Where is Annie Martell Today After John Denver’s Death?

Annie Martell is best recognized as the former celebrity wife of late country singer, songwriter, and activist John Denver.

After their marriage, Annie enjoyed a lot of media attention and limelight as people were curious to know more about the celebrity wife.

Annie Martell Quick Facts

Full Name: Annie Martell

Date of Birth: September 6, 1946

Age: 76 years old

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Current Residence: United States of America

Birth Place: Minnesota, United States of America

Nationality: America

Religion: Christianity

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5 feet 6 inch

Weight: 60 Kg

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Dating

ExHusband: Late John Denver

Children: Anna Kate and Zachary John Denver

Profession: Not Disclosed

Famous as: John Denver’s Ex-wife



Net Worth: Not Disclosed

Annie Martell Wiki, Age, Bio

Annie Martell was born on September 6, 1946, making her 75 years old as of 2022.

Martell was born and brought up in Minnesota, USA.

Annie is one of 4 children of her parents, Jim and Norma Martell.

Unfortunately, Norma passed away back in 2018.

However, she has barely mentioned any details concerning her parent’s information and their whereabouts.

Martell grew up with three siblings named Linda, Teri, and Ben Martell.

Again, not much about her siblings is known either.

She attended Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota.  

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Annie Martell Married Life, Husband

The famous Annie Martell became renowned as the celebrity wife of the late country singer and songwriter John Denver.

Annie Martell with ex-husband John Denver
Annie Martell with ex-husband John Denver. (Pinterest)

It was 1966 when the singer met his former wife while he was performing with his band at Adolphus College and Annie was a sophomore there.

Martell and Denver two crossed paths for the first time there and clicked on the first meeting.

The pair then dated for a few months before tying the knots in a lavish yet intimate wedding ceremony on September 6, 1967.

After the wedding, Annie was fortunate enough to share the fame of her husband, who was enjoying a progressively rising career.

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The couple was happy in other aspects of their marriage, except for one. Despite several tries, Annie was unable to conceive.

They both desired to start a family, but it wasn’t a success, so they opted for the alternate method.

The couple adopted two children, Anna Kate and Zachary John Denver.

John Denver with his adoptive kids
John Denver with his adoptive kids. (Pinterest)

Zach was born on May 23, 1974, and Anna was born in 1976.

Both their children refrained from being in the limelight, which limited the information about them.

Zach chose to pursue his career in Politics, but his current political affiliation is unclear.

Likewise, not much is known about her career or her whereabouts at present.

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Everything was well settled and untroubled for the pair for more than a decade of their marriage.

But this wasn’t going to last any longer. The singer was accused of multiple episodes of infidelity, which shattered their decade-long marriage.

In 1982 Annie filed for divorce.

Another reason for their divorce came forward was Denver’s professional demands.

Both remained tight-lipped about it yet maintained a healthy friendship post their estranged marriage.

Neither the two spoke ill of each other nor held grudges for whatever happened in the past.

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Who is Annie Martell’s Ex-Husband, Late John Denver?

John Denver was born on December 31, 1943, in Roswell, New Mexico, USA.

He was best recognized as a singer, songwriter, actor, and activist.

Denver rose to fame in the early 60s and picked up a pace that gave him a rewarding career.

By the 70s, he was tagged as one of the decade’s most popular and best-selling performer artists.

He recorded more than 300 songs, among which many were enormous hits.

Denver even composed a song for his wife, Annie, which became one of the most famous songs that reached on top of the musical charts in 1974.

Unfortunately, the singer lost his life in a tragic flying accident when his antique 1931 biplane crashed off the northern coast of California at Halbrook Municipal Airport.

Upon proper investigation, the experts concluded that his plane had inadequate preflight planning and preparations.

Reports suggested that the plane also had low fuel, a hard-to-access handle used to switch gas tanks, and unmarked modifications to the homemade airplane.

Experts say that the combination of these different aspects caused the tragic accident.

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Did Annie Martell Remarry?

Post their separation; both moved on with their respective lives.

The singer found love once again in actress Cassandra Delaney.

It was almost like Annie withdrew herself from the limelight. It was never known whether or not she remarried.

Her life after the divorce was very low-key.

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Annie Martell’s Net Worth

As of today, Annie’s net worth remains unknown.

She reportedly received a significant amount in a divorce settlement from her ex-husband John Denver.

However, the divorce settlement details also remain undisclosed.

On the other hand, John Denver had an estimated net worth of $60 million at the time of his death.

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Where is Annie Martell Now In 2022?

As aforementioned, Annie’s existence after her divorce was lowkey, and she barely made appearances after that.

There is no updated information about Annie at present.

Nevertheless, Annie must live a content and peaceful life wherever she is.

How Old Is Annie Martell?

Annie Martell is 76 years old. She was born on September 6, 1946, in Minnesota, USA.

Annie Martell Married Life

As of today, Annie Martell is unmarried. She was previously married to famous singer John Denver from 1967 to 1982.

Annie Martell Children

Annie Martell and John Denver never conceived a child together. The couple later adopted two children, a daughter named Anna Kate and son Zachary John Denver.

Annie Martell Net Worth

As of today, Annie Martell’s net worth remains a secret. She reportedly received huge divorce settlement but the details remain undisclosed.

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