Cecilia Becker [Vera Wang Daughter] Age, Boyfriend, Now In 2022

Cecilia Becker is best known as the celebrity child of fashion designer Vera Wang and investor Arthur Becker.

However, there was a lot of confusion surrounding Cecilia as to whether or not is she their biological daughter.

Read the article below to know more details about Cecilia Becker.

Cecilia Becker Quick Facts

Birthday: 1990

Birthplace: New York, United States

Age: 31 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: Unknown

Relationship Status: Unknown

Boyfriend: Unknown

Children: None                 

Weight: 56 kg                  

Net Worth: Unknown

Cecilia Wang Age, Background

Born in 1990, Cecilia Wang is currently 31 years old.

Cecilia grew up in Manhattan, New York, and currently lives there too.

Cecilia is the adopted daughter of parents Veronica Wang and Arthur P Becker.

Similarly, her younger sister Josephine Becker (28) is adopted as well.

Cecilia Becker with her sister Josephine Becker
Cecilia Becker with her sister Josephine Becker. (Cecilia/Instagram)

However, the sisters aren’t too far in case of their age and share an unbreakable bond.

Additionally, the sisters are famously known as ‘Cesi & Jo.’

Cecilia went to The Chapin School and later joined New York University.

Cecilia later attended the University of Pennsylvania.

On the other hand, Josephine completed her studies at the globally recognized university, Harvard.

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Cecilia Becker’s Mother & Father

 Like mentioned, Cecilia was adopted by parents Vera Wang and Arthur P Becker.

Cecilia Becker with her mother, father, and sister
Cecilia Becker with her mother, father, and sister. (Cecilia/Instagram)

However, no detailed information is made public about their adoption story.

Vera and Arthur got married in 1989, and a couple of years later, the duo adopted both their daughters.

Unfortunately, the duo isn’t together anymore. Vera and Arthur separated from each other citing irreconcilable differences in 2012.

While most celebrity divorces have some stint to them, Vera and her husband had an amicable divorce.

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Vera Wang & Arthur Becker Background

Arthur Becker started his initial career as a stockbroker for a company, soon taking over as its director.

He then went ahead to develop numerous business ventures.

Fast forward, he is best known as an American investor and real estate developer.

Vera Wang is a notable self-made personality in the fashion industry.

Started as a fashion editor at Vogue, she conquered all the odds in the male-dominant industry and now owns her clothing line of bridal clothing.

The 71-year-old, “oh so gorgeous” fashion designer was once an expert skater. Seeing no possible future in it, she then decided to turn towards the fashion industry, which was all success for her.

From maintaining an amazing physique to handling big celebrity clients, she has done it all.

Her dresses are worn at events like Grammy and red carpet, making her one of the most talented and rich designers with fresh and trendy designs.

She is definitely a fashion icon for so many fashion enthusiasts out there, including her daughters.

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Vera Wang’s Relationship With Daughters

Cecilia and Josephine were both exposed to fashion and industry from a young age. They were a part of it.

There were used to seeing their mother do it, yet none of them opted for it as their career. Both sisters didn’t follow in their mother’s footsteps.

However, the sisters now accompany their mother to events, admire her designs, and are often seen wearing her label.

Nevertheless, they share a close bond with each other.

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Growing Up with Vera Wang

For the most part, everyone thinks that Cecilia and her sister Josephine lived a fancy life from the very beginning.

However, Vera Wang kept things modest and gave her daughters that regular teenager life.

Vera did not nag her daughters at every step, nor did she question their career judgments.

The designer guides her daughters through different stages of life but always practices a hands-off approach to it.

Similarly, for Cecilia and her sister, designer clothes were a thing that could wait. For most of their teenage days, these two sisters wore common brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and others.

Mostly because that’s what was famous among other teenagers, and Vera never thought it would be okay to force her daughters to wear designer clothes.

However, Cecilia admitted that she mostly took her mother’s advice when it came to fashion, even as a teenager.

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Is Cecilia Becker Dating?

The 31-year-old is presumably single at present.

Even though she is seen out and about in events frequently, never has she spoken a bit about her personal life.

Either she remains aloof, or she keeps in under the radar.

However, back in 2017, she had posted a picture with an anonymous guy who possibly looked like a prom picture.

The comments section flooded with compliments for the pair.

Moreover, there haven’t been any more posts about him from that day forward.

Nevertheless, with time we will most likely know about her partner or, let’s say, her future partner, but at present, she is single according to the public domain.

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Where Is Cecilia Becker In 2022?

Cecilia likes to keep her privacy in check because it’s one of the things that she has grown to value over the years.

As a young teenager, she gave a lot of interviews where she talked about her life, growing up as a child celebrity, and so on.

However, since adulthood took over, Cecilia clearly began taking fewer and fewer interviews.

The most probable reason? The 31-years-old probably grew tired of all the spotlight.

As of today, Cecilia keeps her Instagram account private, reserving insights of her life to only selected people.

Cecilia playing golf with her sister
Cecilia playing golf with her sister. (Vera/Twitter)

When not working, Cecilia enjoys going to her favorite restaurant. Also, she plays golf as well.

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Cecilia Becker Job

The beautiful Cecilia began her career as a Summer PR Intern for her mother Vera Wang in 2005.

She later went on and worked as an intern for Teen Vogue, CHI&Partners, Sony ATV, and more.

Cecilia’s last job was at CapSo Inc., where she worked as an operations administrator from 2015 to 2016.

Cecilia Becker Age

Cecilia Becker is 31 years old today. She was born in 1990, in New York, United States.

Cecilia Becker Parents

Cecilia Becker is the adopted daughter of famous designer Vera Wang and artist Arthur Becker. Vera and Arthur got married in 1989. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2012.

Cecilia Becker Sister

Cecilia Becker has a sister named Josephine who was born in 1993. She is 28 years old today.


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