Meet Sofia Cabello, Camila Cabello’s Pretty Little Sister

Sofia Cabello is an aspiring singer and a celebrity sister.

She got prominence because of her globally recognized singer-songwriter elder sister, Camila Cabello.

Read below to know more about Sofia.

Sofia Cabello Quick Facts

Birthday: April 12, 2007

Birthplace: Miami, Florida

Age: 15 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Father: Alejandro Cabello

Mother: Sinuhe Estraboa

Sister: Camila Cabello

Height: 5 feet 3 inches (162 cm)

Relationship Status: Single

Boyfriend: Unknown

Children: N/A

Weight: 40 kg (89 lbs.)

Net Worth: Unknown 

Sofia Cabello Age, Background

Sofia Isabella Cabello better known as Sofia Cabello was born on April 12, 2007, in Miami, Florida.

As of today, she is 15 years old.

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Sofia Cabello Parents, Sibling

The 15-year-old was born to Mexican father Alejandro Cabello and Cuban mother Sinuhe Estraboa who then worked at the shoe department of Marshalls.

Her parents faced struggles with the processing and remaining legal procedures after they moved to the USA permanently.

Sofia Cabello with her sister Camila Cabello and family
Sofia with her sister Camila Cabello and family. (Camila/Instagram)

She has an elder sister who is also a famous Cuban singer-songwriter, Camila Cabello.

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Sofia and Camila Cabello’s Sister Bond

Sofia got prominence from her globally recognized singer-songwriter elder Sister Camila Cabello.

Camila is a former member of the band called “Fifth Harmony.” She is best known for her very unique vocals.

After quitting the girl band, a couple of years ago she started her solo career, which gave her nothing but absolute hits.

Moreover, in 2019 she released a song named “Senorita” in collaboration with talented singer Shawn Mendes.

Fans went insane over the song, especially for the duo’s sizzling chemistry.

The two started dating after a short while which caused a storm all over social media.

Furthermore, Sofia and Camila share an affectionate sisterly bond.

Camila barely misses any opportunity to show her fans every glimpse of the time they spend together.

Likewise, the entire Cabello family made an appearance on one of the episodes of “Awesomeness TV,” where Camila proudly introduced her family to the world.

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Is Sofia Cabello Dating?

As mentioned earlier, Sofia is currently 15 years old, which makes her too young to be in a mature relationship.

Other than that, there aren’t any rumors or instances of her being with someone which allows us to assume she is currently single.

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Sofia Cabello Career

Sofia is currently enrolled in middle school which demands her entire focus on education.

However, inspired by her sister Camila, Sofia also auditioned for the FOX music reality series “The X Factor” in 2012.

She keeps an interest in dancing and playing the guitar.

Nevertheless, it will be safe to say that Sofia is an aspiring singer and a possible future star like her sister.

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Sofia Cabello Social Media Presence

The aspiring singer has a good and active social media presence.

However, she runs both insta and TikTok accounts by different names as she likes staying lowkey.

She does make great TikTok’s especially in her sister’s songs which got her thousands of followers.

She is active on Twitter as well. However, there are many other accounts on social media impersonating Sofia which confuses fans. 

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Sofia Cabello Net Worth

Sister of famous singer, Sofia does not have a net worth figure as of today.

She’s still in school and figuring out what she wants to pursue in life.

On the other hand, her sister, Camila has a net worth of $14 million.

Sofia Cabello Age

Sofia Cabello is 15 years old today. She was born on April 12, 2007, in Miami, Florida.

Sofia Cabello Family

Sofia Cabello was born to Mexican father Alexandro Cabello and Cuban mother Sinuhe Estraboa. She also has a sister named Camila Cabello who is a famous singer and song-writer.

Sofia Cabello Today

Sofia remains active in her Instagram and TikTok account.

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