Antonia Lofaso Age, Married, Daughter, Heavy D, Net Worth

Small steps lead to big changes, this phrase exactly matches the life story of a very renowned chef, Antonia Lofaso.

She has struggled in her career to make it to the top and has also lost the father of her child. But nothing stopped Antonia from achieving success.

Here’s everything that you need to know about her.

Quick facts about Antonia Lofaso

Full NameAntonia Lofaso
Nick NameAntonia
BirthdayNovember 23, 1976
Age47 years old
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, USA
EducationFrench Culinary Institute
Father’s Name
Mother’s Name
Height5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)
Weight68kg (150 lbs)
Shoe Size8
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Physique (Figure)Fit
Relationship StatusSingle
PartnerHeavy D (Deceased)
DaughterXea Myers
Net Worth$2 million
Social Media@chefantonia

Antonia & Heavy D: A Tragic Love Story

Let’s talk about the love story of the legendary rapper, Heavy D and his partner, the culinary expert Antonia Lofaso.

Heavy D
Heavy D. (Pinterest)

While the exact timeline of their romance remains uncertain, we do know that Antonia was in a serious relationship with Heavy D, whose real name was Dwight Arrington Myers.

You may also recognize him as the frontman of “Heavy D and the Boys,” the iconic hip hop group.

Together, Antonia and Heavy D brought a beautiful baby girl into this world and named her Xea.

Despite the lack of concrete information on the exact nature of their relationship, it’s safe to say that they were deeply in love and happy together.

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Death of Heavy D

In November 2011, the music industry received tragic news of the passing of Dwight Arrington Myers, also known as Heavy D.

The artist was only 44 years old when he passed away outside his Beverly Hills home.

According to reports, Heavy D had been experiencing flu-like symptoms for some time and had visited a doctor the day before his death.

Despite being rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, his condition continued to worsen, and the rapper eventually passed away.

The coroner’s report later revealed that Heavy D had died due to a pulmonary embolism, a condition in which a blood clot forms in one of the arteries leading to the lungs, causing breathing difficulties and if not treated on time, eventually leads to death.

The examiner further stated his strong beliefs that the clot formed during a long plane ride from London to Los Angeles, where Heavy D was traveling for a performance.

Heavy D was not just a renowned musician but also a loving father to his daughter Xea, whom he had with his ex-girlfriend Antonia Lofaso.

His untimely death left a void in the music industry and a massive hole in his daughter’s life, who had to grow up without her father’s love, guidance, and support.

Despite his passing, Heavy D’s music and legacy continue to inspire generations of artists and music lovers alike, and his tragic death serves as a reminder of how fragile life can be.

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Antonia After Heavy D’s Death

After Heavy D’s untimely passing, Antonia Lofaso struggled to cope with her grief and found it hard to see a way forward.

However, with the support of her friends and family, she was eventually able to regain her footing.

Antonia described the aftermath of Heavy D’s death as a “whirlwind,” and she found herself in survival mode.

In the years that followed, Antonia worked hard to keep Heavy D’s memory alive.

She shared that her business name, DinnerBelle Inc., was actually named by Heavy D himself many years prior.

Antonia felt a strong sentimental attachment to the name and decided to use it as the name of her company.

Through this, she was able to honor Heavy D’s legacy and keep his memory alive in her everyday life.

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Their Daughter Xea

Antonia Lofaso and Heavy D became parents to their daughter, Xea Myers, in 2000.

Antonia Lofaso, taking selfie with her daughter Xea Myers
Antonia Lofaso, taking selfie with her daughter Xea Myers. (Antonia/Instagram)

After Heavy D’s passing, Antonia and Xea found comfort in each other to help them deal with their grief.

Food has become a bonding activity for the mother-daughter duo, with Korean barbecue and sushi ranking high on their list of favorite cuisines.

Xea has also inherited her mother’s culinary skills and enjoys cooking.

Despite their love of cooking, they still prefer to dine out, with trips to Paris and Italy being all about exploring the local cuisine.

However, growing up, Xea always felt the void left by her father’s untimely death.

Xea spoke about missing her father dearly and expressed that she missed everything about him, from his laughter to his smile.

She wished that she could have daily conversations with him about music and life, and she ended her Father’s Day post by declaring her love for him.

Xea frequently shares photos on social media with her mother and acknowledges her strength as a single parent.

On Mother’s Day, she posted a monochrome photo of herself and her mother, thanking her for surviving life with her and wishing her a happy Mother’s Day.

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Has Antonia Lofaso Remarried?

As of now, Antonia Lofaso is not married and there is no public knowledge indicating that she is romantically involved with anyone.

It’s been a while since she was last seen in a romantic relationship, and she is currently raising her daughter as a single mother.

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Antonia Lofaso Early Career

Antonia Lofaso started her culinary journey after graduating from the French Culinary Institute, where she began her career as a chef at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, Spago.

Her passion for cooking and dedication towards her craft led her to work in many high-profile kitchens, serving celebrities.

In 2008, Antonia participated as a contestant on the popular TV show Top Chef, where she showcased her culinary skills and finished in fourth place.

She returned to the show in 2010 for Top Chef: All-Stars and impressed the audience by finishing in third place.

Antonia’s talent and expertise in the kitchen landed her a spot as a judge on the show Cutthroat Kitchen in 2013, where she displayed her culinary knowledge and provided valuable feedback to the contestants.

She also competed on an episode titled “Judging Judges” and emerged victorious.

Antonia’s fame as a chef continued to grow, and she appeared in the cooking show Selena+Chef, hosted by Selena Gomez.

Antonia’s impressive culinary skills and charming personality made her a household name, and she went on to appear in several TV shows such as Beat the Chefs and worked as a restaurant advisor for the CNBC TV show Restaurant Startup.

Her dedication towards her craft and hard work helped Antonia become one of the fasted rising chefs in a global standard.

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Antonia’s Later Career

In addition to her TV appearances, Antonia has also worked as a judge on Guy’s Grocery Game. With her hard work and experience, Antonia was well-prepared to begin her career as a chef.

Today, Antonia owns and serves as the executive chef for three restaurants located in Los Angeles: Black Market Liquor Bar, DAMA, and Scopa Italian Roots. All three of her restaurants became extremely famous in a very short span of time.

Aside from her career as a chef and entrepreneur, Antonia also released her first book, “The Busy Mom’s Cookbook,” in 2012. The book shares her tips and cooking ideas.

Antonia has also created her own chef wear company, “Chefletics.” The brand provides fashionable, comfortable, and technologically advanced culinary wear.

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Balancing Career & Being a Mother

Antonia Lofaso values the quality of time spent with children more than the quantity of time. She learned this lesson from her Italian father, who was a hard-working provider but also spent time with his family.

Antonia believes that her career never came in the way of good parenting.

More than anything, Lofaso always emphasized on the quality of time spent with children rather than the quantity.
One could spend days at a time with their children but if they’re just sitting around, it is not effective. However, if a parent, who is busy, spends just couple hours a day with their kids but is totally commited to spending time with them, doing activities, it wins.

Antonia’s daughter, Xea, grew up to become a gracious young woman and Antonia attributes this to her parenting style.

Antonia Lofaso and her daughter Xea Myers
Antonia Lofaso and her daughter Xea Myers (Facebook)

All the things she practiced as a single mother, allowed Xea to make her own choices and empowered her to do what she wants in life.

And Xea realized the effort her mother, Antonia has put into giving her the best life.

In an interview, Xea said,

“I’ve seen like this beautiful life we live together now, all the things that I’m able to have because of the hard work that she’s put into it. “

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Antonia Lofaso’s Age, Background & Childhood

Antonia Lofaso was born on November 23, 1976, in Northridge, Los Angeles, California. Lofaso is 47 years old.

She comes from a mixed ethnicity background of both Italian and Jewish roots.

Although born in Los Angeles, California, Antonia spent her childhood in the suburbs of Long Island in a Sicilian-Italian-Jewish-American family.

When asked about her favorite meal as a child, Antonia mentioned that she had two: her mom’s spaghetti with tomato sauce, topped with a mountain of Locatelli cheese, and her grandmother’s roast chicken with Yukon potatoes, white onion, and lots of olive oil, served with an iceberg salad.

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Net Worth

Chef Antonia Lofaso’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Her success in the restaurant business, cookbooks, and TV shows have contributed greatly to her wealth.

Lofaso currently owns four highly-rated restaurants, including Black Market Liquor Bar (2011–present) and Scopa Italian Roots (2013–present) in Los Angeles, as well as DAMA (2018–present) in Los Angeles and The Local Peasant in Woodland Hills and Sherman Oaks.

She currently lives in her Los Angeles home.

Furthermore, Antonia is very famous for following a healthy lifestyle that includes good food, exercise, ice baths, and always striving peace of mind.

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