Where Is Gretchen Johnson Today? Meet Richard Dawson’s Wife

Gretchen Johnson is best known as the celebrity wife of a late British-American actor, comedian, and TV host, Richard Dawson.

The two met at a game show, Family Feud. Along with prominence, Gretchen returned from a show with her lifelong cherished asset, her late husband.

Know everything about her below.

Gretchen Johnson Quick Facts

Birthday: September 22, 1955

Birthplace: Manhattan Beach, California

Age: 68 years old

Zodiac Sign:  Virgo

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Parents: Bob Johnson & June Johnson

Siblings: Wendy and Heidi Johnson

Relationship Status: Widow

Husband: Late Richard Dawson

Children: Shannon Nicole Dawson        

Weight: Unknown                

Net Worth: $500,000

Is Richard Dawson’s Wife Still Alive?

Yes, Richard Dawson’s wife, Gretchen Johnson, is alive and well.

There were rumors about Gretchen’s death because of confusion with another person named Gretchen Dawson who passed away in 2022.

The late Gretchen Dawson was married to David Dawson and lived in Yarmouth, UK.

However, Richard Dawson’s wife, Gretchen, was born in California, USA.

Gretchen Johnson Age, Background

The California native Gretchen Johnson was born on September 22, 1955.

She is 68 years old at present.

Gretchen is the youngest child of her parents, Bob Johnson and June Johnson.

Similarly, she grew up with two older siblings, Wendy and Heidi Johnson, in Manhattan Beach, California.

Without a doubt, she must have been the most pampered in the family.

Gretchen moved to San Diego as a teen for her higher studies.

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Gretchen Johnson Meeting Richard Dawson

Their first meet dates back to 1981 when Gretchen made an appearance in a show Richard hosted.

Gretchen Johnson with her late husband Richard Dawson
Gretchen Johnson with her late husband Richard Dawson on ‘Family Feud’ in 1981. (GSN)

The show’s name was ‘Family Feud,’ and Gretchen appeared on the show with her parents and two sisters.

Richard felt a different way about Gretchen when he saw her.

He said,

“I knew there was just something about this young lady and myself.”

When one of the show’s crew informed Richard that they were about to leave the stage, he approached Gretchen.

Richard asked Gretchen if he could call her, to which Gretchen said yes and gave Richard her number.

At first, Richard called her for days, but Gretchen did not answer his calls. Just around the time Richard began thinking Gretchen had given him a false number, she called him.

Gretchen said that she could not pick her calls because she had her wisdom tooth out.

Sometime later, Richard invited Gretchen over to his place for dinner. Richard cooked Beef, Wellington, Asparagus, among many other things.

Long after the dinner, when the couple had been together for years, Richard came to know that Gretchen hates Asparagus.

Moreover, Gretchen hates most things that start with the letter “A.”

But despite that not liking what Richard put on her plate on their first dinner together, Johnson said she loved everything.

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Gretchen’s Husband, Married Life

Gretchen Johnson was married to late British-American comedian and TV personality Richard Johnson.

Some of his credited movies are ‘How-To Pick-Up Girls,’ ‘Treasure Island’ including many others.

After dating for about ten years, in 1991, Gretchen and Richard took vows.

The couple was already parents to a daughter before marrying. Their daughter, Shannon Nicole Dawson, was born in 1990.

Sharon Nicole Dawson
Sharon Nicole Dawson. (Shannon/Twitter)

Shannon Nicole Dawson currently works as an actress and a model and follows her late father’s footsteps in the industry.

Moreover, the ’90s wasn’t much of a social media era due to which their marriage remained private for a long time.

The duo shared an imperishable bond along with a great understanding and chemistry.

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Richard Dawson’s Past Marriage

Richard’s marriage to Gretchen was his second attempt at married life.

He was previously married to late actress Diana Dors for eight long years from 1959-1966.

He shared two sons with his former late wife, Gary and Mark Dawson.

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Gretchen and Richard, Divorced?

No! The couple did not get a divorce; rather, their 2-decade long marriage ended after the actor passed away in 2012.

In early 2012, Dawson was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Eventually, it got worse, and the actor succumbed to death for the very same reason at Ronald Reagan UCLA medical center on June 2, 2012.

The whole family, along with his two sons, were present with him. Richard breathed his last breath, bidding goodbye to the world and to his family.

Right from that time, Gretchen decided to stay as Richard’s Widow, and she hasn’t turned her back to that decision.

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Where Is Gretchen Johnson In Today?

Gretchen Johnson with her daughter Shannon Dawson
Gretchen Johnson with her daughter Shannon Dawson. (Shannon/Twitter)

Being married to a well-known personality has its own perks, and it was the same for Gretchen as well.

Johnson rose to prominence after her marriage to her late husband.

However, she decided not to use that fame for her gain instead stayed low-key throughout.

Even after his death, she devoted all her time to the well-being of her and her family.

Nevertheless, the 68-year-old continues to live a simple life, away from the spotlight.

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Gretchen Johnson Net Worth

Gretchen Johnson has a net worth of $500,000.

Furthermore, Richard was worth $100,000 back in 2012, at the time of his death.

Most likely, Gretchen received Richard’s possessions after the actor passed away.

Gretchen Johnson is 68 years old today. She was born on September 22, 1955, and grew up in Manhattan Beach.

Gretchen Johnson was married to famous TV host, late Mr. Richard Dawson. The couple met in 1981 and married in 1991. Richard passed away in 2012 at the age of 79.

Gretchen Johnson and her late husband Richard Dawson welcomed one daughter together. Her name is Shannon Nicole Dawson.

Gretchen Johnson currently has a net worth of $500k.

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  1. richard u were and r blessed wife sounds like 1 in a billion old school god blessed u rick u deserved it the kissing bandino u r were amazing bet u had sore lips lol rest in peace gretchen if u decide to date call me i would love to meet u u r special steve damico richard dream came true maybe mine will im a simple man only have me to give god bless all merry christmas

  2. I adored Richard so much. Wen I saw you, Getetchen I also fell in love with you. Iam so happy you and Richard beame a couple. You are always in my heart and prayers. Margie Meredith

    • I don’t blame you!!!
      Richard Dawson married 3 times.
      Between his marriage to Diana Dors and Gretchen Johnson, he was married to none other than:
      Get ready for this…
      A woman named Connie whom Richard Dawson wanted to kick her!
      Anyway, they secretly married in a VERY PRIVATE ceremony.
      Connie was VERY PROUD that she lost her virginity to the man she TRULY LOVED.
      Connie was a funny, decent, caring person; unlike Gretchen Johnson.
      Sorry, Gretchie!

    • I don’t blame you!!!
      Richard Dawson married 3 times.
      Between his marriage to Diana Dors and Gretchen Johnson, he was married to none other than:
      Get ready for this…
      A woman named Connie whom Richard Dawson wanted to kick her in the back!
      Anyway, they secretly married in a VERY PRIVATE ceremony.
      Connie was VERY PROUD that she lost her virginity to the man she TRULY LOVED.
      Connie was a funny, decent, caring person;unline Gretchen Johnson.
      Sorry, Gretchi!!

      • Good grief! Hr was only married twice . The other one just lived with for awhile awhile Gretchen was the best thing ever happened to him. Richard’s own words. The love of his life. Beautiful couple , Glad they found each other

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    • Thank you!!! What is the matter with people? So full of hate and jealousy. Especially of famous people. Richard and Gretchen were happy together and that’s all that matters. Always loved Richard, thought he was cute.

      RIP Sweet man.

  5. I loved Richard. Would love to have met him. I’m glad he had a happy life with Gretchen. Prayers for you and your family Gretchen.

  6. Richard was the Best, I’m glad he found happiness. He was worth 4 million when he passed. Love you Richard. Gretchen, you are one amazing woman.

  7. My family & I have always enjoyed the T.V. show “Family Feud,” especially when Richard Dawson was host. I think the fact that he married a girl who was a contestant on the show is truly romantic. I think it would be great if his widow wrote a book about their meeting and their life together, a real love story.


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