 15, 2000. He is the second child of the duo.

Now, he shares completely different interests than his brother.

He had a pretty good future in the sports world, just like his other family members. During his high school, he was the second leading rebounder for his school’s team.

He was a little more inclined towards the entertainment world than sports. Therefore, he tried his hands in TikTok.

Jackson, as of today, is immensely famous on TikTok.

Despite being many people’s heartthrob, he was no exception in facing criticisms.

From questioning his sexuality, comparing him to his brother, and not forgetting about faking his luxurious life, he was called out for basically everything he did.

This young lad carved his niches, faced all the critics, and made a place for himself in a TikTok. Jackson is now one of the most popular personalities on TikTok.

Not just this, he has his own YouTube channel and is also a social media influencer.

His first-ever YouTube video was titled Jackson Mahomes, where he addressed all the rumors and questions.

Talking about his love life, it looks like he is currently single, but he created many buzzes when he confessed, he like TikToker Nessa Barret.

Jackson further said that he would love to take her on a date. Nessa was dating Josh Richards at that time.

Mia Randall, Randi’s Third Child (Not With Pat Mahomes)

Randi Mahomes' youngest daughter Mia Randall
Randi Mahomes’ youngest daughter Mia Randall. (Randi/Instagram)

Mia Randall is a half-sibling to Brother Patrick and Jackson.

She was born on July 12, 2011. Yes! We know what you are thinking. Randi and Patrick divorced a long time back, so who is her father?

It is either Mia. It was adopted, or it could be from her mother Randi’s present partner, which we are unaware of.

Like her family, Mia is another sports freak, but basketball tops her list in most favorite.

The young girl is also pretty famous on TikTok with the name “the baller sister 15”.

Besides, she makes a cameo in Brother Jackson’s video along with their mother.

Randi Mahomes Net Worth

Randi was a stay-at-home mother for her three children for a pretty long time, which didn’t let her have enough time to build a career.

At present, she works at private events as a coordinator for the Hollytree country club in Tyler.

At the moment, Randi Mahomes has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

On the other hand, her son Patrick Mahomes II has amassed a staggering net worth of $30 million as of 2022.

Randi Mahomes Age

Randi Mahomes is 46 years old today. She born on January 18, 1976, in Texas, USA.

Randi Mahomes Married/Husband

Randi Mahomes was previously married to famous golfer Pat Mahomes. The couple married in the 90s and later divorced in 2005.

Has Randi Mahomes Remarried?

As of now, Randi Mahomes has not remarried anyone since her divorce with Pat Mahomes.

Randi Mahomes Net Worth

In 2022, Randi Mahomes as a net worth of above $1 million.





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