Vivian Ridge: Bob Ross’ First Wife | Personal Life, Dead or Alive?

Vivian Ridge continues to captivate minds, leaving many pondering: Is she alive or dead?

While some assert that she tragically passed away in the late ’70s, mere years after her divorce from the famed painter Bob Ross, others claim she lost a long battle with cancer in 2018.

Who was Vivian Ridge, this elusive figure intertwined with the life of an artistic icon?

We’ve uncovered her mysterious personal life finally. Continue below to learn more.

Vivian Ridge Quick Facts

Full NameVivian Ridge
Nick NameVivian
BirthdayJuly 2, 1946
Birth PlaceWake Forest, North Carolina, USA
Father’s Name
Mother’s Name
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Weight51 kg (112 lbs)
Shoe Size6.5
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Physique (Figure)Fit
Relationship StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandBob Ross
SonSteve Ross
Famous AsBob Ross’ Ex-Wife
Net Worth
Social Media

Is Vivian Ridge Alive or Dead?

Vivian Ridge is dead. She sadly passed away in late 80s, many years after divorce from her husband Bob Ross.

However, some claim that Ridge died in 2018 after losing longtime battle with cancer.

Who is Vivian Ridge? Wiki, Age, Family

Vivian Ridge, the former wife of the renowned American painter Bob Ross, was born on July 24, 1946, in Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA.

Despite gaining fame through her marriage to Bob Ross, Vivian maintained a quiet life and seldom discussed her personal life or related details.

She chose to keep much of the information about her family, including her parents’ names and whereabouts, private. Similarly, Vivian rarely mentioned her siblings or provided insights into her early years in her hometown.

As an ordinary individual who gained attention due to her marriage with Bob Ross, Vivian’s early life and family background are not widely known or extensively documented in the media.

Vivian, an American citizen, belonged to a Caucasian ethnic background. However, since Bob Ross wasn’t well-known at the time of their marriage, limited information about Vivian’s early life is available in public records.

Furthermore, specific details about her birthdate and family remain undisclosed.

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How Did Bob Ross and Vivian Ridge Meet?

Bob and Vivian reportedly crossed paths in 1961 during their employment at Pittsburgh’s WQED-TV.

At the time, Bob was part of the creative team, while Vivian worked in production.

However, an alternative claim suggests that they initially connected during their time in high school and later reconnected when Bob was serving in the US Air Force.

As neither Bob nor Vivian has provided a definitive statement, it remains uncertain which of these accounts is accurate.

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Bob Ross and His Wife Vivian Ridge

After tying the knot in 1965, Bob and Vivian relocated to New York and enjoyed more than a decade of marriage.

Bob Ross and his first wife Vivian Ridge.
Bob Ross and his first wife Vivian Ridge.

Roughly a year following their wedding, they welcomed their only son.

However, despite the initial love they shared, their relationship gradually deteriorated.

In 1977, Vivian reportedly accused Bob of being unfaithful, which contributed to their eventual separation.

However, the precise reasons for their detachment remain unclear.

For numerous fans, who perceived Bob Ross as a genuinely kind-hearted individual, struggled to accept the speculation surrounding his faithfulness.

Vivian and Bob Ross’ Children

They welcomed their only son Robert Stephen Ross on August 1, 1966. he followed in his father’s footsteps and is now a professional painter.

As he was with his father for the majority of his formative years. When Steve first started seeing his father’s paintings, he became enamored with them later making it his own career.

Why Did Bob Ross and Vivian Ridge Divorce?

After over 12 years of marriage, the couple divorced, with Bob being blamed for being unfaithful. Yet, no additional assertions or justifications for the same were made.

The divorce procedures were done quietly, and no more details of it were disclosed to the public.

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Bob Ross and Vivian’s Son: Steve Ross

Bob Ross and Vivian Ridge became parents to their only son, Robert Stephen (Steve) Ross, on August 1, 1966. Steve is 57 years old.

Bob Ross with his son Steve Ross
Bob Ross with his son Steve Ross.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Steve pursued a career as a professional painter. Growing up, Steve spent the majority of time with his father. His father’s artwork inspired his own interest in painting. And thus, the journey began.

Under his father’s guidance, Steve began learning the art of painting and slowly improved his skill.

He even made appearances on his father’s show, “The Joy of Painting.”

During one of the episodes, Bob Ross described Steve as a lifelong passionate painter and teacher.

Steve’s journey as a painter began in his childhood, and his talent became evident when he sold his first picture at the age of 12.

Working as a painting instructor in California, he shared his love for teaching and creating artwork, with a particular fondness for painting mountains.

Steve Went Into Depression

The passing of Bob Ross deeply affected Steve, leading him into a profound depression.

Steve gradually recovered from his depression and made the decision to dedicate his life to art.

He chose to remain out of the spotlight for a considerable period but continued his craft behind the scenes.

Currently, Steve Ross collaborates with his business partner, Dana Jester, hosting various workshops and demonstrations.

In 2021, he gained significant public attention with the release of the documentary titled “Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal, and Greed,” which provided insights into Bob Ross’ life and career without reiterating previously mentioned information.

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Who Was Bob Ross?

Robert Norman Ross, commonly known as Bob Ross, was an American painter, art instructor, and television host.

Bob Ross
Bob Ross

He was born on October 29, 1942, in Dayton Beach, Florida, USA.

Bob was born to Jack, a carpenter, and Ollie Ross, a waitress. He had a half-brother named Jim Ross.

Bob dropped out of high school to assist his father in the carpentry shop and was unable to complete his studies.

However, his passion for painting was ignited during his time in the military.

While stationed in Alaska, he encountered the breathtaking icy landscapes that would inspire him to paint for the rest of his life.

Bob Ross created approximately 30,000 paintings during his lifetime.

In addition to his artistic work, Bob made appearances on TV shows like The Joan Rivers Show” and the “Phil Donahue Show.”

Sadly, Bob Ross passed away on July 4, 1995, in Orlando, Florida, after a prolonged battle with lymphoma.

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Why Everyone Likes Bob Ross?

Bob Ross, an esteemed and beloved American painter, gained widespread acclaim for his distinctive artistic style and optimistic philosophy.

The debut of his show “The Joy of Painting” on PBS in 1983 marked a significant milestone in the realm of art instruction television programs.

Bob Ross’s infectious positivity deeply resonated with his audience, and he became renowned for his iconic quote, “We don’t make mistakes; we have happy accidents.”

His reassuring words and uplifting demeanor created an atmosphere of joy and inspiration, captivating viewers and solidifying his status as a cherished figure in the art world.

Bob Ross possessed a calm and inspirational personality that shone through in his painting demonstrations.

He not only shared his artistic techniques but also imparted philosophical insights and words of wisdom.

In moments when he incorporated dark colors into his artwork, he would often remark,

“We need dark so we can show light,” emphasizing the importance of contrast and perspective.

Furthermore, Bob Ross’s influence extended beyond the realm of art.

In 2017, a Deadpool movie trailer playfully parodied Bob’s distinctive painting style, garnering significant popularity.

You can check out the video here.

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Bob Ross Married Three Times

Bob Ross married not once not twice but thrice.

Following his divorce from Vivian, Bob Ross found love again and married Jane Ross in the same year.

Bob and Jane’s paths crossed during his military service, as she worked as a secretary at the Air Force base. Their connection blossomed rapidly, culminating in their marriage in 1977.

Despite their deep love and companionship, the couple did not have children together.

Unfortunately, their happiness was marred by tragedy when Jane was diagnosed with cancer in 1992.

Regrettably, she passed away later that year, leaving Bob devastated by the loss of his beloved wife.

Bob’s third and final marriage was to Lynda Brown.

However, around the time of their wedding, Bob’s health had started to decline due to lymphoma.

Merely two months into their union, Bob succumbed to the disease, and Lynda became a widow.

Information regarding Bob Ross’s personal life and relationships is scarce, with only a few interviews featuring his close circle of friends and family available, as seen in the 2011 PBS documentary “Bob Ross: The Happy Painter.”

It is important to note that other conversations and details were destroyed as part of a legal settlement between Bob Ross’s family and Bob Ross Inc.

Bob Has a Son Named Jimmie Cox

Not many people know this but Bob Ross has another son named Jimmie Cox. In fact, Jimmie is Bob’s first born so.

Bob welcomed Jimmie when he was just a teenager.

As of today, the name of Jimmie’s mother remains undisclosed.

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Bob Ross’s Net Worth

Bob Ross left behind his net worth of $1 million dollar after his death which included his estate worth $1.3 million.

After Bob Ross’ death, Bob Ross, Inc. (BRI) acquired the intellectual property rights associated with the painter.

His son, Steve did not receive any monetary compensation from this acquisition.

He filed a lawsuit, asserting that his father had never intended to relinquish control and citing a clause in his will that granted Steve and his half-brother, Jimmie Cox, rights to his name, likeness, and recorded work.

Steve and Cox claimed that Bob Ross had intended to bestow upon them art-related rights, such as a line of paints or licensed training courses based on his technique.

They also argued that Steve was the sole owner of significant assets, including the episodes. Unfortunately, Steve lost the case.

Nevertheless, the outcome of the lawsuit inspired Steve to move forward and establish a business under his own name.

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