Scott Sveslosky [Danica McKellar Husband] From Age to Net Worth

Scott Sveslosky is best known as the celebrity husband of actress education advocate Danica McKellar.

However, he has a very promising career and is an established man in his field.

Scott Sveslosky Quick Facts

Birthday: February 18, 1976 

Birthplace: Tustin, California, USA

Age: 47 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Relationship Status: Married

Wife: Danica McKellar

Children: Two                                 

Weight: 68 kg

Net Worth: $3 million

Scott Sveslosky Age, Background

Scott Sveslosky was born on February 18, 1976, in Tustin, California, USA.

As of 2022, Scott is 47 years old.

Scott has kept his family details, siblings, early life details under wraps as he stays a low-key life.

As a California native, Scott lived most of his life there and even went to a nearby college.

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As a young boy, Scott went to Foothill High School. After completing his studies in the early 90s, Sveslosky further continued his studies.

After high school graduation, Scott went and joined the University of Southern California in 1994.

In 1998, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science and Public Administration.

Later for his master’s education, he attended the same university, the University of Southern California, in 1998.

Two years later, in 2001, the now 47-years-old graduated with a Doctor of Law (JD).

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Scott Meeting His Wife Danica McKellar

Scott enjoys blissful married life with his wife, Danica McKellar.

Danica, a famous actress re-lived the first time she met Scott and told everyone how it was fell for him.

“We’d been talking on the phone for a little bit, and my favorite book is The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. And he’d brought it with him and underlined his favorite parts. I just already loved him and was smitten from the moment I sat down.”

Danica and Scott, who first came to know each other from a mutual friend, began dating shortly after.

The pair went on nice dates, and one thing led to another.

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Getting Married

After dating for about a year, Danica and Scott got engaged and eventually married as well.

The pair got married in 2014 in southern England and held a destination wedding in Hawaii in Kauai Mountains later that year in a small ceremony with only 17 guests.

Scott Sveslosky with his wife Danica McKellar on their wedding day
Scott Sveslosky with his wife Danica McKellar on their wedding day. (

However, it was neither of the two’s first marriage.

“Marriage isn’t easy – this is a second marriage for both of us, so we both know not to take anything for granted – and I sure am fortunate to have a partner who understands the importance of setting aside time to be together. Here’s to gratitude!!”

Scott was previously married to an anonymous woman with whom he shares a son named Hunter.

Likewise, Danica was married to Michael Verta, a composer, from 2009 – 2013.

They share a son named Draco.

Danica McKellar with her son Draco
Danica McKellar with her son Draco. (Danica/Instagram)

The couple divorced, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason Scott.

She says divorce has helped them value their present relationship more.

In an interview, Danica said how being divorced once has made her vigilant of her relationship with Scott.

McKellar further stated how she felt like her first marriage was forever and how she turned out wrong in that thinking.

“I don’t want to be wrong again.”

Furthermore, the couple had been trying for a baby for a few years but couldn’t due to complications that remained undisclosed.

They have a happy family of 4, and their two boys get along with each other well says, Scott.

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Who Is Wife Danica McKellar?

Danica is an American actress, education advocate, and mathematic expert.

The actress was just 7 when she started her acting lesson and a young teenager when he landed a prominent role in ‘Wonder Years’ drama series as Gwendolyn Winnie Cooper.

Besides her acting career, she is the writer of 6 non-fiction books all related to mathematics.

Growing up, her parents always focused on education and health more than anything.

Danica grew up in a family where they ate organic food before it was trending and prioritized education over glam.

Now, Danica focuses on providing quality entertainment through her Hallmark Channel Movies and inspires people from her math books.

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Scott Sveslosky’s Net Worth?

Scott Sveslosky is an entrepreneur, businessman, and professor.

Sadly, he dodges the limelight and prefers a low-key life.

After graduating from Law School with a JD, Scott joined Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP.

As of today, Scott has been with the firm for over 20 years.

As per sources, the average salary of a law firm partner in the United States is almost $190,000 annually.

Given the fact that Scott has decades of experience in the field, he probably makes more than $200,000 annually.

As per sources, Scott Sveslosky has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2022.

On the other hand, his wife, Danica has $6 million in net worth. Exactly double the amount.

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Scott Sveslosky In 2022?

Despite being famous as the celebrity husband, he has a promising career of his own.

He has been an attorney working in this field for years now.

Furthermore, he serves as a partner at Shepherd Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP in Los Angeles.

Additionally, he serves as a contributing editor to Rutter Group’s Insurance Litigation California practice guide.

Lastly, Scott is on board of the global hunger Foundation and an adjunct professor at Woodbury University.

Scott Sveslosky Age

Scott Sveslosky is 47 years old today. He was born on February 18, 1976, in Tustin, California, USA.

Scott Sveslosky Wife

Scott Sveslosky is married to famous actress Danica McKellar. The couple began dating after Danica’s divorce from first husband Michael Verta. Scott and Danica married each other in 2014.

Scott Sveslosky Children

Scott Sveslosky was previously married to a woman whose identity remains unknown. With her, he shares a teenage son named Hunter. Scott also takes part in raising Danica’s son Draco, from her first marriage.

Scott Sveslosky Net Worth

Scott Sveslosky earns a massive salary of over $200,000. Today, in 2022, Scott has a net worth of over $3 million.

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