Stacie Zabka & Her Rich Life With Husband William Zabka

Married to one of the most famous actors in the action genre, Stacie Zabka has managed to keep the world on its toes.

What does her life with William Zabka, the Cobra Kai actor, look like? Luxury home, lifestyle, family, and more.  

Stacie Zabka Quick Facts


Birthplace: Missouri, United States of America

Age: 41 years old

Zodiac Sign: N/A

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: William Zabka (Actor)

Children: 2 sons

Who Is Stacie Zabka? Age, Early Life, Bio

While William Zabka is quite famous as it is for appearing in movies like Karate Kid and show like Cobra Kai, Stacie is quite the opposite.

Stacie Zabka was born in 1974 in Missouri, United States of America. Today, Stacie is 41 years old.

She was born as Stacie Lynn Doss to American native parents.

As it turns out, Stacie has kept family details a secret. Her parent’s name remains out of bounds.

It’s also unclear if Stacie has any siblings as well.

Stacie Zabka Education, College

Most Americans want their children to grow up as an educated citizens of the country. For this reason, they tend to focus on children’s education early on.

It was the same for Stacie’s parents as well.

From a very young age, Stacie joined the school and began learning the basics of education.

She outgrew herself, and soon, it was time for high school. During high school, Stacie also took part in college functions as well.

After high school graduation, Stacie applied for college and began pursuing her studies.

As of today, it remains unclear if Stacie finished her college education and continued further education.

On the other hand, her actor husband initially graduated from El Camino Real Charter High School.

After high school graduation, Zabka attended California State University and majored in film.

Married With William Zabka, Wedding

Stacie met her future husband, William Zabka, presumably back in the 2000s.

By that time, William was already a massive star in Hollywood.

After dating for quite some years, William took the next step and proposed to Stacie.

As she was in love with Zabka, she said yes, and the couple began preparing for their wedding ceremony.

In 2008, Stacie (née Doss) married William Zabka.

Unfortunately, the exact date of their marriage remains a mystery at the moment.

Since 2008, Stacie and William live together as happy husband and wife.

Stacie Zabka with husband William Zabka in 2010
Stacie Zabka with husband William Zabka in 2010. (GettyImages)

Stacie later changed her last name to Zabka and began introducing herself as Mrs. Zabka. Before that, she went by as Stacie Doss.

Stacie Zabka Family, Sons

After getting married to William Zabka, the couple took some time off before starting out a family.

Stacie and William have two children today, both sons.

One thing that the Zabka family is known for is their strong privacy concerns. Because of that, the couple hasn’t revealed anything about their sons.

As of today, the names of both the Zabka kids remain unknown.

William Zabka posts pictures of his son but never reveals their faces. He also never mentions their names as well.

Stacie Zabka's Sons

Stacie Zabka’s Sons. (Instagram)

But, the whole family loves adventure.

William Zabka posts pictures of traveling with his sons to snow-capped areas.

William Zabka with his two sons

William Zabka with his two sons. (Instagram)

Or sometimes, to lakes for a quick dive-in.

Stacie Zabka Career Vs William Zabka

This is where things are quite different for the Zabka couple.

When it comes to Stacie’s working life, things look oblivious. It’s really obscured.

For the most part, Stacie has remained very lowkey about her career.

Stacie has also kept her education details a secret as well.

On the other hand, her husband, William Zabka, is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood.

Starting his career in 1983, in a TV show called The Greatest American Hero, Zabka became famous for his work in Cobra Kai, The Karate Kid, and Equalizer.

William currently works as an actor and executive producer in Cobra Kai, running since 2018.

He portrays the character of Johnny Lawrence.

Stacie Zabka Net Worth

The wife of famous Hollywood star Stacie lives a very lowkey yet extremely luxurious life.

At the moment, Stacie’s net worth remains a mystery to everyone.

However, since she’s happily married, we assume that this couple shares their finances.

In that case, Stacie’s net worth is the same as her husband, William Zabka, who has a net worth of $3 million in 2021.

The couple lives in their California home and has a very comfortable life as well.

Stacie Zabka is 41 years old. She was born in born in 1974 in Missouri, United States of America.

Stacie Zabka is 5 feet 7 inches or 170cm tall in height.

Stacie Zabka has a net worth of $3 million in 2021.

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