Robinson James Peete [2022] Age, Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth

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Robinson James Peete is well known as the son of a famous actress, Holly Robinson Peete, and former NFL player Rodney Peete.

Let’s get to know more about Robinson in detail below.

Robinson James Peete Quick Facts

Birthday: August 11, 2002

Birthplace: USA

Age: 18

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 6 feet and one inch

Parents: Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete

Siblings: Rodney Jr, Roman Peete (Brothers), Ryan Elizabeth Peete (Sister)

Relationship Status: Single

Partner: N/A

Children: N/A

Robinson James Peete Age, Background

Robinson was born on October 11, 2002, in the United States. As of 2022, he is 18 years old. 

Moreover, he is an American by nationality. His zodiac sign is Leo.

Similarly, it comes as no surprise that he loves to play baseball and hopes to pursue a career as a professional baseball player. 

Currently, he is taking a Japanese language course to play baseball in Japan.

Additionally, Robinson is an aspiring rapper in the making. His most recent single, ‘RIDER’ released on February 14, 2021.

Moving on to his education, he completed his high school education at Sierra Canyon High School in 2021.

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Robinson James Peete Parents, Family

Roman Peete with his parents and siblings
(L-R) Rodney Peete, Roman Peete, Ryan Peete, Holly, Robinson Peete, Rodney Jr. Peete. (Holly/Instagram)

Robinson is one of the four kids of Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete.

Both of his parents are well-known figures in their respective careers.

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Holly Robinson Peete

Holly is a famous American actress as well as an author. She has been in the industry since 1969. 

She is mostly renowned for her role in TV series like 21 jump street, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, and For Your Love, to name a few.

Additionally. She appeared on her family’s reality shows, ‘Meet The Peetes’ and ‘For Peete’s Sake.’

Besides, she is the author of books named ‘Get Your Damn Beer,”  I’m Watching the Game: A Woman’s Guide to Loving Pro Football’‘and’ Same But Different – Teen Life On The Autism Express.’

She also co-wrote an award-winning book with Ryan, ‘My Brother Charlie (Scholastic). ‘

Thus, having contributed a lot as an actress, author, and advocate, she has been the center of honor several times.

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Rodney Peete

Rodney is an acclaimed former American footballer who played in the National Football League for various reputed teams. 

After he retired from football, he has made appearances as an actor and a host on television.

Currently, Rodney is the host of the podcast ‘Lunchtime with Roggin & Rodney.’

Besides, he wrote his first book ‘Not My Boy: A Father, A Son and A Family’s Journey with Autism,’ in 2010.

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Robinson is the second-born child of Holly and Rodney Peete.

His elder siblings are Ryan Elizabeth Peete and Rodney Jr. Peete. Both of them are twins, born on October 19, 2017.

Ryan is a published author, single, and television personality. She came out as a lesbian in 2020.

Robinson’s older brother, Rodney Jr diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. 

As of now, he works in the clubhouse of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is also a member of the Speech and Language Therapy Center in LA.

Additionally, he advocates for Autism with his mother and is an aspiring rap artist. 

His youngest sibling, Roman Peete, was born on February 25, 2005.

All of his siblings, including him, are Television personalities possible due to a famous family.

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Robinson James Peete Girlfriend, Dating

As of 2022, Robinson James is not dating anyone or has a girlfriend. While this is pretty unusual for a young guy like him, it’s not completely impossible.

Also, he has not revealed anything regarding his relationships on social media either.

As of now, as per our knowledge, Robinson James Peete is single and not involved with anyone romantically.

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Although Robinson grew up in the limelight, for the most part, he is a celebrity. Not just because of famous parents, but he also appears on TV on Hallmark’s ‘Meet the Peetes.’

He does not update much about his personal life on social media either.

As mentioned earlier, he is about to pursue a career as a baseball player soon.

On the side, Peete is also an aspiring artist.

Robinson James Peete singing
Robinson James Peete singing. (Robinson/Instagram)

All in all, Robinson is young as of now and will slowly embark on his career.

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Robinson James Peete Net Worth

Robinson’s net worth is still under review.

However, Robinson lives a luxurious life as his parents have managed to accumulate a huge net worth through their respective careers.

On the other hand, his father, Rodney Peete, has a net worth of $5.5 million as of 2022.

Holly Robinson Peete has a net worth of $4 million today.

So, it goes without saying; the whole Peete family lives very comfortably.

Robinson James Peete Age

Robinson James Peete is 18 years old. He was born on October 11, 2002, in the United States.

Robinson James Peete Parents

Robinson James Peete is the son of former NFL star Rodney Peete and TV famous Holly Robinson Peete.

Robinson James Peete Siblings

Robinson James Peete has three siblings. Sister Ryan, and brothers, Rodney Jr and Roman Peete.

Robinson James Peete Girlfriend

Robinson James Peete is not dating anyone as of 2022. He is single.


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