Cathy Goodman [Tony Hawk Wife] Things You Should Know

Cathy Goodman is a film producer best known as the celebrity wife of legendary and influential skateboarder, producer, and entrepreneur, Tony Hawk.

After their marriage, viewers were keen to discover more about her as she is Tony Hawk’s fourth wife.

Cathy Goodman Quick Facts

Birthday: May 14, 1961

Birthplace: London, United Kingdom

Age: 62 years old

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 58 kg

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: Tony Hawk

Ex-husband: Matt Goodman

Children: Miles Goodman and Calvin Goodman

Net Worth: $140 million (Tony Hawk)

Cathy Goodman Wiki, Age, Bio

Cathy Goodman was born on May 14, 1961, making her 62 years old.

She was born and raised in London, United Kingdom.

She is one of three children of Catherine Bennet and her husband, who has remained anonymous so far.

Similarly, Cathy grew up along with two brothers named Michael and David.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about her brothers as they remain away from the limelight.

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Who Is Cathy Goodman Married To?

Goodman is married to Tony Hawk, the world’s most famous skateboarder up until this date.

Cathy Goodman with Husband Tony Hawk
Cathy Goodman with Husband Tony Hawk. (Cathy/Instagram)

Tony Hawk, aka Anthony Frank Hawk, was born on May 12, 1968.

He is a native of San Diego, California, USA.

Tony is best known as a professional skater, entrepreneur, and founder of a skateboard company, Birdhouse.

The skater is often addressed as Birdman by his fans for obvious reasons.

Tony, who started skateboarding at a very young age, became a pro at the age of 14 years old.

Similarly, he reigned as the World Champion of the National Skateboard Association for 12 years in a row!

Hawk has been a strong advocate for skateboarding’s inclusion in the Olympics.

After years of advocating on a global scale, Skateboarding finally made its Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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Cathy & Tony’s Relationship

Cathy was previously married to Matt Goodman for 20 years.

From their 20-year-long unions they welcomed two sons, Miles and Calvin.

Due to indifferences, the pair divorced and went separate ways.

It wasn’t long after the divorce that Cathy started dating her ex-husband’s very close buddy, Tony Hawk, in 2011.

Apparently, Tony and Cathy connected on a different level as they began conversing about random things.

Soon, both realized how similar their ideologies were and perspectives towards life in general.

While Cathy was fresh out of a marriage, Tony was still married to his third wife, Lhotse.

Nevertheless, the couple decided to make it work.

Now, many people have this question. Are Tony and Matt still friends?

The answer is yes. Tony and Matt are still good friends.

So, to avoid any complications, Tony came clear about his relationship with Cathy to, Matt (Cathy’s ex-husband).

Shockingly Matt was very supportive of their relationship and didn’t think otherwise.

He even said having his suspicions before Tony came with his confession.

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What Was The Wedding Like?

Tony married his long-time girlfriend, Cathy, on June 27, 2015, in Limerick, Ireland.

The groom wore a black suit, while his bride wore a less typical black lace gown.

A gold headdress and a bunch of red roses accompanied the floor-length lace gown.

Now, this isn’t either of the two’s first marriage. We are aware of Cathy’s previous relationship, but what about Tony?

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How Many Wives Has Tony Had So Far?

And the answer is 3, excluding his recent marriage with Cathy.

The skateboarder celebrated his first marriage with Cindy Dunbar in 1990 but split after three years together.

Similarly, Tony got remarried Erin Lee in the year 1996. While this marriage looked promising, they announced their split eight years in 2004.

He was able to find love for the third time with Lhotse Merriam and took vows in 2006.

After five years of being married, their relationship turned sour, and there were some other reasons, including infidelity from Tony’s side.

He reportedly left Lhotse to be with Cathy, and by the time Cathy and Matt divorced, Tony and Cathy’s relationship began taking a romantic turn.

Nevertheless, his 4th marriage with Cathy remains strong to date, and we see a happy, content couple so far.

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How Many Children do Cathy and Tony Have?

The pair have been married for six years now, but they don’t share any children together.

However, they gladly co-parent their children from their previous relationship.

Cathy Goodman with husband and all their kids
Cathy Goodman with husband and all their kids. (Pinterest)

Fortunately, both of them maintain a great bond with each other’s children, which makes co-parenting even easier.

Having a supportive partner is a blessing, isn’t it?

As mentioned already, Cathy and her ex-husband Matt welcomed two sons from their marriage. They are Miles Goodman and Calvin Goodman.

On the other hand, Tony has a total of 4 children from his past three relationships.

His eldest son Hudson Riley Hawk is a professional street Skater.

Similarly, from his second marriage, he has two sons, Spencer, who is an electronic music producer, and Keegan, who is currently studying photography in Seattle.

Likewise, his youngest daughter is Kadence Clover Hawk from his third marriage.

Both of them are doing an exceptional job in parenting and maintaining a great bond with one another’s children and their previous partners.

Along with their children, the couple resides in San Diego, California, USA.

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What Does Cathy Goodman Do For a Living?

During 80’s Cathy was a Punk rock skater and spent most of her days learning and practicing skills and tricks.

When Cathy did not see a future in skateboarding, she switched career paths.

At present, Cathy is a theater and a film producer.

Apart from that, he enjoys the limelight as the celebrity wife of the legendary skater Tony Hawk.

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Cathy Goodman Now

Cathy has been working as a producer for some notable works like ‘Digging To China,’ ‘Erotic Confession,’ and many more.

Similarly, Cathy, along with her husband, is preparing a Broadway musical named Slam with live skating, and it will start premiering once the theatres reopen.

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Cathy Goodman and Tony Hawk’s Net Worth

For the most part, Cathy remains quiet when it comes to her finances. However, as a film producer, she surely earns generously.

On the other hand, her husband of over a decade, Tony, can hardly avoid media attention.

As of today, Tony Hawk has a net worth of $140 million.

Thanks to his skating career and extremely popular video game series, Tony was able to make a living out of his hobby.

So much so that his game has outsold legendary games like Super Mario.

And it’s not surprising to see such massive net worth, given that he’s the founder of Birdhouse Skateboards, one of the best brands in the skateboarding industry.

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Cathy & Tony Hawk House Tour

Cathy and her husband Tony live in one of San Diego’s coolest neighborhoods.

The couple’s home has three bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a children’s playroom.

The house also has a home office and a collectibles section where he keeps the majority of his trophies and accolades.

Furthermore, the house also has an Asian-themed backyard with a skate park, trampoline, and pool outside the house.

A Jacuzzi and a grilling area are also available in the garden.

Lastly, there is a parking lot in front of the house.

Cathy Goodman is 62 years old today. She was born on May 14, 1961, in London, United Kingdom.

Cathy Goodman is a 62 years old, teenage-skater-turned-film producer.

Cathy Goodman and her ex-husband Matt Goodman welcomed two sons from their marriage. They are Miles Goodman and Calvin Goodman.

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