Scott Kingsley Swift [Taylor Swift Father] Age, Family, Net Worth

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Scott Kingsley Swift rose to prominence as the celebrity father of his renowned children Taylor Swift and Austin Swift.

Besides, he works as a stockbroker and a financial advisor.

Below is the detailed information all about Scott’s personal to professional life.

Scott Kingsley Swift Quick Facts

Birthday: March 5, 1952

Birthplace: Pennsylvania, USA

Age: 70 years old. 

Zodiac Sign: Pisces 

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Relationship Status: Divorced

Wife: Andrea swift (Former)

Children: Taylor Swift and Austin Swift

Weight: 65 kg

Net Worth: $1 million

Scott Kingsley Swift Age, Background

On March 5, 1952, Scott Kingsley was born in Pennsylvania. As of 2023 , Scott is 70 years old.

His parents were Archie Dean Swift and Rose Baldi Swift.

He grew up alongside two brothers named Archie lll and Douglas.

Furthermore, Scott attended the University of Delaware, while his major remains unknown.

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Scott Kingsley Swift Wife, Married Life

Scott Kingsley Swift with his ex-wife Andrea Swift and daughter Taylor Swift
Scott Kingsley Swift with his ex-wife Andrea Swift and daughter Taylor Swift. (Instagram)

There may be very few people who are yet to know about the famous Swift family.

Scott was married to his wife, Andrea Swift.

The duo got married on February 20, 1988, in Harris country, Texas.

They have two children: Taylor Swift and Austin Swift.

Austin Swift with his sister Taylor Swift
Austin Swift with his sister Taylor Swift. (Instagram)

The union of the couple remained intact for over two decades, but later they went their separate ways.

However, they still maintain a good bond with each other.

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Famous Children

Scott got prominence after his children’s success.

What a proud father he must be.

Taylor swift is the oldest child of the duo.

Undoubtedly, she doesn’t need any introduction, but to those of all who don’t know, Taylor is a globally recognized and one of the biggest names in the music industry.

Some of her early hit songs fueled her success which eventually landed her numerous Grammy and Billboard awards.

Furthermore, she is an artist with six world records, breaking previous records with her new hit albums.

Similarly, Austin Swift is another famous personality from the Swift’s.

He is an actor as well as a producer.

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Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Swift Divorce

Scott and Andrea always prioritized Taylor’s passion and talent for music.

The couple decided to move to Nashville for her career progress, where Taylor landed good recording deals.

Slowly, Taylor was many youths singing sensation and rose to fame in a short while.

When Taylor was just a teen, her mother Andrea had to accompany her for world tours and concerts.

While Andrea was on the road accompanying her daughter, her husband was left behind.

This caused distress and sourness between the two, which eventually caused a divorce.

In 2011, the duo got divorced tacitly.

The divorce wasn’t noticeable at first.

Fans later realized Taylor’s songs reflected the emotional distress she went through since her parent’s separation.

Many believe Taylor’s success strained her parent’s relationship.

Their divorce is a lesser discussed topic to date.

However, the duo is on good terms with one another.

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Who Is Wife Andrea Swift?

 Andrea swift hails from Pennsylvania, but she spent most of her childhood in south Asia.

She previously worked as a mutual fund marketing executive financial advisor.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015.

She underwent treatment, and for a while, cancer looked like it had gone away.

However, in 2019, Andrea was diagnosed with cancer again.

Worries for the Swift family just increased when Andrea was diagnosed with a brain tumor as well.

As of now, she is undergoing treatment.

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Besides being the celebrity father, he has had his fair share of struggles to reach where he is currently.

Scott is a stockbroker and a financial advisor.

He established a company named Swift Group, which works as a financial advisor and a smaller part of a giant corporate, Merrill Lynch.

He even relocated his company to Nashville when they shifted.

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Scott Kingsley Swift Net Worth

Scott Kingsley Swift has amassed a Net Worth of $1 million, while his daughter has an impressive net worth of $400 million.

Taylor Swift is also among the highest-earning rich singers for the last couple of years.

Scott Kingsley Swift Age

Scott Kingsley Swift is 70 years old today. He was born on March 5, 1952, in Pennsylvania.

Scott Kingsley Swift Wife

Scott Kingsley was previously married to Andrea Swift. The couple married on February 20, 1988, in Harris country, Texas. Later, the couple divorced in 2011.

Scott Kingsley Swift Net Worth

Scott Kingsley Swift has a net worth of $1 million today. He works as a stock broker and a financial advisor.


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