Simone Santos, Brendan Morais Ex-Wife: Age, Divorce, Now

Simone Santos, a captivating woman with a mysterious past, has managed to intrigue audiences with her enigmatic persona. Born on November 30, 1989, in Stoughton, USA, Simone is an American-Brazilian descent.

Her romantic life, too, remains shrouded in secrecy, as she prefers to keep her relationships low-key.

However, her former marriage to Brendan Morais, revealed on a reality TV show, sparked curiosity.

The couple, who were school sweethearts, ultimately divorced due to a difference in their desire for starting a family.

Her love for Brazil and passion for self-expression through dance and design have propelled her to create her own clothing line, Mata Gal.

Learn more about her.

Simone Santos Quick Facts

Birthday: November 30, 1989

Birthplace: Stoughton, USA

Age: 34 years old

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Relationship Status: Divorced

ExHusband: Brendan Morais

Children: None

Weight: 140 pounds

Net Worth: $100,000

Simone Santos Background

On November 30, 1989, Simone Santos was born in Stoughton, USA.

As of 2024, Simone she is 34 years old, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

We presume that Simone is the only child of her parents.

Similarly, there’s very little that we know about her parents besides Simone’s parents are Brazil natives and live there.

The 34-year-old belongs of America-Brazilian descent.

Furthermore, she has immense love and fondness for her parent’s native land.

Santos often mentions Brazil, which gives us an idea of how much she loves the country.

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Is Simone Santos Married?

People these days are pretty vocal about their significant other.

However, it’s not the case with Simone. She prefers keeping it low-key like it isn’t even a big deal.

But how long could she keep it unrevealed?

Previously, the 34-year-old was married to Brendan Morais.

Simone and Brendan were schoolmates-turned-sweethearts who eventually married.

Unfortunately, their love story that started years ago at a very young age did last them a lifetime.

Simone and Brendan split back in 2019, and their divorce finalized that very year as well.

Neither of the two had spoken about it until Brandon spilled some beans in a reality TV show about their divorce.

“There was no cheating, no abuse or addiction.”

Brandon stated that the couple simply fell out of love.

In the end, the deal-breaker was Simone’s disapproval of starting a family anytime soon.

“Children weren’t in her future; otherwise, I would have stuck it out at least initially in my mind.”

While Simone thought starting a family of secondary priority, Brendan differed from that view.

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Who Is Former Husband Brendan Morais?

If reality TV shows are your go-to thing during your leisure time, then Brendan is probably a familiar face to you.

And to those confused, he is a bonafide member of the hit reality show, ‘The Bachelorette.’

On the show, Brendan walked the viewers through his past relationships.

During an episode, he hesitantly shared about being married in the past, which got millions of fans curious about the heartthrob’s former partner.

In the show, he happens to find a partner for himself named Tayshia, who was head over heels for him.

The two hit off pretty quick, but it ended with Brendan having commitment issues. 

Later, Brendan broke up with her and self-eliminated himself from the show.

Moreover, many believed he was still not over his ex, or he was clinging to the divorce and the whole moving on the process in general.

As of now, he works as a commercial roofer in his family’s roofing business back in Los Angeles.

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Where Is Simone Santos Now

Simone garnered limelight and attention after Brendan mentioned her in the reality show.

However, she lives a low-key life.

As of now, the 34-year-old works as a fashion designer and a cinematographer.

Additionally, she is keen on dancing as she is a trained Samba dancer.

Lastly, she created her own clothing line called Mata Gal.

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Simone Santos Trivia

There are many things that people do not know about Simone. Most focus on her personal life with Brendan that sadly dissolved.

However, there’s more to Santos than just the ex-wife of a famous Reality TV star.

In love with her Brazilian roots, Simone decided to pursue a career where she could fully embrace one of the most famous Brazilian culture dances, Samba.

Similarly, while on a journey to fully express her love for art, Simone decided to express herself through designing.

So, Santos pursued professional Samba dancing and later tried her hand in designing too.

“I chose to dance because it’s one of my biggest passions and it’s maybe the funnest job ever! And I began designing because I love to create, and I love to express myself through my clothing. And even more than that, I love to make clothes that help women to feel confident, sexy, and at their very best.”

Unsurprisingly, Santos also maintains a very impressive body.

Standing tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches, Santos maintains a bodyweight of 140 pounds.

Mostly, Simone dances to maintain her fit shape. Also, her hard work in the gym allows Santos to enjoy Pizza which is her favorite food.

Simone Santos is 34 years old. Simone was born on November 30, 1989, in Stoughton, USA.

Simone Santos was previously married to her school sweetheart Brendan Morais. The couple divorced in 2019.

Simone Santos is a professional Samba dancer a fashion designer.

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