Tiana Gia Johnson [Dwayne Johnson Daughter] Untold Truth

Tiana Gia Johnson is the youngest daughter of famous actor, singer, and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, and wife Lauren Hashian.

Learn more about the Rock’s daughter in detail.

Tiana Gia Johnson Quick Facts

Birthday: April 17, 2018

Birthplace: Miami, Florida, USA

Age: 5 years old

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Relationship Status: Single

Boyfriend: Single

Children: None

Net Worth: Unknown

Tiana Gia Johnson Wiki, Age, Bio

Tiana Gia Johnson was born on April 17, 2018, making her three years old.

She was born in Miami, Florida, USA.

Tiana is the youngest daughter of her parents, Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian.

The 5 -year-old has a younger sister named Jasmine Lia Johnson.

Similarly, Tiana has a half-sibling named Simone Alexandra Johnson from her father’s marriage prior to Lauren.

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Dad Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Dwayne Johnson is an actor, producer, and retired professional wrestler.

Dwayne is popularly known by his nickname, the Rock. The majority of people know him as the Rock than from his actual name.

The actor has done phenomenal performance in his career both as an actor and as an actor.

Some of his well-known movies include Jumanji, Bay watch, Fast and furious 6, and many more.

The actor is still very active in the industry and continues impressing the viewers with his physique along with acting.

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Who Was Dwayne Johnson Married To?

Now, the actor was previously married to Dany Garcia. The two tied the knot in 1997 and welcomed their only daughter Simone in 2001.

Unfortunately, in 2008 the pair announced their amicable split and continued a friendly bond.

Simone Alexandra was born on August 14, 2001. She is an American model and an aspiring wrestler.

She is all set to continue her father’s legacy forward and to star at the WWE performance center to begin the training.

As of now, she is attending New York University.

After his split, Dwayne wasn’t sure if he would find love again, but luckily, he did.

Dwayne Johnson with wife Lauren Hashian.
Dwayne Johnson with wife Lauren Hashian. (Lauren/Instagram)

His now-wife, Lauren Hashian. Johnson and Hashian dated for a long time before tying the knot on August 24, 2019.

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Who Is Mother Lauren Hashian

Lauren Hashian is a singer, songwriter, music producer, and a businesswoman. She is a well-known personality in the music industry.

On December 16, 2015, the pair welcomed their eldest daughter, Jasmine Johnson.

“After the birth of his youngest one, he posted an adorable post for his three girls saying, And to my third and youngest daughter, Tiana Gia – like I did when your two older sisters Simone Alexandra and Jasmine Lia were born, you have my word, I’ll love, protect, guide and make ya laugh for the rest of my life. Your crazy dad has many responsibilities and wears many hats in this big ol’ world, but being your dad will always be the one I’m most proud to wear.”

Nevertheless, all of them share a very close bond, and viewers get an occasional glimpse of his two adorable munchkins on his social media.

The whole family lives a very happy life today.

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How Did Dwayne Johnson & Lauren Hashian Meet?

Dwayne and Lauren first met each other in 2006. During that time, Dwayne was filming a hit movie called ‘The Game Plan.’

Interestingly, Dwayne was married to his first wife Dany Garcia during that time.

But, as mentioned, that relationship ended in 2008.

However, Dwayne and Lauren began dating each other before the former WWE champion’s divorce finalized with first wife.

We assume that Dwayne and Dany separated by 2007, which allowed him to move ahead and date Lauren.

And like that, the rest is history. Dwayne and Lauren dated for years, and eventually married.

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Who Is Jasmine Johnson

Tia’s older sister Jasmine Johnson was born on December 16, 2015, and she is the first child of Dwayne and Lauren.

Tiana Gia Johnson, her sister Jasmine Johnson and father Dwayne Johnson.
Tiana Gia Johnson, her sister Jasmine Johnson and father Dwayne Johnson. (Lauren/Instagram)

As of today, Jasmine is 7 years old.

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Who Is Sister Simone Alexandra Johnson

Simone Alexandra Johnson was born on Aug 14, 2001, and today, she is 22 years old.

Simone Alexandra was born to father Dwayne Johnson and his ex-wife Dany Garcia.

Simone Alexandra Johnson with mother Dany Garcia
Dwayne’s daughter Simone Alexandra Johnson with mother Dany Garcia. (Simone/Instagram)

Simone, who grew up primarily in Florida, graduated from high school in May 2019 and is currently reportedly a student at New York University.

She is the first fourth-generation superstar in the organization’s history.

Her father, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, says she wants to “create and blaze” her path in the sport.

Simone was 11 years old when she first entered the ring. Before WrestleMania 29, her father, an ex-WWE superstar, led her to the ring.

It was an incredible feeling, and she knew right then that this was what she wanted to do.

Johnson joined the WWE in May 2020 at the age of 18 years old. She had previously attended the Performance Center for three months and trained very hard.

Dwayne has always supported Simone’s aspirations and goals.

“When it comes to my daughter’s wrestling career, It’s incredible. What an honor it is for my kid to desire to walk in my shoes. She wants to forge her own path, which may sound cliché.”

She is also the first fourth-generation superstar and the company’s youngest signee.

Apart from wrestling, Simone also maintains a modeling career. In 2017, she joined IMG Models and began appearing in events.

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Tiana Gia Johnson Now

Tiana Gia is a toddler who gained popularity right from birth. As of now, her only identity is as the daughter of the Rock.

She is a 3-year-old who enjoys her childhood with her family, and there’s not much to know about her at present.

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Tiana Gia Johnson’s Net Worth

Tiana Gia Johnson currently does not have a net worth, but her father, Dwayne, does. And it’s as massive as a giant rock. (Pun intended)

As of today, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson has a massive net worth of $800 million.

About 1/3 of this massive net worth comes from his approximately 35% shares in Teremana Tequila.

The rest of it is from various investments, sponsors, and movies.

Dwayne earns about $100 million from movies alone in a typical year.

When Was Tiana Gia Johnson Born?

Tiana Gia Johnson was born on April 17, 2018, in Miami, Florida, United States of America. Today, she is 5 years old.

Tiana Gia Johnson Sisters

Tiana Gia Johnson has one biological sister and one half-sister. Her biological sister’s name is Jasmine Johnson. Similarly, her half-sister’s name is Simone Alexandra Johnson.

Tiana Gia Johnson Eye Color

Tiana Gia Johnson has black eye color while her sister Jasmine Johnson has blue eyes.

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