Trevor Brolin [Josh Brolin Son] Age, Parents, Wife, Now in 2021

Trevor Brolin is the elder celebrity child of actor parents Josh Brolin and Alice Adair.

His entire family is passionately working in the entertainment field like it was destined to be. Trevor followed his parent’s footsteps in the industry.

However, he decided to remain at the back of the cameras and do his magic.

If you want to know more about him, below is the collection of his life details.

Trevor Brolin Quick Facts

Birthday: June 26, 1988

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Age: 33 years old

Zodiac Sign: Cancer  

Height: 5 feet 10 inches 

Parents: Josh Brolin & Alice Adair

Relationship Status: Unknown

Girlfriend: Unknown             

Children: None                 

Weight: 65kg

Net Worth: $1-$2 Million

Trevor Brolin Age, Background

Trevor Mansur Brolin was born on June 26, 1988, making him 33 years old today.

The 33-year-old is the oldest celebrity kid of actor parents Josh Brolin and Alice Adair.

Likewise, Trevor grew up along with his younger sister, Eden Broil, who is best known as an actress and singer.

Adair is best known for her portrayal of Charlie singer’s character in the beyond TV series.

Furthermore, he has two half-siblings from his father’s third marriage named Chapel and Westlyn Grace Brolin.

Similarly, he has a half-sibling named Peter Swanke from his mother’s relationship after the divorce from Josh Brolin.

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More About Trevor Brolin’s Parents

Like mentioned, Trevor is the eldest son of actor parents Josh Brolin and Alice Adair.

Josh Brolin, Eden Brolin and Alice Adair
Josh Brolin, Eden Brolin and Alice Adair. (Eden/Instagram)

There are chances you might not know who Alice is, but there’s no chance you don’t know about Josh.

All his millennial fans exclusively know him as Thanos from the Marvel movie ‘Avengers.’

Yes, Josh portrayed the fictional character of Thanos in ‘Avengers.’ and earned millions of fans from it.

Likewise, he has appeared in numerous movies and TV series throughout his career.

Moving ahead, Alice Adair is also a known name in the industry from the ’90s.

Even though she portrayed many strong roles with her amazing acting skills, somehow, her career reached the highest peak like Josh’s.

Hence, she quit acting to take care of her family.

Josh and Alice met each other during a shoot and realized there was an instant connection.

Quickly, the pair decided to get married. Alice and Josh married in 1988 at the very young age of 22 and 20, respectively.

Their marriage became a big responsibility for the duo to maintain as they were both in the crucial phase of their respective careers.

The duo celebrated their nuptial bond for six years until they parted ways in 1995.

Moreover, the former partners moved on and are absolute best friends at present.

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Trevor Brolin Siblings

Alice Adair with her children
Alice Adair with Peter Swanke, Eden Brolin, and Trevor Brolin. (Eden/Instagram)

Apart from his younger sibling Eden, he has two half-siblings from his father’s latter marriages.

Josh shared a relationship with a couple of women after his split with Alice.

Currently, he has been married to model Kathryn Boyd since 2016, with whom he shares two children Westlyn and Chapel.

Similarly, Alice married a man named Peter Swanke in the early 2000s. She and her husband welcomed a son in April 2005 and named him Peter Swanke Jr.

Unfortunately, Alice and her husband Peter separated in 2011 and eventually divorced.

Since then, Alice, who goes by the name Deborah, hasn’t been in a relationship, not publicly at least.

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Is Trevor Brolin Married?

Without a doubt, Trevor is a supremely talented individual with good recognition in the industry.

What compliments his talent is his attractive physique. With this, we can assume he does have a lot of female attention at all times.

He has refrained from getting into controversies of any sort.

Unfortunately, he avoids opening up about his personal life to the public. With that being said, he is presumable single at present.

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What is Trevor Brolin Up to in 2021?

The 33-year-old has been working as an actor, producer, and writer.

Similarly, he played a brief role in the film; all kids count.

As of 2021, Trevor is still engaged in the same profession, making a hefty fortune for him.

Nevertheless, he prefers a low-key life. Because of his private nature, Trevor never received huge media attention like his other family members.

Trevor Brolin Age

Trevor Brolin is 33 years old today. He was born on June 26, 1988, in Los Angeles California.

Trevor Brolin Parents

Trevor Brolin is the son of famous Hollywood actors Josh Brolin and Alice Adair. His parents divorced in 1995.

Trevor Brolin Siblings

Alice Adair with her children

Trevor Brolin has one biological sibling named Eden Brolin. Similarly, he has one half-brother named Peter Swanke from Alice Adair’s later marriage and two half-sister named Chapel & Westlyn from Josh Brolin’s later marriage.

Trevor Brolin Married Or Not?

As of today, Trevor has not revealed about his personal life. Because of that, it remains a mystery whether he is married with a wife or not.

Trevor Brolin Now

As of 2021, Trevor works as an actor, producer, and writer.

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