James Longman Openly Gay, Husband, Height, Salary

James Longman, the handsome ABC News Foreign Correspondent, is someone that many LGBTQ+ people can relate to.

He shared his struggle as a closeted gay man before and came out bravely to the world. Now, he’s getting married to longtime boyfriend.

Learn more about James, his personal life, and everything else in-between.

James Longman Dating Alex Brannan

Everyone’s so happy about James and his partner Alex, and they should be. However, what most people do not know when the couple began dating.

James Longman and his boyfriend Alex Brannan began dating since February of 2017.

More precisely, Longman and Brannan celebrate their dating anniversary on February 8 of every year.

James Longman and fiance Alex Brannan
James Longman and fiance Alex Brannan. (Alex/Instagram)

Alex made his debut on James Longman’s Instagram in March of 2017.

Now, in 2020, Longman and Brannan have been together as boyfriends for over three years.

Most recently, however, their dating affair has changed.

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Longman and Brannan Engaged

On Friday, June 26, 2020, Longman posted a video on his Instagram of him proposing to partner-in-crime Alex Brannan.

The London born reporter proposed to Alex Brannan at their home garden, surrounded by family.

Amid the Corona Virus Pandemic, Longman decided to pop the question to Brannan, whom he has been dating for the past three years.

After Longman got on his knee and asked the question, Alex swirled around in surprise, flooded with overwhelming emotions while covering his face with his palms.

Brannan’s mother filmed the whole video from afar while making sure a little boy, Brannan’s nephew, did not run amid the proposal.

After gathering himself, hugging Longman for quite a while, Alex said yes. Longman promptly let everyone know that Alex said yes to his proposal.

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When Is the Wedding With Fiance?

Now that the ABC reporter has proposed his longtime beau, the question is when are the couple getting married.

The answer to this question is not clear yet, as Longman has not talked about anything regarding a wedding.

However, since this proposal came as a surprise, all amid the pandemic lockdown, who knows, Longman might get married pretty soon.

Who Is Alex Brannan? Longman’s Boyfriend Bio

 Alex Brannan was born on November 20. Brannan’s exact age is missing at the moment; however, he’s in his early 30s now.

Born in the United Kingdom, Brannan went to The British School in The Netherlands and studied there.

After graduation from The British School in 2009, Alex joined Oxford Brookes University in 2009.

He studied accounting and business management. After three years, Brannan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and business management.

Brannan also took an Accelerator Course at General Assembly in 2019.

Right after graduating from university, Brannan began working as an intern at Atlantic Customer Solutions. He then worked as a product manager at Santander UK.

At the firm, Brannan worked as a product manager, relationship manager.  After working at Santander UK for over six years, Brannan joined HDI Global SE in January of 2020.

Alex Brannan currently works as Marketing Manager at HDI Global SE and is responsible for creating a marketing strategy for UK & Ireland Businesses as well as Brand development.

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James Longman Coming Out As Gay

Despite knowing it for years, James came out as a gay man at the age of 24.

Longman figured out that he was gay at the age of 16, and as he states, the realization made him cry tears of relief and also sadness.

While only letting know a very few select people about his homosexuality, James hid it from his family, especially from his mom.

However, at the age of 24, James finally decided to confide this secret to his mom and wrote her an email.

Coming out to other people has been an experience for James as well. According to him, one of the moments that most stood out was he came out to one of his friends, a girl, while in university.

James recalled how she had burst into a hysterical cry and told him how she felt like there was one less option for her. She considered him a boyfriend material 100%.

“Whether talking about relationships or buying milk, I just didn’t feel myself and wasn’t presenting my real self to the world. So it made me feel like less of a person.”

– James Longman

It was only when James had successfully come out with his sexuality when he felt lighter like a burden was taken off of his chest.

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James Longman Bio, Age, Background

James Longman was born on December 28, 1986, in London, England.

Longman is 33 years old today. He has a height of 6 feet or 182cm.

Born in West London, James went to Hill House School and later attended a boarding school called Worth School in Sussex.

After graduating from high school, Longman attended the School of Oriental and African Studies from where he received a bachelor’s degree in Arabic.

Longman later joined the London School of Economics and graduated with a master’s degree in Comparative Politics.

James began his career as a freelance reporter and began in Syria. From then on, he slowly worked on his career.

His career led James to work with networks like BBC and ABC. He’s also been nominated for the Royal Television Society 2016, Young Talent of the Year Award.

Currently, Longman serves as a foreign correspondent for ABC in the network’s London Bureau.

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