Thomas David Black [Jack Black’s Son] Age, Childhood, Now In 2022

Thomas David Black sounds like a familiar name.

Maybe that’s because he’s the celebrity child of actor and rock comedian Jack black and professional musician Tanya Haden.

We have compiled some interesting details about Thomas in the article. 

Thomas David Black Quick Facts

Birthday: May 23, 2008

Birthplace: Beverly Hills, California

Age: 13 years old

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 4 feet 3 inches

Relationship Status: Single

Girlfriend: N/A

Children: None

Weight: 35 kg

Net Worth: Unknown

Thomas David Black Age, Background

Thomas David Black was born on May 23, 2008, in Beverly Hills, California.

He is 13 years old at present.

Thomas David is the youngest child to parents, Jack Black and Tanya Haden.

He grew up along with an elder brother, Samuel Jason Black, who was born in 2006.

Having very few gap differences, the brothers share a great bond.

Likewise, they belong to mixed ethnicity and are raised as Jewish.

For privacy reasons, any details about his educational qualifications, or school remains inaccessible to the public. .

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Who Are Thomas David Black’s parents?

Born on 1969 august 28, Jack black is an Actor, Comedian, singer, and a songwriter.

Jack Black
Jack Black. (Jack/Instagram)

He is mainly famous for being the lead vocalist in a Grammy Winning comedic Rock duo, Tenacious D, along with Kyle moss since 1994.

Likewise, the singer landed his acting role at the age of 13. With time he mastered acting and got hold of big-screen roles.

Some of his best-known works are in movies, Jumanji High Fidelity, King Kong, and Bernie, including many more.

This doesn’t stop here; the singer Voices “Po” in ‘King Fu Panda’ films.

He has been passionately and successfully handling all his career choices and doing exceptionally well to his day.

Furthermore, Tanya Haden is a professional musician and an artist.

To be more precise, Tanya is a cellist. Musical talent runs through her genes.

Tanya Haden
Tanya Haden. (Zimbio)

Right from her father, Charlie Haden, a well-renowned jazz bassist, to her triplet sister and her brother working as a bassist and a violinist.

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Jack Black and Tanya Haden Married Life

The duo knew each other long before starting a romantic bond.

They attended Crossroads School together. Things didn’t start there; however, jack admits having a crush on her at the very first sight.

“We met at school at 18, and I wasted 15 years waiting for my chance.”

For the most part of his adolescence, Jack remained Tanya’s big-time admirer.

Yet, the actor never managed to muster the guts to tell her how he felt about her. But we’ve all been to that place. Easy said than done.

They graduated and moved on with their respective lives.

After 15 years, in 2005, the pair met once again during a mutual friend’s birthday party, like it was destined to be.

While talking, both felt a spark of attraction towards one another that hinted towards a possible relationship.

Shortly after reuniting more than a decade later, Jack Black and Tanya began dating and were madly in love with one another.

The pair got married a year later in 2006 at Big Sur, California and the rest remains history.

A lot of people came to know about the wedding much later as the couple eloped and had a secret wedding.

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Thomas David Black in 2022

Thomas is a 13-year-old kid who is still relishing his childhood.

As per his age, Thomas must be attending his school while he is yet to kick start a career of his own or do something out of his passion.

Nevertheless, we are yet to see if he follows his parent’s footsteps or rather has a low-key life.

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Thomas Black On Acting

While we haven’t seen any official debut from Thomas, it looks like he’s already following in his father’s footsteps.

Jack Black shared in an interview how his sons have been very creative and made a film.

While this does not come as a surprise, given that their father is a Hollywood superstar, there’s something else that did.

Thomas and his older brother Samuel made a short film entirely with the help of their iPhones.

“They’ve been super creative lately. They both have made cool little short films on their iPhones. I [am] so proud and grateful for my family.”

Similarly, while Thomas Black does not have an official movie credit as of today, his brother Samuel Jason Black does.

Samuel Jacob Black
Samuel Jacob Black. (Zimbio)

Samuel worked as a voice actor in ‘Kung Fu Panda 3,’ one of Jack Black’s most famous works.

Samuel did a voice acting job for one of the ‘Rabbit Villagers’ in the movie.

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Growing Up With Jack Black

Everyone thinks that Jack Black is one of the goofiest and the coolest stars in Hollywood.

Yes, he has a knack for doing unexpected things at major events, but it’s what he likes to do, and fans can’t get enough of him.

Many expect that Black’s parenting style has some influence from that goofy personality too. And it’s true.

Jack Black admitted that he sometimes bags the ‘Bad Parent of The Year’ award in an interview.

That’s because he and his wife Tanya (Presumably) do not set strict restrictions around the boys when it comes to movies.

Black wins this award in the category of letting his kids watch mature content in movies and TV Shows.

This happens when his kids really insist on watching those kinds of movies.

However, it all comes with a catch.

Jack Black mentioned that his sons could watch movies and TV shows that contain mature content only if a parent or caregiver is around.

Moreover, the parent or caregiver should have the TV remote on their hands.

This is because Jack explains,

“As long as you have the remote in hand, so if something gets out of control, you can pause and have a little talk. As long as you’re there and aware of what’s going on and you’re ready to talk to them or ready to leave if it’s too intense.”

Thomas and Samuel also get a taste of different things in life when their father takes them places.

For example, Jack Black took Thomas Black and Samuel Black to a Hard Rock concert where Tenacious D performed.

Jack wanted his sons to know and appreciate hard rock and its glory.

Other times, the actor takes his sons to events like Billie Eilish concerts. Black also confessed that he likes Billie’s music.

Thomas David Black Age

Thomas David Black is 13 years old today. He was born on May 23, 2008, in Beverly Hills, California.

Thomas David Black Parents

Thomas David Black is the son of famous actor and musician Jack Black and his wife, artist Tanya Haden.

Thomas David Black Sibling

Thomas David Black has a brother named Samuel Jacob Black who is 15 years old today.

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