Where Is Sean Edward Hartman Today? [Phil Hartman’s Son]

Sean Edward Hartman is the elder celebrity child of late parents Phil Hartman and Brynn Hartman.

After shooting her husband and herself, reality became unimaginable for Sean for a while, and we can barely put in words what he went through.

Take a closer look at Sean’s life in the article below. 

Sean Edward Hartman Quick Facts

Full NameSean Edward Hartman
Nick NameSean
Birth DateJune 17, 1989
Age35 years old.
Birth PlaceVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
EducationMinneapolis College of Arts and Design
Father’s NamePhil Hartman
Mother’s NameBrynn Hartman
Biological SiblingsBirgen Anika Hartman
Half SiblingsN/A
Height5.9 feet (1.8 m)
Weight78 kg (170 lbs)
Shoe Size11 US Size
Hair ColorBrunette
Eye ColorDark Brown
Body MeasurementNot Disclosed
Physique (Figure)Chubby
GirlfriendRosana Angelina
Net Worth$1 million
Social MediaNot Disclosed

Is Sean Edward Hartman Married?

Not yet. However, wedding bells are in order for Sean and his lovely fiance.

As of today, Sean is dating a young woman named Rosana Angelina.

Sean Hartman with fiance Rosana Angelina
Sean Hartman with fiance Rosana Angelina. (Facebook)

Sean and Rosana have been dating for quite sometime now and have been together for years.

In April 2022, Sean and Rosana got engaged as Sean proposed to his girlfriend.

Similarly, the couple look forward to their wedding day, set on September 30, 2023.

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What is Sean Edward Up To Today?

Sean currently works as a graphic designer, actor, and voice artist.

As mentioned, after facing a life-changing tragedy, he stays low profile and doesn’t indulge in conversations/appearances with media of any kind.

Sean Edward Hartman on mic
Sean Edward Hartman on mic. (Facebook)

Moreover, he refrains from sharing his further plans and success with the audience and works in silence.

Lastly, he resides in Oakland and enjoys his life away from fame.

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Sean Edward Hartman Age, Background

Born on June 17th, 1989 in the United States, Sean Edward Hartman is 35 years old.

Sean comes of English, German, and Irish Descent.

He is the elder son of the late Phil Hartman and Brynn Hartman.

The celebrity kid grew up with a younger sibling, Birgen Anika Hartman, who works as a real estate agent today.

Birgen is a graduate of Minnesota University; Birgen also owns a business at present.

She has been living a blissful marital life as well with her husband Brandon since 2018.

Likewise, Sean did his majors in art studies at the Minneapolis College of art and design.

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Who Are Sean’s Parents?

Phil Hartman and Brynn Hartman
Phil Hartman and Brynn Hartman. (Nydaily)

Phil Hartman, Sean’s dad, is a Canadian actor, comedian, and graphic designer.

He rose to prominence through the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday night live as a stand-up comedian.

Phil also worked as a graphic designer, followed by starring in few movies, including ‘Houseguest,’ ‘Greedy’ among many others.

Phil was best known for his witty, comedic villain’s character in the movies, which totally contradicted his real-life personality traits.

Similarly, Phil’s wife, Brynn Hartman, was a former model and an aspiring actress.

However, Brynn wasn’t that established in her career and had a struggling actor’s phase going on.

On the other hand, Phil was doing exceptionally well. He left such an impression through his work and his colleagues who still talk about him to date.

Moreover, his wife Brynn envied his success, which often caused the disparity between the two.

The duo first met each other on a blind date in the year 1987 and married her after dating for a short while.

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Phil’s Previous Marriages

Before marrying Brynn Hartman, Phil was married twice.

In 1970, the actor married Gretchen Lewis. While both loved each other immensely, their marriage fell apart in less than two years.

In 1972, Phil and Gretchen got a divorce.

After his first divorce, Phil took some time off from dating. Eventually, he met Lisa Jarvis, the perfect woman for him. Well, so he thought.

In 1982, Phil and Lisa married each other. Unfortunately, this marriage ended in divorce too.

In 1985, Hartman and Jarvis divorced and went their separate ways.

Two years later, Phil married Brynn Omdahl.

For the most part, it looked like Phil’s marriage with Brynn would last until death did them apart. In a sense, it did too.

The couple welcomed two beautiful children from their marriage and lived a happy life as a married couple.

In 1998, about a decade after their wedding, a massive tragedy took place.

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Bang! Brynn Killed Phil

Phil Hartman and Brynn’s death story remains one of the most sinister events in the ’90s.

Their incident left fans and the general public with dozens of unanswered questions about that day.

On 28th May 1998, a very heated argument took place between the couple after Brynn returned from having dinner with friends.

After the argument, Phil went to bed.

Bryn took out the .38 Smith & Wesson from her guns collection, went to the room, and shot Phil as he slept.

Bryn pulled the trigger multiple times, aiming at Phil’s head and chest. The actor died then and there.

Terrified with the realization of what she had done, Brynn then drove to her friend Ron Douglas’ house to confess the crime she did.

The event sounded so bizarre that even her friend refused to believe it and took it as a joke instead.

While the friend, who did not believe her confession insisted that Brynn go home and sleep, she requested him to follow her the way back.

When Ron entered the Hartman home, he found Phil’s slain body on the couple’s bed.

Ron called 9-1-1 and reported the incident. A few moments later when police took Sean and Birgen out and closed in on Brynn.

Panic-stricken Brynn locked herself in the same bedroom where Phil’s body was and called her sister.

When the police banged on the door, asking Brynn to open it, she shot herself and committed suicide.

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Reason Behind Phil’s Death

According to some insiders in the actors’ life, most of Phil Hartman’s relationships would start off extremely intense, both emotionally and sexually.

As the relationship progressed, Phil would begin to withdraw emotionally.

Moreover, Brynn struggled with alcohol and drug abuse and suffered emotional instability most times.

All this, coupled with antidepressants and her super-charged temper, left Brynn prone to extremely aggressive outbursts.

Some even claim that Brynn struggled to come to terms with Phil’s massive success.

Also, his reclusive behavior did not help the marriage become stable too.

Around May in 1998, the month when the incident took place, Brynn had been in and out of rehab.

Most probably, her emotional stability wasn’t the best during those times.

One of Brynn’s friends, whom she had dinner with on the night of the murder, said that Brynn only had two drinks and did not seem upset.

What caused an altercation between the couple that led to a vicious fight remains unknown at the moment.

But according to her confession to Ron Douglas and her other friend Judy, Brynn went and murdered Phil after the fight when he had gone to sleep.

When the authorities asked Sean about the incident, he said that the gunshots sounded like someone violently banging a door shut multiple times.

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After Parents Death

After the horrifying incident that left Sean and his sister orphans, one of their relatives stepped in.

Mike and Katherine Wright, one of the two kid’s aunts and uncles, decided to take care of them.

Katherine and Mike did not have children of their own, so they decided to take in the two Hartman kids. They lived together for some time in their Edina, Minnesota home.

Later, Phil’s brother, John Hartman, took in Sean and Birgen.

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Sister Birgen Anika Hartman Today

Unlike her brother, Birgen Anika Hartman has a pretty public personal life.

Birgin Anika Hartman with her husband Brandon Dragos
Birgen Anika Hartman with her husband, Brandon Dragos. (Brandon/Facebook)

Birgen Hartman is happily married to her husband Brandon Dragos, co-owner at DexaFit, Inc.

Birgen, who is a real estate agent, founded DexaFit, a company that does DXA Body Composition Scans and helps people remodel their bodies.

She founded DexaFit with her husband in 2016, and the couple still runs the company as co-owners and serves in different positions.

As of today, her husband, Brandon Dragos, serves as a CFO and CBDO for the company.

Brandon and Birgen dated each other for years.

We’ve found pictures of the couple that goes back to 2013.

Birgen Anika Hartman with her husband Brandon
Birgen Anika Hartman with her husband Brandon in 2013. (Brandon/Facebook)

After years of dating, Birgen and Brandon married each other in a private wedding ceremony in Italy.

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Sean Edward Hartman Net Worth

The voice artist has amassed a net worth of $1 million from his independent career to date.

Furthermore, Sean and his sister received a massive sum from his father Phil’s Hartman’s will, which specified particular terms for the inheritance of his fortune.

Phil set apart his fortune in three installments and mandated that it be distributed to his kids if they meet the set terms.

For starters, Phil mandated that both of his children have to be 25 years old with four years of college and obtain a degree.

Doing so would get the Hartman kid’s first installment from the approximately $3 million fortune Phill left.

Secondly, they would each receive the second installment when they reach the age of 30 years old.

Finally, Phil’s legal team will release the third and final installment of his fortune when each of his children reaches the age of 35 years old.

As of today, Sean, 35, has received two installments from his father’s fortune.

On the other hand, his sister Birgen, who is 32 years old, has only received the first installment.

Sean Edward Hartman is 35 years old today. He was born on June 17, 1989, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sean Edward Hartman was born to famous actor Phil Hartman and his wife, actress and model Brynn Hartman.

Sean Hartman and his mother died in a domestic violence related murder-suicide incident. After an altercation on May 28, 1998, Sean’s mother Brynn shot Phil Hartman in head and chest. Later, she shot herself and commited suicide.

Sean Edward Hartman has a younger sister named Birgen Anika Hartman. She was born in February 1992 and her age is 32 years old. Birgen is married to her husband Brandon Dragos. The two own a company together.

Sean Hartman enjoys a quiet life in Oakland, California and works as a graphic designer, actor, and a voice artist. Sean also enjoys singing and playing musical instruments.

Sean Edward Hartman has a net worth of $1 million as of 2024.

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